24+ Cool Website Designs For Inspiration

Cool Websites Designs are emerging. And, yes the changes are more obvious. Internet crawlers like us can identify the cool websites designs at a glance. Gone are the days, when a simple design with simple quirks can call a lot of accolades from the audience.

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All this is possible because of the new technologies that have evolved in the past few years. Old technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript have seen a lot of evolutionary changes. The inception of better technologies such as HTML 5, CSS3 and tons of JavaScript libraries that do special things can make the deal a real one, both for developers and real internet users.

To make the long story short, today I will list some of the cool websites designs that are handpicked according to something special in them. Another reason, why the design era really took a shift forward is the how we now see and manage the user experience.

Creating something stunning and both user-friendly is a unique skill to have. Let’s dive deep into the list of cool web site designs that will make you awe stuck for a while. These designs are handpicked and will surely make you wonder the advancement in technology and designers capability to create such appealing and visually stunning websites.

Without further ado here is my finding of the most inspiring websites on the web today.


A stunning simplistic grid layout website that offers great visibility to content. ReadWrite is one of the most popular tech website, and the website design helps it to attract visitors.




Cybox webdesign

An excellent website for showcasing the modern web designing techniques. A large Image background is drawn with the one-page theme in the front.


Deepend Digital Agency

Another fantastic design website that showcases slider plus no-scroll philosophy into the website. Yes, You do not need to scroll anything. There is a big slider on the front page that shows the important information to the visitors.


BAKE Agency

Bake has a fresh website design Like the Deepend.com.au; you don’t have to scroll down to see more content. But, if you do use the scroll down the mouse button, then you see a beautiful up-left-down animation to showcases new content on the fixed windows. The background is also attractive.


Cross Cross Coffee Cup design

An amazing website that uses advanced JavaScript technique to render cute coffee cup. Moreover, you can create amazing coffee cups for your friends. A great website for everyone to see. And if you are feeling curious then you can also fiddle with the code. The website is build using symphony and other related technologies.


bienvenue sur OCS

A simple design that showcases the attention to details in an elegant manner.


Interactive design

Weareint.io is a remarkably well thought out website from the smooth scrolling to the pop out menu. The highlights of their website for me is the video header section and right-hand navigation area.


Mustasj design

The video intro on this site is like nothing I have seen thus far But what caught my attention was the smooth scrolling and the tilled horizontal lines separating the section of the site. You have to check this one out to see exactly what I mean.


Church Template design

I have included this template because it’s well layout easy to navigate. The design itself is pretty straightforward, but it works well from the slider height to the nicely placed call to action.


Emptypaper Webdesign


Spokes inspration


Accueil design


Anna Safroncik design award


Grab Go awward design




Browser Awareness Day design


Namale Design


Finn Lough Design


Visual Soldiers Design




Giorgio Armani WebDesign


Anakin Design Studio


Natural Food Design


We are Vangarde Design


Wrapping up

So there, you have it some of the coolest and most creative websites on the web. I hope you were able to draw some inspiration from some of these websites to create something unique of your own. All these websites got mentioned here because they left a lasting impression in a good. As with all things on this earth there as to be an opposite site to the story so if miss our last article on some of the worst Webdesign click here to go back and check it out. Let me know which was your favourite? Or if you feel we have miss a spectacular site that should be mentioned here please leave a comment below. And as always if you found any value in this round up please consider sharing it with your network.


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    Posted at 12:27h, 14 June Reply

    Very colorful and an inspirable post. Like the efforts you put for website designs. This would be useful for many website making lovers,including me 🙂 Keep sharing such posts like this.

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