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Over the years, we have been contacted by numerous hosting, theme, and plugin companies. Until recently, we have turned them away from advertising on our site. However, as we have grown, we have encountered higher costs of operation. Due to these high costs, we have opened the doors to advertising, and it has improved the overall user experience. We are now able to provide more content, exclusive deals with the companies we have partnered with, and recommendations we have otherwise would not have known about. It’s a win-win!

These exclusive deals and coupons below are for you guys to get the best possible tools and resources. We only show you offers and coupons that we currently use or genuinely feel you will benefit from. If you found theses deals/coupons useful please consider sharing it with your network as it encourages us to continue hunting and negotiating for better deals. If you are a service provider and would like to be featured here, please contact us.

For you ease of use we have grouped each deal in the relevant section that you can filter by. We understand that purchasing your first web hosting, WordPress theme and plugin can be indeed costly. So we do try our very best to get you the best possible price. If you have no funds at all, you may want to have a look at our free collection. Then come back once your circumstances improve.

In the current world of WordPress themes, the idea of creating WordPress themes is not a new one. There are ...
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Finding a website theme is very easy over the internet, but getting it from a genuine ...
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Websites doesn't run on air nor the internet pack; they require a specialized server, popularly known as web hosting. If you are ...
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The Black Friday Sale is here !! Yes, you have read it right. Black Friday Sale on Hosting Deals and they are just ...