Rebranding: When Your Company Needs a Fresh Logo to Reinvent Itself Without Losing Individuality

Branding makes a company recognizable and helps it stand out in the crowd. From the advertising and marketing efforts to the post-sale customer services, the brand is what the customers can see, perceive and receive from a company.

Recognition, trust, financial value, sales and customer satisfaction, everything depends on the performance of a brand. Think of it this way – when we think of the best cars, we think of Ford, Honda or Volkswagen. A couple of years back, Volvo, the Swedish auto giant, rebranded itself as the brand that puts safety first. They launched new TVCs and print ads without introducing a new model or a new array of logos. They were just working on their perceived image.  It is essential to revisit your brand image. With changing times, people’s perception and their expectation also change. It is vital for companies to facilitate this evolution of their brands. They can do it by changing or modifying brand colors, logos, typographies, services, product qualities and range, and brand message.

Rebranding efforts need to conserve heritage and tradition

To change is simple, to evolve is the challenge. Keeping your past in mind and the future in sight, you need to modify your brand image in a way that it accommodates the expectations of your customers and the reality of the market situation. Consider all the elements that have resonated well with your customers across the country or even across the world. That is the only way brands can pay enough importance to their heritage, and at the same time, pave the way for future possibilities.

A good rebranding effort with all these elements can help you increase sales and total revenue. Sometimes, a change of logo also accompanies a complete refurbishing of the storefronts. At present, a website redesign or a new branding WordPress theme often include these changes. The idea behind rebranding is to make the brands more approachable to the masses. Therefore, graphic design and rebranding are almost always intricately associated with one another.

Rebranding does not provide instant success

If you want to boost visibility and sales instantly, a rebranding attempt might not be the answer. A good rebrand needs considerable effort and research. Often, companies expect people to rush into their stores just because they opted for a fresh logo design and a new font, but that is far from reality. Until and unless you can play the right cords, it is going to be impossible to attract new customers to your storefronts and website. In fact, if you do not put enough time to research, you may end up obliterating the factors that resonate with the current customer groups and keep them loyal to you. You can search Google for an idea of the graphics design factors that influence rebranding.

Do not forget the subtler elements

Rebranding is not just about the logo, fonts, and colors. It also includes the more delicate aspects such as social media interactions, email marketing strategies, digital marketing as a whole and the complete personality of the brand. These are all critical parts of a complete picture, and all of these are equally important in both preserving the heritage and painting a new portrait of an already established brand. Think of Coca-Cola. It is a classic brand from 1886 that changes its tagline, packaging, advertising, and marketing every few years. Nonetheless, the colors, fonts and the brand personality have remained recognizable for decades. All Coca-Cola wants is for the customers across the world to “taste the feeling.”

Sometimes, changing just the whitespace or the tone of red is enough for a rebranding effort. A head-turning attempt at a complete revamp is, of course, going to be the bomb, but is it necessary? It is crucial for companies to keep their brands recognizable. There is going to be no delight if your customers no longer recognize you. Google is an excellent example of this principle. The new design, released in 2015, contained a sans-serif font along with increased legibility. Thanks to the new font typeface, the new logo is friendlier towards other devices too.

Rebranding is far from a walk in the park

Rebranding is never easy. Sometimes, as the brands reach out to multiple consumer groups, they also become accessible to critics. The truly successful brands like Budweiser and McDonalds listen carefully to what the critics have to say. Their research includes scouring social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for valuable feedback along with a revisit of the sales figures. The only way brands can successfully counter criticism is by listening to the points that critics are making. The best way to establish a new brand image is by incorporating new stats, market feedback and the already existing market perception of the brand.

You must always remember that rebranding is not for the weak-hearted. It needs much confidence to be able to pull off a complete logo change, typeface update, service updates and more. Over the years, customers have learned to trust your current logo, brand colors, and brand fonts. Getting used to the new look is going to take a while. It takes more guts to change the logo AND the storefront inside and out. We have seen this with Wendy’s and Starbucks. These two legendary brands have not just changed their logos (Starbucks has changed its logo four times since 1971), they have also upgraded their service, included new products as per consumer demand, and at the same time, preserved their heritage.

To wrap things up

Branding carries much importance. It is a strategy to reach out to a broader audience and a tactic to survive the cutthroat world of business and marketing. A successful rebranding effort needs more than a mighty heart. It requires expertise along with a keen understanding of the customer satisfaction factors and the market trends. Rebranding does not occur by fluke. It needs considerable research, experience, and help from professionals who have training in understanding the evolution of business and market terms. However, it goes without saying that graphics design plays an integral role in almost every step of a successful rebranding endeavor.

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