Our blog is dedicated to improving existing WordPress sites by reviewing and offering outstanding themes, plugins, guides, etc. It took us quite some time to agree to open our doors to advertisements after turning down many well know themes, hosting and WordPress related companies. The reason for the change of heart is simply, we wanted a better experience for our end-user. Using the funds from advertisements we were able to re-invest in 85ideas and present the best WordPress resources for our users.


To inquire about prices and further details, please contact us at mail[at]

Traffic Stats:


Our latest stats from January 2020 report. We update this stat once every 3 months, and if you have any query regarding traffic, you can email us.


  • Domain authority: 78
  • Monthly page views: 350,000+
  • Monthly Google search impression: 2,500,000+
  • Monthly Growth: 31%
  • Email Subscribers: 10,000+
  • Top 3 Countries: United States, India, United Kingdom.

Advertisement and Partnership Options

Our aim here ultimately give you more exposure to our audience and to make sure you get the best possible result so that you can spend more with us to make more. No one price fits all that is why we want to tailor your campaign specifically for your business. Please also be aware that we reserve the right to refuse advertisers whose product or business does not align with our brand and values. We are not prepared to lose credibility over a few hundred or thousand dollars. Now that is out of the way here is a few advertising opportunities we offer.

Featured on Deals section


Although the deals section is relatively new, it’s currently receiving thousands of views monthly. We are super excited to announce that it is now an option to get listed here.


A word of warning: not all submission will be published, if we do not feel your product/service would be a great fit to our audience then it will not go live. We try to keep this section as clean as possible, so there’s never any confusion on the authenticity of these deals. If your advertisement is approved, it can take up to a week to see your listing go live as our authors have to review and test your product/service if possible.



If you would like to promote your product, we can create an unbiased review based on our experience with it. We require full access to the product you are promoting to give a fair review based on our experiences, rather than a one-sided pitch to sell something. This is unbiased and from experience performs better than regular reviews. Our review is usually a minimum of a thousand words going in-depth about your product.  As mentioned above there is not a one price solution, so prices vary depending on your products. This service would work great in combination with a banner ad within the sidebar area.


This is an excellent way to engage our community and give something away. Benefits are brand exposure, new subscribe or social share depending on how you want us to run your campaign. When it comes to giveaways campaign, we prefer raffle copter. We recommend complementing a giveaway with a banner ad and notification bar ad.

Display ads:

Please contact us for different placement opportunities.

Listing on collections

We will list your theme/plugin on any of theme collections of your choice. Again we reserve the right to turn away advertisers if we feel your product does not align with the current collection. Also, note the position of that particular collection is subjective to our opinion.

  • Note: Premium listings on posts are active, within the top 3 sections of the post, for two months, after which the post becomes eligible for other advertisers to list their theme in that section of the post. Your listing will remain in the post, but may get bumped down the list if a new advertiser chooses that spot. All payments made via PayPal.


Send us an email using the contact form below with your requirements. Please be sure to add enough details so that we may respond appropriately to your query.