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6+ Best WordPress iframe Plugins 2021

Have you ever wanted to display an external site on your website without the user leaving your site? In today’s article, we will look at some of the best WordPress iFrame plugins available on the market today to help you achieve that. You can also use these plugins to display HTML documents on your webpage. All the plugins mentioned on this page are either cheap or free and I have tested them for WordPress version 5.3+.
If you have been on 85ideas before or follow any of my posts, then you will know that I share a lot of SEO related best practices. I brought that up because iFrames can harm your rankings because some search engines see it as a high risk of containing virus and malware. A few years back hackers would hijack a website and embed hidden iFrames so it as had a bad reputation since then. It is for security reasons also why WordPress by default does not allow you to embed best WordPress iFrame plugins directly.

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Best WordPress iFrame Plugins

These plugins permit you to optimize the functionality of the iframe. You will no longer use manual codes from JavaScript for improving the functionality of the HTML elements.

Shortcodes are supported by these plugins which are used to insert the best WordPress iFrame plugins. Short codes attached to any area of your sites, such as footer, widgets, and sidebar. The best WordPress iFrame plugins can display other sites as well.

Continue reading this post to learn more about iframes. With these plugins, you will be able to include it on your website and improve the clients’ experience. The performance of your site is intensified while engaging with the iframes of the visitors.

This is just my opinion. But if you have something creative planned for these plug-ins then here are my findings:

Advanced iFrame Pro – Paid Version

The Pro version of Advanced Frame plugin is the most complete iFrame solution on this list. You have control over how content appears in an iFrame because the plugin can hide and modify elements and forward parameters. If need to resize an iFrame or want it to be responsive for all devices, this plugin will help you accomplish that. It even has browser detection so that different iFrames are shown depending on the detected device.

The benefits over the free version are clear with premium features not found in any other free iFrame plugin. These features include lazy load to improve your page speed, URL forwarding parameter mapping, ability to change link target, widget support and many other options that will make it easier for you to manage everything.

Is a popular WordPress plugin that comes with options? You can use these options for hiding/showing and when modifying different elements.

The user’s browser will be detected automatically placing the content as per the instructions of the websites’ admin of the website changes when you change the browser. Scrolling of the iframe on an iPhone or an iPad is also supported.

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iframe popup

best WordPress iframe plugins

Another interesting alternative to consider is iFrame popup which gives you the option to delay popup for fancy box iFrame to be opened. You will be happy to know this plugin uses short code to help specify where your embed code should open.
If you wish you could also show your iFrame site-wide by adding the shortcode to the widget area or place it within the footer area.

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iframe WordPress Plugin

iFrame is the most popular plugin of its kind available on WordPress.org and I personally believe the reason for that is its ease of use. There no complicated option like some of the others mentioned here, you simply plug and play.

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Easy FancyBox

Easy FancyBox Plugin

If you like the popup style iFrame plugin, then you will most likely love Easy Fancy Box for many of the same reasons. As a standard, you get a ton of options from auto popups, Nextgen galleries support and much more. Another cool thing about this plugin is the ability to run it on a multi-site enabled blog.

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Free Responsive iFrame Video Embeds

This plugin is one of the best WordPress iframe plugins free options to embed videos into an iFrame. It’s a simple to embed pretty much any video. Just set the width and height attributes to fit your video’s format.

The downside of using this free plugin is the limited options available for users. They don’t have iPlayerHD. As a result, you won’t be able to use additional options. You can do these for all your embedded videos, such as playlist and popup embeds.

This plugin, you can display a particular area, zoom, resizing, and customize the CSS styles, among other things. You can use a responsive iframe to display videos. The frame size adjusts with the size of a screen.

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Advanced iFrame – Free Version

Advanced iFrame plugin

Advanced iFrame free version is a great option to consider because it is still feature rich and well maintained by the theme author. Noteworthy features include the ability to hide the content until it as loaded. This is very important to help you improve user experience. Advanced iFrame free version also gives you the option to edit the CSS elements within the frame with is super powerful.

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Auto iFrame

Auto iFrame Plugin

Auto iFrame allows you to automatically resize the website of the external site been viewed. This is useful for giving your users a similar experience as if they had visited the external source. Another instance where I can see this plugin being super useful is for those visiting your website on smaller devices.

Wrapping up

I am super interested in knowing how you end up using these plugins, please let me know within the comments below. As always I hope you found some value within this collection if so please consider sharing it or just say thank you below.



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  • Floriane Clausier
    Posted at 08:27h, 21 April Reply

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for this post.
    Do you know if one of these plugins have this feature : “showing popup when detect exit intent”?
    (it will be a big help to add pricing in your post).
    Have a good day

  • Joffry Arthur
    Posted at 09:49h, 22 April Reply

    Hi Brian, I want to use vidgeos for my website. The videos are stored and streamed from Amazon AWS as iframe.. Do you believe that Google will ban me from search results because of safety reasons as you described above?

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