ASmallOrange Hosting Review

With the modern tools and growing services, creating and hosting a website is becoming simple day by day. It’s still not extremely simple yet, but a person with the minimum technical background can cover up the ground and host a good looking and fully functional website.

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You can start with any CMS like WordPress and then get a host to put the website online. Learning and becoming an expert with a CMS is definitely a challenge but finding a good host is nowhere less, either. This is why it is important to read dozens of reviews before finalising the choice and moving ahead with a particular hosting provider.

ASmallOrange Hosting Review4ASmallOrange is one such name in the website hosting industry which has been gaining popularity lately. It is still not that popular as of any known name in the industry but it has managed to earn a good reputation among the customers.

So, let’s go through the details and know what this hosting brand is all about. Here is a detailed ASmallOrange hosting review which will help you know everything about the brand and make a final decision accordingly.

ASmallOrange – The company

As a brand, ASmallOrange is not that popular but the company has been offering the hosting services since 2003. Later it was redesigned by Douglas Hanna in 2010 who was earlier a customer service manager at HostGator. Currently, he is the CEO of ASmallOrange.

As a company, their core team is experienced and professional in web designing and hosting solutions. They have limited their services to the Linux hosting itself, trying to concentrate completely on the quality. So far, they have managed to do good.


Shared, Business, Reseller, Cloud VPS, and Dedicated are the hosting plans covered under their belt among which Shared one is the popular one. There is hardly any major difference between Shared and Business plans and Reseller plan is just like you expect from any hosting provider.

ASmallOrange Hosting ReviewOne of the best feature (I personally like) of Shared and Business plans is that the features you’re getting are clearly mentioned. The amount of Storage and Bandwidth offered is clearly mentioned rather than mentioning false promises like ‘unlimited storage and bandwidth.’ This is really impressive considering the fact that most of the hosting providers are mentioning ‘unlimited storage and bandwidth’ at the landing page while offering a limited one.

The practicality of offering unlimited features needs to understand and one shouldn’t fall into such a trap. Coming back to their plans, each of them is backed up by money back guarantee and 999% uptime. They have also shared a dedicated URL where you can track the uptime and downtime of the servers. Although, they have never emailed me any notification regarding a scheduled downtime (which is usually the case for maintenance).


The prime reason why I was attracted to their service is the use of SSD instead of traditional HDD at the servers. The use of SSD isn’t that common in Shared hosting plans offered by big names, but this is the case with ASmallOrange.

Technically, it makes a big difference as it decreases the average page load time to half. As per the base technology, SSDs are faster than the traditional HDDs. And, the difference in speed is quite big. So, it brings a major difference to the overall performance.

ASmallOrange Hosting Review1The famous cPanel is included at the dashboard which is a simple and known tool to quickly manage all the available tools and functionalities. The servers used are optimized for WordPress meaning features like one-click installation, NGINX, are available.

POP3, IMAP, and webmail, all three types of email services are included in the package and supported at the core. The email client added inside also features spam filter and virus filtering. Moreover, to support quick website building, Weebly is supported and available at the cPanel.

ASmallOrange Hosting Review3All the types and versions of software used to bring up the service are mentioned clearly which again adds to the overall user experience. Their Cloud VPS and Dedicated hosting plans are also good for the price they are charging. It gets better when you are allowed to create a custom configuration and pay for what you use. Cool, right?


Their plans are surely not that cheap but they are still affordable, compared to the competitors. They are also running regular discounts where you can save more bucks on the same plan.

As per my experiences with more than dozens of hosting providers, ASmallOrange hosting pricing is good. They have clearly mentioned the number and type of features you’re getting for the price and this openness is really good for the consumer experience.


This is the single area where ASmallOrange isn’t that good. Their support team doesn’t work in their office, as they don’t have a dedicated team to handle this section. Rather, the members responsible for delivering the support are living in their home in different areas of US, offering their service remotely.

ASmallOrange Hosting Review2This might not look like a big thing to a newbie but once you need support via Live Chat, then you’ll start experiencing the downside of this. ASmallOrange isn’t good at Live Chat, at all! They do offer support via email and ticket system but it is still not that helpful as a Live Chat would. Also, the team behind Live Chat works on weekdays only.

During my personal encounters for support, I was never satisfied with the response given via Live Chat. However, the support from email was good. If you’re already their user and stuck at some support issue, then tweeting the issue publicly can grab their attention.

Wrap up

This was all I have to say about ASmallOrange and under this hosting review heading, I hope I’ve justified enough points to help you decide whether to move ahead or not. Do let us know what you think about this brand and if you have any experiences, go ahead and share them. I’ll be waiting to hear your side in the discussion section!

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