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Cheap Email Hosting Solutions in 2020

In the previous blog, you were told in detail about the advantages and the need to have your business email hosting. In a nutshell, we have summed up what you have read and known about email hosting.

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If you are a company whose business primarily runs on and through emails, then choosing email hosting is a necessary decision. An email hosting grants you a domain name of your own for a highly professional website. You also get additional security for the transportation of confidential data to your core team and your clients.

Now that we know the perks a good email host provides us, we still can not exhaust our money entirely on the email host. It is, therefore, necessary to find an email host offering maximum features at the minimum available price, in short, cheap email hosting.

Let us tell you about some of our recommendations for cheap yet promising email hosting services.

Bluehost Email Hosting

Bluehost-best email hosting

If you are a startup business with a small headcount, small and tight budget, and a small goal to achieve first, then you should consider Bluehost email hosting. Bluehost has a fantastic email hosting package that comprises of unlimited email storage and email accounts. All of these services at an unbelievable price as low as $2.75. They do not enforce any official limitations. You get IMAP4, POP3, and a constant 24/7 support. You also get to choose between three webmail applications, Roundcube, SquirrelMail, or horde, which are equivalent to google and outlook. As, Bluehost’s users, you can also configure an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows 10 to read your emails even when there is no access to the internet. Creating a new email address is a piece to the cake because of an easy user interface.

Hostinger Email Hosting

Hostinger- best wordpress hosting service

Hostinger offers a Flockmail interface that makes searching, sending, and using your email very convenient. They also provide a calendar app that helps you set and organize your schedules. This interface is mobile friendly so you can use at sitting anywhere. To make it useful for business use, there is a video integration for conferencing. There are two primary plans that hostinger offers, business hosting plan and enterprise hosting plan. Both of them include multi-device support, 50 email aliases, and antivirus checking. The enterprise email hosting plan offers 30GB of storage and unlimited mail filters at $2.49/ month. The business email hosting plan offers two mail filters and a 10 GB of storage at just 0.99/ month. In any of which cases, hostinger offers grandiose programs at very affordable prices.

Dreamhost Email Hosting

DreamHost-top wordpress Hosting

Dreamhost provides standalone email hosting along with a range of different hosting packages that Dreamhost usually provides. By default, it offers 25GB of storage along with the ability to sync emails between mobile devices and desktop. There is an ad-free webmail software platform included additionally. It has a smart anti-spam filter that ensures the filtration and bifurcation of spam messages, malware, viruses, and phishing attacks. The filter is also adaptive to emerging threats to ensure full security. Your email account, if hosted by hostinger, remains connected to your company’s domain name, giving it a more professional look. You also get complete control over your data which means your data can not be scanned automatically to provide you data related ads like free emails do.

Additionally, with all these features being provided, prices comparatively are low. You can either pay monthly or annually as per your choice or comfort. Monthly plans are just $1.99, whereas if you choose an annual plan, then it will cost you around $1.67 a month.

Zoho Mail

Email Hosting Ad-Free Business Email Hosting - Zoho Mail

Zoho is a hosted email service comprising of a bundled online office suite along with a stack of extras. Some of the latest features launched by Zoho are: recall mail, offline mode, audio/video calls, undo mail, huge attachments, and much more. The plan that is free of cost provides you with a 20 MB attachment limit, five mailboxes with up to 5GB peruse, and webmail access. The referral plan provides you with an additional 25 mailboxes. Then comes the standard plan. It offers you POP and IMAP support, support for working with multiple domains, 30 GB storage, 30 MB attachments, and 5GB file storage. It also includes some productivity tools like a free suite and still costs $3 per month. The last and most lavish plan is the professional plan. It gives you 40 MB attachments, 100 GB of storage, and support for active directory groups. Yet, it only costs $6 per user per month. It is not at all expensive for the storage and features you get.

Scala Email Hosting


Scala offers a wide range of different business email hosting plans with a generous amount of storage allowances and useful security features. There is a spam blocker that claims to block 99.98% of spam emails. There is protection against brute force attacks like malicious activities. The email server uses SSL protocols to encrypt the emails for additional security. The email interface is web-based for easy access from both desktops and mobile phones. There are four email hosting plans providing storage between 50GB-200GB, 1-20 email domains, and 10-20 email boxes. Prices range between $2.95-$7.95. The cost of renewals is slightly higher. In short, scala hosting offers a serious range of plans paired with generous storage and affordable pricing.

Sum UP

So, these were some of our recommendations for email hosting that are cheap yet promising. Now, the choice is yours to make. For any furthers queries, you can always contact us.

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