12 Best WordPress Twitter feed Widgets of 2019

Earlier, it was all about content and SEO (mainly backlinks); then it moved on more on content and less on backlinks. And finally at the current scenario it’s all about better content and better social media promotions.

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SEO is still breathing, but its effect has been minimised by search engines like Google, mainly if you understood only the backlink part of SEO and practices it to fetch quick results.

So, going with the trend, your blog needs to have a Twitter profile. It needs to be regularly updated on the daily basis, and you need to be active with the followers there.

But, after creating a profile and keeping it active, one thing remains to be done, which, in fact, isn’t in your hand completely i.e. your profile needs to have more followers.

Now, either you spend money (of course, if your budget allows) on paid tweets, or you can have a simple working solution, that works in most of the cases

Since, your website is already getting traffic, then why don’t you start covering those readers into your Twitter followers? Simply add a follow button to the website and, that’s it!

But, I’m going to make this solution further better. Instead of simply adding a follow button, you should add a complete feed of tweets done on your social profile.

This is also known as Twitter Widgets. Now, there are three ways through which you can add such widget on your blog.

The theme on which your blog is running is already offering a widget that can let you do this. You can add a plugin, that offers a special widget, which will do the job.

You can create the widget on your own, and then paste the code in a simple Text widgetMy favourite choice is the third one. It is very simple and doesn’t require any mastery on coding. I call it ‘best method’.

Best Method

  1. Login into your Twitter profile, and move into Settings.
  2. There, you’ll find an option at last labeled ‘widgets’.
  3. Click on ‘Create New’ button at the top.
  4. Enter the profile ID of the Twitter profile, you wish to create a widget for. You can do it for yours or any other public profile.
  5. After, entering the ID, checking few settings, click on ‘Create Widget’ button.
  6. Now, you’ll have a piece of code highlighted on your screen. Copy this!
  7. Move into Dashboard area of your WordPress website, and under Appearance heading, click on ‘Widgets’.
  8. Add a simple Text widget in the sidebar or footer (wherever you wish it to be placed), and paste the code you copied earlier into this.
  9. Click on save button and that’s it!

The process is over. Your blog will have a running and active Twitter feed, and that too without using any special plugin or feature. Also, this is safe and simple.

Best WordPress Twitter feed Widgets

Now, if you just want a special plugin to take care of all these simple things, then I’m recommending the best options you got.

Recent Tweets Widget

Recent Tweets Widget

This one is a widely used plugin that simply adds a widget to the Dashboard area, and it can be simply placed in Sidebar or Footer from the particular Appearance settings. The plugin makes use of latest API (version 1.1), and it also uses cache mechanism.

You will be allowed to set how often that cache can be cleared and also how many tweets you wish to display. With over thousands of downloads, it has been rated number one and is also kept updated on the developer side. Before using, do make sure that it is compatible with the theme your blog is having, probably by asking a developer on the support page.

Full Details & Download

Simple Twitter Tweets

Simple Twitter Tweets Widget

Another latest and updated plugin that is compatible with Twitter API version 1.1 and it offers a bunch of extra options that aren’t offered by above one. A simple and useful option is that it can display time frame (5 hours ago, 10 hours ago) when a particular tweet was made, instead of accurate time.

Readers of your blog will be allowed to retweet, favourite or send replies right from the website page. You’re allowed to set few icons and change colors as per your choice. The best feature that further makes it powerful is that it is even working when official Twitter platform is down.

Full Details & Download

WP Twitter Feeds

WP Twitter Feeds Plugin

It offers all common features along with the ability to adjust border length, colors, thus offering a bunch of theming options to add your personal customization. The plugin is said to be very lightweight, and it allows the webmaster to turn on/off avatar. It even offers a slider for the Tweets to be showcased in a much interactive way. And, it is compatible with WordPress 4.2 (latest version at this moment).

Full Details & Download

Minimalist Twitter Widget

Minimalist Twitter Widget

As the name suggests, it offers a very lightweight solution that can easily fit with any properly coded WordPress theme. If you just want to display only the Tweets, then you have the option to disable Replies and Retweets from the inbuilt settings. You can either showcase a profile or even Tweets published under a single Hashtag.

Full Details & Download

Twitter (Official)

Twitter WordPress Plugin

This one is the official plugin from the Twitter developers, and as you can assume, it brings all the official features and you’re allowed to add them to any WordPress powered blog. It can add Tweet button, Twitter cards, analytics, follow button and ads conversion tracking.

You’re allowed to embed any tweet directly from the WordPress dashboard. The visuals are also customizable as you’re allowed to change backgrounds and choose from different color schemes to match the color code of your website’s theme. But, there are still lots of issues with this plugin. It doesn’t work with every theme. So, I’ll recommend you to try it once on a test website, before making it activated on a live one.

Full Details & Download


WordPress Tweets Plugin

This plugin is very similar to the others mentioned above, so I will highlight some of it’s key features. 

  • Height setting
  • URL link color options
  • Show/hide reply options
  • Add follow button
  • Auto-expand pictures
  • Submission of tweets live from website
  • Retweet and favourite selection option. 

The list goes on, but hopefully you understand what this plugin as to offer. The good thing about is that it always managed to get 4 or 5 stars out of total 5.

Full Details & Download

Timeline Twitter Feed

Timeline Twitter Feed Plugin

If you’re looking for a flat designed widget, then consider this HTML powered option I’ve in the compilation. It allows showcasing of timeline feed along with multiple hashtags. It clearly means that not only a profile can be displayed, but also a set of hashtags. It can increase the user experience. CSS styling options are offered to change the overall design and feel of the visual elements. It can also be added in the header, sidebar or footer area, as per the theme support is supportive.

Full Details & Download

Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach

Twitter Widget Tweet Reach Plugin

This plugin allows showcasing live tweets for any keyword, or hashtag, for the case. Thus, it can increase the reach of your website’s profile on the micro-blogging platform. The Reach feature is capable of displaying how far a particular keyword-rich tweet went on the platform. Not a good number of people are using this at this time, but it truly deserve that chance from your side, as everything is well-coded.

Full Details & Download

Responsive Twitter widget

responsive twitter widget

As the name suggests, it offers a simple looking and working widget that can work on any device. Yes, it’s totally responsive. But, to activate your profile, you need to visit Widget creation tool of Twitter and get an ID for a new widget.

Full Details & Download

Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post Former Tweet Old Post Plugin

This one isn’t offering any widget, for the case. But, I would still like to recommend it because of its unique functionality. All of us has to share fresh posts on all popular social platforms, manually. But, if it can be done automatically, then it would have saved a lot of time, right?

Well, consider using this plugin (the free version) as it allows setting up of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and few more social accounts. Once set up all your fresh updates or existing content are automatically shared on the connected platforms. If you buy its premium version, then you can also get a chance to add multiple accounts to a single platform.

The scheduler works as it promises to. You’re offered a bunch of settings to choose from which can truly enhance the number of posts shared and at what time they are shared. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll love it. It comes with proper instructions to help you completely.

If you like this plugin the have a look at tools to share automatically your content

Full Details & Download


If you wish to show live tweets simply from the social micro-blogging platform, then this lightweight plugin is recommended. It offers a widget inside with few HTML powered customization options. It supports the API version 1.1 and over 30 different languages. With the newer version of the package, it is capable of showing times in tweets according to client’s timezone.

Full Details & Download

Rotating Tweets

During my research for best WordPress Twitter feed widgets, I found many options to try. But, when I was using this Rotating Tweets plugin, I found it worthy. It supports Twitter API (version 1.1) and comes with must required features like reliability, customizability, responsive layout, space efficient, and multi-lingual supportive. It makes use of jQuery in such a way that it delivers very smooth visual results.

One more unique feature offered by this plugin is that it replaces the t.co links into the original one. Thus, your blog shares are also getting an opportunity to get real links from Twitter. It can also be used to add a Twitter follow button, which is fully customizable. Of course, the widget to showcase latest tweets is also present. Start with this one without thinking anymore as it doesn’t comes with a price tag.

Full Details & Download


I recommend you to go with my ‘best method’, as it doesn’t add any extra burden to your blog. Yes, having too many plugins activated is a burden, as it affects the performance. Also, a plugin is an easy way for a developer to hack your website if he is in the mood.

So, this is all I got on this topic, and I hope I made myself pretty clear. Do let me know which method you’re going ahead with.

Also, follow our Twitter and other social profiles to stay updated with website development and management tutorials. Peace.

Editorial Staff

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  • Liliia Bellamy
    Posted at 12:13h, 16 February Reply

    Hi Pawan!
    Thx for your post, it’s really useful! Do you know anything about TweetDis twitter plugin tweetdis.blogspot.com? Looks awesome but I need an expert’s advice..

  • Ben
    Posted at 06:08h, 24 June Reply

    All the plug ins are very similar. I wanted to display tweets in a carousel in wordpress. I want to layout the tweets horizontally rather than vertically across the width of my page.

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 16:40h, 28 June Reply

      Check out TweetLab:

      It’s $21 over at CodeCanyon, but should do what you’re looking to do. It includes sliders, horizontal and vertical mode, and is easy to customize. Check it out and let me know if that’ll work for you

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