How to Create the Perfect WordPress Website

How to Create the Perfect WordPress Website for Poker Fans

Poker is one of the most popular card games on the planet, and it’s played by millions of people. There are thousands of online poker sites at which players can easily find a game and countless videos on YouTube of major live poker events. One would expect there to also be a wealth of sites giving players advice about how to play the game. The thing is, though, there aren’t that many of these and there is certainly a gap in the market. If you’re thinking about exploiting this need for more dedicated poker strategy websites, here is how to create the perfect offering on WordPress.

A Poker Blog or Strategy Guide

Players who want to make it to the top need to read a lot of poker strategy articles. But there are few websites online specializing in this. For that reason, a poker blog that features a vast number of tips on how to play could be fruitful.

The website could be designed to appeal to a wide range of different playing abilities. One section could be for beginners, and it would feature blogs on basic poker strategy. Then there could be a section for a slightly higher level of player which would feature advice about playing position and working out opponents’ ranges. The advanced section of the website would include articles discussing probability, pot odds, and proper tournament strategy. Finally, there could be a separate section featuring general poker news and videos.

Allowing players to contribute with their own tips and ideas on the game will be beneficial as well. To ensure a lot of traffic to the site, it would be good to create a community of players where everyone can comment and discuss the best tactics.

What Are the Best WordPress Themes for this?

With the multitude of options available to website makers on WordPress, it can be a tough decision settling on a particular theme. But it is imperative that you complete this step before you start building your website, as it would cause a lot of hassle if you had to go back and change it at a later date.

The great thing about WordPress is that users can choose between themes for websites of any genre. There are themes for car websites, fashion websites, and sport. With technology being such a popular topic for websites, there are loads of good themes for this genre as well.

Some of the technology-based WordPress themes may be best suited to a poker site. Newspaper, for instance, is a slick option that gives the website an official vibe. There are six different tabs, it has clean typography, and it is heavily content-focused. Herald is another news-focused design theme but this one features larger pictures on the home screen for players to click on. This might appeal to web designers who like to have eye-catching visuals. However, if a poker site has numerous pictures of poker hands and chips, it would start to look a bit mundane. For this reason, it would make sense to try and get more images of professional players to mix things up a bit.

For the color scheme of the site, it would be a good idea to choose colors that reflect the subject matter of poker. This could include a lot of green to represent the felt of the table, and then white, red and black to represent the cards.

How to Maintain the Site Once It Is Created

Once the site is up and running, you need to keep updating it with regular content in order to attract repeat traffic. Some of the best sites in the world are updated a few times on a daily basis, but to be able to do this you would need to have a team of writers working for you. In the early days, aiming for a new article every couple of days is a fairly realistic target which can be achieved if you are dedicated.

To set your site apart from others that provide poker tips, it would be useful to feature some detailed charts and statistical analysis within the articles. Tools to assist with this are abundant online, and you can transfer the data to your blog pages. This will make your site look professional and legitimate.

Another thing to consider is using SEO techniques to get the site higher up in the Google search rankings. This can involve using a number of poker-related keywords throughout the blogs on the site, incorporating a range of headers that describe the articles, adding alt text to images, and utilizing anchor text to link to other articles and help readers navigate the website.

With professionals like Polk producing less content advising amateur players, the gap in the market for poker strategy sites is huge. WordPress has plenty of themes to suit the style of the site, and creators just need to keep it regularly updated with fresh content to bring in web traffic.

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