Best Casino Affiliate Programs To Join in 2021

The last 10 years have witnessed unimaginable growth of the online casino gambling industry to become one of the most lucrative and invigorating industries. The trend has been so gigantic that thousands of gamblers, professionals, and newbies, come to the best online casinos to place real money bets.

The increased popularity has resulted in a large number of online casinos been setup where the best online casinos are offering a wide range of casino games and other enticements to players. This growth of online casinos and the large amounts of money wagered at these sites has opened doors to many great business opportunities.

Back in the year 2015, players wagered more than $50 billion at Internet casinos and this amount is likely to double in the next few years. Although these metrics are a great pointer to the increased popularity of online gambling, some entrepreneurs might see it as a great way to earn extra income, simply by partnering with these online casinos with their affiliate programs.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs

The best casino affiliate programs allow people to make extra money on the increased popularity of online gambling and to get into the money making enterprise with a very small investment. Joining the most lucrative casino affiliate programs is pretty easy. All that you must do is promote the casino that you have partnered with through your website.

So, the first thing that you should think about when preparing to become a casino affiliate is to setup a good website. Wondering how to get this done? Worry no more! This is where Flytonic expert developers come in. There are known for developing high-quality casino affiliate themes that are tailored for affiliate sites. From WordPress casino theme to sports betting theme and forex theme, there are over 20 great casino affiliate themes that you can use to build your website. The good news is that you don’t need any coding skills or programing language to use their affiliate themes to build a stunning website.

The online casino makes use of your site to direct new customers to their site so that they can use the services offered by the casino. Since you are an affiliate, you get paid after the player gets into the casino and makes a deposit after following your affiliate link. There are two methods through which the commissions you make as an affiliate build up. These include:

Revenue Share – This is a percentage that is paid to you based on the amount of money the player has wagered and what the player won while playing at the casino for 30 days.

Cost Per Action (CPA) – This is a fixed sum, and can range between $150 and $400 based on the affiliate program you have joined. You get the money for every player you send to the casino to play real money games.

Why Become A Casino Affiliate

Thousands of casino sites are currently competing for player’s attention. This is because all online casinos want to have increased traffic with more people choosing to play at their casinos. Like other sectors, online casinos compete with each other to attract more customers.

Online casinos in the Philippines offer players with generous bonus offers and other promotions to grab a player’s attention and prompt them to join the casino. Casino sites also partner with affiliates to help direct more customers to the website. For this help, online casinos are willing to pay lucrative sums of money to the casino affiliates.

As of now, online casinos have invested lots of money to offer the best setting for all their players. A lot of effort and thoughts went into offering the richness of exhilarating sounds, impeccable software, tantalizing graphics, and thrilling games. Now, online casinos have started to take these casino affiliate programs seriously. As a result, most of them are willing to pay some more money to make sure their sites become successful.

Essentially, some casino sites are currently giving extra money to their casino affiliates to work together. Also, the casinos pay more attention to the fact that the principles offer the best services such as paying promptly, accurately, and fairly. These casino sites make sure that they have a stress free sign up process and even for query resolutions. Furthermore, they provide updated and comprehensive affiliate tracking and report program that they have for the long term, not to mention the successful partnership you establish with the casino.

After you have joined an online casino affiliate program, you will be supplied with banners, logos, and other advertising resources like live games and text links that allow you to visit the casino site and register.

Many online casinos pay their players after they have generated real players. The real players are players who sign up and deposit money into their online accounts. In essence, this is the work that an affiliate is supposed to do, just direct the player to the casino and earn money after they sign up and deposit money into their account. However, the partnership doesn’t stop here, you will continue earning money for the duration that the referral plays real money games at the casino.

Studies show that on average, the best online casinos retain players for upto 6 months. Today, many casino operators are working on offering new incentives and promotions that return players can take advantage of every time they come back to play at the casino.


Overall, the most important thing that you must do after joining a casino affiliate program is to convince players to stay at the casino. While the online casino will profit from such endeavors, it will also be a great thing for you to become you will also continue getting more commissions for a long period.

Top online casinos are also working around the clock to build high-end reporting systems to make sure that are foolproof. Also, the best casinos offer a dedicated affiliate manager meant to help their affiliates. These highly professional and committed managers are highly trained and possess the right skills to guide casino affiliates on what they must do to maximize referrals.


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