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Best Casino Affiliate Programs for USA players in 2021

Casino affiliate programs let you earn some extra bucks via increased traffic and the number of potential customers brought to your casino gambling website. In recent years online casino and gambling business has become one of the finest and lucrative industries.  The gambling business has become such a big deal that all the massive names in the gambling and betting business come to place their bets and money in casinos.

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One of the most important things that you must do to become a successful casino affiliate is have a professional affiliate website. The good news is you dont have to spend thousands of dollars hiring a website developer. what’s more you dont need any coding skills or programming knowledge. with the best premium gambling affiliate themes, you can build a stunning website in hours.

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What can be better than having a place to bet at the comfort of one’s home? Online casino is one of the most promising business in recent times, and so is running or collaborating with a casino affiliate program. Let us know about the best casino affiliate programs for US players to know its actual potential and usefulness.

What is A Casino Affiliate Program?

If you would have surfed the internet well, you must have come across websites that look like casinos bust doesn’t host any game for real. These are known as the “affiliates” or the “affiliate marketing sites”  that makes money by promoting online casino.

The best casino affiliate programs works in collaboration with partnerships with people owning online gambling and casino websites. Its prime duty/ task is to advertise and vouch for online casino websites paying them. A casino affiliate gets paid a commission for every player he/she brings to the casino site as a visitor or a deposited player via a unique affiliate link.

Difference between the Sponsored website and An Affiliate

Spotting an affiliate website, at times, can be as hard as finding a needle in the hay. They generally have similar imagery and cater to the same type of language, aiming to convince people to signup and gamble.

However, there are a few significant points for easy differentiation between casinos and their affiliates:

  • Multiple brands: Affiliates usually promotes more than one casino brand as the means of their living. If you see a variety of logos, advertisements, and offers, you are probably looking at an affiliate website.
  • No games: Casinos usually have game catalogs that display all of their products. On the other hand, casino affiliates do not run any game of their own. They only provide you with online casino games reviews. You can often play only demos of the games being promoted at max.
  • Referral: The main task of any affiliate website is to get people to signup for the sponsored casino websites. So, if you see a lot of links saying ” play now!” or ” sign up,” you are on an affiliate site. In contrast to affiliates, casino websites require customers to create an account to gamble.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

When it comes to getting paid, there are two most popular and safe modes of payment among operators.

The first method of payment is called a revenue share. In this mode, the amount paid to the affiliate is a percentage of the profits earned by the traffic generated due to the affiliate every month. In this case, the more the traffic, the more is the payment.

The second method of payment is the cost per acquisition. In this mode of payment, the amount of money earned by the affiliates is based on the number of users who perform a  particular action and are brought to the website by the excellent marketing skills of the affiliates. This means they get paid whenever someone signs up for a casino account or signs up and makes their first deposit.

While some of the casinos let the affiliates choose from either of the two options, some only provide the affiliates with one. Some affiliate programs run by casinos have certain restrictions. This can be disadvantageous to the affiliates and the casinos that are not compatible with the kind of marketing an affiliate does.

How To Join Casino Affiliate Programs?

The first step you need to take to become an affiliate is to inspect a reputed brand’s affiliate program page. A link usually reaches this. The link is generally placed in the footer of a casino website. This link is inclusive of the information you will require to become an affiliate.

One of the first things you should think about if you really want to become a successful casino affiliate is building a stunning affiliate marketing website. However, you dont have to spend much to great a professional website. All you need is a premium casino affiliate WordPress theme to build a stunning website.

Signing up to become an affiliate is free of cost. However, you should know that signing up is just one of the many steps to become an affiliate.  Once you get your unique affiliate link, you ought to put it to use. Once you have build a great website, you can then focus on improving your affiliate website. To do this, you will must find the best SEO service agency to help boost your website and improve your search engine rankings. This is the only way your site will be able to attract quality traffic for better conversions.

Affiliate links can be used to promote the casino is various forms, including pop-ups, banners, text links, and so on. A newbie in the world of affiliates needs to put his/her mind and soul to analyze its audience and promote the sponsored casinos accordingly.

Being an accomplished affiliate means you must truly understand the mechanics of a good website, the functions of different sorts of content, and then put all that together into one eye-catching online resource for the potential players, online visitors, and players.

Advantages of Being An Affiliate

Billion-dollar Business

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry. This business has been lately prospering well, and this is where it gains its advantage.

Zero expertise required

You ought not to be an experienced marketing expert, you can learn along with the process via testing various paid and organic campaigns. There are multiple methods to run your affiliate program.

Secondary Source of Business

You do not have to leave your current job to startup as an affiliate marketer. You can begin by doing it as a side project and learn well before entirely investing your time and efforts into it.

Customer service is not your task.

Managing customer service and retaining a customer is a tedious and exhausting job. You need to be there at every hour of the day for your customers to solve their basic as well as complex queries. Fortunately, as an affiliate, you do not have to deal with it. All you need to worry about and care about is your commission. In case you get a post-sale query, all you need to do is, forward it to the merchant’s site.

The marketing kit is not your headache.

The vendors usually provide you with all the marketing materials. Henceforth, you do not have to produce any promotional content or banner.

Flexible working schedule

An affiliate can be an “at-home” business. This means you decide your daily working schedule. Therefore, at the time of an emergency, you can bend your schedule and attend to the emergency first.

Low-cost business idea

One definite advantage of choosing to be an affiliate is that it is a pretty easy industry to join, and there are no barriers to entry. Just create an affiliate website, choose a compelling niche and product irrelevant to your market, and you are good to go.

Low investment costs

The operating expenses of affiliate business, in the beginning, are almost nill as compared to other industries. There are necessary expenses like electricity bills and ISP subscription costs.  There are additional expenses later when you decide to establish your affiliate marketing site, like setting up domains, designing layouts, etc.

Flexibility and convenience

You don’t need to stick to one particular affiliate marketing program. You can select a few products from a chosen niche and then promote them daily. If one product is difficult to sell, the other might be much easier and profitable.


The flexibility you get to make your working environment, fixing your framework, and working schedule is a strong incentive. You decide the location of your office, Hawaii, Bahamas, or your own home. The bureaucracy is also limited. You do not have to follow any company regulations or manage other people from a team.

Passive Income

You can sleep and make money without working crazily for 24 hours without a break. If you become an established affiliate, you might as well wake up one day making a huge commission.

Sole Proprietorship

You usually work as a freelancer as an affiliate partner. The cost, such as mobile phones and laptops, can be claimed as tax write-offs.

Performance-based Income

Unlike a service-man’ job, where you work your ass off but still get paid a fixed amount, when you free-lance, you earn according to your performance. This means the better you perform, the better you make. There is no bar to the money you can earn while working.

Now that we know about affiliates and the perk one has when they become one, or they get associated with one, let us know some of the best casino affiliate programs in the market, especially for USA players since it is the hub of gambling.

5+Best Casino Affiliate Programs for U.S. Based Players

Casino Affiliate Program Top Casino Brands Commission
Mainstreet Affiliates Las Vegas USA Casino, Sun Palace Casino, Vegas Casino Online, Slots Plus Casino, Old Havana Casino Revenue Share – 40% flat
Legend Affiliates Casino Max Revenue Share – 35% – 45%
Deckmedia Affiliates Black Diamond Casino, Spartan Slots Casino, Box24 Casino, Desert Nights Casino, Slots Capital Casino, Sloto’ Cash Casino, Red Stag Casino, Uptown Aces Casino, Miami Club casino Revenue Share – 30% – 45%
Betting Partners Bodog, Bovada, Cafe Casino Revenue Share – 10% – 45%
Fast Track Affiliates
Raging Bull Casino, Revenue share – 35%

#1. Legend Affiliates

Legend Affiliates - Casino Affiliate Program


Legend Affiliates

Legend affiliates is a new casino affiliate program launched back in 2017. It offers the most exceptional casino affiliate manager in the business.

Legend Affiliates Affiliate Program Details
Casino brands Casino Max
Commission 25% – 45% revenue share
Main markets USA, Russia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, the EU, and more.
Sub-affiliate CPA deals Available, 5%
Disallowed markets
  • Costa Rica
  • Curacao
  • France
  • Israel
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom

They are always up to promote newbies in the market. It is mainly targeted for the US and other affluent markets. Legend affiliates have one of the best conversion and retention rates in the market. It offers excellent revenue commissions and sub-affiliate commissions.

#2. Deckmedia



deckmedia affiliates

Deck media has been in the market for almost ten years, beginning as a single casino slotocash. Its affiliates are currently home to 8 online casinos. All casinos accept players from the United States.

Deckmedia Affiliates
Affiliate Program Details
Casino brands Octopus Gaming, Rival, and Betsoft
Commission Affiliates enjoy lifetime commissions
Main markets USA
Sub-affiliate CPA deals are provided for selected affiliates.

The casinos are available in USD currency and are available in many languages. The affiliates get up to 45% commissions and an additional 5% commission for referring to other casino webmasters.


#3. Mainstreet Affiliates




This affiliate program have been in the market since 1999, and their site has continuously been changing, updating, and renovating. This casino affiliate program is currently promoting four realtime gaming powered casinos.

Mainstreet Affiliates Affiliate Program Details
Casino brands Sun Palace Casino and Slots Plus Casino
Commission Affiliates enjoy lifetime commissions
Main markets USA, Russia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, the EU, and more.
Sub-affiliate CPA deals Available

The revenue share rates start as high as 40%. You also earn an additional 5% sub-affiliate commission for referring other affiliates. Mainstreet affiliate program gains the majority of its audience as American players.


#4. Betting Partners




It is a casino affiliate program for Bodog and related brands. Betting partners were previously known as Bodog Affiliate and had a new backend for a smooth flow of traffic.

Betting Partners Affiliates Affiliate Program Details
Casino brands Bodog, Bovada, Cafe Casino
Commission Revenue Share 10% – 45%
Main markets
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
Sub-affiliate N/A

It has been in the market since 2011 and has been doing a commendable and quite remarkable job.


#5. Fast Track Affiliates



Fast Track Affiliates features three online casinos using top game casino software and realtime gaming. It offers a rewarding and reliable platform to promote casino websites. It has rewarding flexibility. The cost per acquisition commission structure gives affiliates a set commission depending upon the number of players referred.

Fast Track Affiliates Affiliate Program Details
Casino brands Grand Fortune Casino, Raging Bull Casino
Commission Revenue Share 35%
Main markets No information, as yet
Sub-affiliate N/A

If a member earns 500$ per month, he/she can opt for a wire transfer as a method of payment.



So, this was all about casino affiliate programs. What are they? How do you become one? What are the advantages? And lastly, some of the recommended affiliate programs. In a nutshell, being an affiliate has a lot to gain than to lose. You can earn in the comfort of being home and working at any time. Plus, you do not need much expertise if you plan to become an affiliate as you learn along the process. You do not even require to have a lot of money to choose to be an affiliate. Not to forget, you do not also have to dedicate your entire time or leave your 9-5  ordinary job. Can’t see a season not to become one? So hurry, do the needful and become an affiliate and earn those extra bucks!

Casino Affiliate Programs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a basic task of an affiliate?

The basic task of an affiliate is to promote certain websites to get traffic on their website.

How do we know we are on an affiliate page and not the original website?

When you see multiple promotions, only demos available, and frequent signup or visit the link, you can confirm that you are on an affiliate website.

Is there a fixed net revenue commission?

No, the net revenue commission can be as low as 10% and can even reach up to 50%.

Can you promote more than one website?

Yes, you can promote n number of websites from the same niche.

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