CaptainForm WordPress Plugin Review

Asking users to interact with a particular module on your website which helps you bring conversions in one way or another, is not easy. It sure sounds simple in theory but the practical aspects are challenging and you need to be aware of experimental data in order to become an expert.

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Three things are required to bring a conversion. Content, Psychological analysis (of the visitors, based on their demographic and the product detail), and the tool which will take care of the functionality parts.

The first two are not today’s subject as we’re focusing on the third one. A quick search for form builder WordPress plugin in the official repository or the Google itself will bring more than two dozens of options to look at. First of all, it makes the selection process challenging and then it will bring the sense of confusion.

Today’s post is about one such premium plugin (also available in free version) which offers these form building functionalities and have been used by thousands of WordPress users so far.

The plugin is called CaptainForm, and in today’s CaptainForm review, we will dive right into the good, the bad, and everything in between that makes this plugin stand out from the rest. As per our review post standards, we’ll dive into the details of this plugin and will bring out a final conclusion, hoping it helps you take a final decision.

CaptainForm WordPress Plugin Review

CaptainForm is a form building plugin which helps in implementing various modules on a website powered by WordPress. It can implement a survey module or a pop-up to capture email-IDs of the interested visitors. Or, it can even create quizzes. In short, it’s one stop solution to achieve all these activities which are meant to increase visitor’s interaction.

CaptainForm Review1

In theory implementing this is easy but the real challenge is the final result which brings the data confirming whether the implementation worked in favour or not.

As there are more than two dozens of plugins offering similar functionalities, you need to be careful before making a final decision. By careful I mean, you need to check the detailed review.

Let’s start with the CaptainForm review now!

The Team behind

Like in real life, we cross-check a company’s detail before buying one of their product, we need to be aware of the company details before buying a digital product too. In our case, we’re about to install a plugin which can affect the health of a perfectly working WordPress website. If it had the wrong or malicious code!

So, knowing the details about the exact company behind this CaptainForm product is, at most necessary.

123ContactForm is the parent company behind this product and as per the details mentioned, they have eight years of experience in the WordPress plugin development domain.

The company was started back in 2008 in Timisoara, Romania. During initial days, they developed tools to implement online forms and surveys into a website. There are more than dozens of members of their team, other than the founder and co-founder. They even have a dedicated customer support team with a manager to handle all the user queries once the product is sold.

Moreover, the company’s social presence is also good as they are available on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Talking about the support, the team offers both Live and Email support on the working days and during the working hours. So, it’s not 24×7 but we’re still getting a good coverage on working days.

Features covered

As a Form Builder, this plugin needs to be able to create all possible forms which are required by users in multiple situations. It comes with pre-made templates which are ready to fire and setup in a single click, which is totally cool. Every template is customizable but the features are limited as per the plan you’ve purchased.

It can help you create Contact and Lead generation form, grabbing the email addresses and other details of the interested visitors. It can let you create and handle Event Registrations. Order Forms are also possible to create and manage. Surveys, Quizzes, and Polls, all three are covered and available under the single hood.

CaptainForm WordPress Plugin Review6Each one of these holds their own set of pre-made templates which are customizable too. Moreover, a Blank Form is also available which can get you started from the scratch. It has a blank template and allows any elements to be placed on the slate, allowing the user to create a totally custom form.

Each of these modules is offered dozens of elements which can be either added or removed as per the custom requirements. Images can be added to the form along with Google Map, Addresses, Phone number, Star Rating, Signature, HTML Block, and much more. Users can even put a File Upload element in the block, allowing the visitors to upload a file from their end, which can be used in the related situations.

CaptainForm WordPress Plugin Review5For every such element, a bunch of layout options is available which can be used to make those elements look customised. You can set their alignment, direction, columns, encoding, width, and vary their placement.

CaptainForm WordPress Plugin Review4This all can be done via simple drag & drop UI which is well-labeled. If you still find issues understanding how to use a particular module or element, a proper knowledge-base (documentation) is shared by the developer.


The pricing model is divided as per the features and the websites covered under the package. There are three paid and one free plan. The free one is available at WordPress’s official plugin repository and it can be used on any number of websites. However, the features covered in premium plans are limited as per the number of sites they are allowed to use.

By default, you get 100MB of storage in the free plan which increases with the premium ones. The maximum storage you can ask for is 10GB, which is not an easy number to fill up.

CaptainForm WordPress Plugin Review1The Hero plan costing $195 a year comes with unlimited forms, unlimited sites under a single licence, up to 100k secured entries per month, 24 naive add-ons, and multisite support. It also covers a payment integration feature which is missing in all other versions.

If you’re looking to implement a payment gateway in the form, then you need to buy their most premium plan. Otherwise, look for the features offered in other three and cross-check them with the requirements you have.

CaptainForm WordPress Plugin Review3There is a 30 days money back guarantee, which can let you check out the product, at least, once.

Getting started with the plugin

This particular heading is going to calculate how easy or hard is getting started with CaptainForm plugin. The developers usually mention their product is easy to use, but in reality, there are many challenges to conquer. Let’s check out how CaptainForm performs in our test.

I’ve years of experience under the belt and have used hundreds of plugins so far. For me, the CaptainForm plugin was dead simple to start with. Even later, it managed the simplicity and ease of use but this is what I’ve experienced, which can differ in your situation.

CaptainForm WordPress Plugin Review7Do let us know your experience in the discussion section below.

One noteworthy feature is that CaptainForm is a cloud-based solution. In case, the hosting solution your website is using is not that good, then it will help the server to stay away from its own weight. While in other case, when your website is hosted on a fast (dedicated or VPS) server already, then this dependency on cloud storage will add an additional load time.

Wrap up

Is CaptainForm plugin worth using? Based on the functionalities they have covered and as per the pricing models, it sure is. But there is still a thing which keeps me thinking, which is the cloud-based solution. Most of the data of CaptainForm plugin is stored in their cloud storage. It adds additional weight to the HTTP requests and increases the overall page load time. It has both pros and cons, as I’ve explained earlier.

Now the final decision is to be yours, and I hope the details you’ve gone through here are all helpful. Do share the feedback as it will improve our review and it will also help other visitors to make a final decision. Good luck!

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