Divi Theme Review

We don’t have a lot of products like Divi as they must be tough for the developers to build. After using it for a month, I have a general idea about the efforts went into making such a product and the work done by the team. 

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First of all, it’s not a theme. It’s a theme builder which is available in the form of a theme. Yes, there’s a difference between these and the difference is huge, so don’t get confused.

I’ll share the details, one by one, so let’s jump right in and review Divi!

Divi Theme Review

Divi is an ElegantTheme product, and the only way you can have it is by purchasing their theme club membership. There are three membership plans, one of them starting at just $69 (per year). The first plan will allow you to use Divi and every other theme by ElegantThemes developers.

Before things start getting technical, one thing I do love about Divi is that the developers are very keen to improve it further. It’s not like that they have developed a wonderful product but then forget about it. The updates are flowing in every month, improving the overall security and performance sides. The major upgrades also bring in new features.


As the landing page of the theme says, Divi is an ‘Ultimate Multipurpose Theme.’ After knowing the features it packs and the way it makes them work, you’ll believe in this for sure.

As we are talking about a WordPress theme here, Divi has its limitation because of the platform. But within the realm of WordPress, it is as powerful as any single theme can be. It can be used to create a website for almost any niche. It can even handle e-commerce and online community (a.k.a. forums) like niches.

It covers all the basic feature set including dedicated support for SEO, performance, and everything which makes a theme compatible with the WordPress script.

Anything which is possible in the design part is covered as a feature in the Divi. All these features can either be accessed via the Divi Builder or the Theme Panel. Interacting with both is easy and fun (more on this later).

Divi Builder

This is the prime feature, and it acts like one. The builder works in the Live mode, allowing you to move and arrange different blocks from one location to another and get the desired look. There are no rules about block’s placement, which offers a true freedom to the person responsible to setup the theme and achieve a unique look overall.

It features over 46 content modules, all available under the same roof. You can even call them as a widget as they cover elements like Search, Navigation, Portfolio, Gallery, Slider, Person, Divider, Cal to Action, Audio Player, Social Media Follow, Tabs, Shop, and much more.

Divi Theme Review1

Any such element which can be used inside WordPress platform is available here, and it saves from installing any third-party plugins to get these widgets. So in other words, Divi Builder offers tons of widgets, which are ready to be used in a couple of clicks.

The best part about this Builder is that it works with a Drag and Drop interface. Yes, you can simply select a particular module, drag it to the desired location and drop it to activate the same. Cool, right?

Due to this feature, there is no need to install anything, or write code for anything or even need to configure anything. Everything is available in the pre-set mode, and you just have to decide its exact place.

Divi Theme Review2

The whole interface is available to customize which is another iconic feature delivered by Divi. It allows placing those modules anywhere you like. There are no strict rules, other than the needed ones. Like the navigation and logo should be at the top, which is still configurable and customizable.

In short, Divi Builder is the primary reason why this theme exists, and it is one of the best Drag & Drop page builder I have used so far. Comparing with the Visual Composer Drag & Drop page builder, I would say, it is capable of delivering a head-to-head competition. Also, it is lightweight than the other one, which helps in achieving better performance.


The design is the primary reason why people prefer Divi theme and its Builder. The theme supports unlimited possibilities, thanks to the available tools, Panel, and the Builder. All these things work in a harmony to deliver the end result, which is not just functional but also impressive.

To know how powerful the design part is, check out all the Demos offered by Divi. If you’re not impressed with those existing ones, then, in that case, Divi allows and supports the use of Custom CSS. Problem solved, right?

No matter how you configure the theme, the design will always stay responsive to ensure proper functionality of every module on the mobile devices. Also, it has dedicated performance booster for the mobile devices, ensuring the website loads quickly.

Theme Panel

A simple and unique looking panel which holds access to all the tools and features covered under the Divi platform. The design part of the panel itself is elegant, giving an authority look to the overall package. Interacting with the panel, you will find all the functionalities arranged in a simpler way.

Divi Theme Review3Any functionality can be easily turned ON or OFF. One can easily export the setting and import whenever needed to resume the old setup. A reset button is also there to bring all the settings to the default.

The functionalities in Panel are divided into headings like General, Navigation, Layout, Ads, SEO, Integration and Updates. To receive regular updates, you need to log in with the user ID and API key. Later, hitting a single button can update the theme instantly.

The Integration section allows the webmaster to add custom code to specific areas like Body or Header or Top or Bottom. Usually, this is used to implement Analytic and Webmaster codes.

Divi Theme Review6The SEO settings available inside are good enough to keep you away from depending on any third-party solutions like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO. It has specific settings for posts and even the general settings for the whole website. If you are looking for basic SEO functionalities, then there is no need for any third-party plugin. But, the theme does lack advanced SEO options.

Divi Theme Review5The Ads section isn’t well optimized but with the use of Divi Builder, one can quickly place an ad anywhere he/she likes. The options aren’t much, and the related configuration lacks advanced modules. Yes, it was a hint!

Divi Theme Review4Rest, everything is simple, sober, and to-the-point.


If having tons of features can help a theme stand out of the crowd, then there would have been no straight winner, as every developer would have implemented (at least, tried) everything under a single roof. These days, the primary reason why a theme stands out is not just with the number of features, but with the performance.

Yes, if with tons of features, a theme is not good at performance, then it will not be a better choice. The primary reason behind this statement is that Google and other search engines consider the average page load time as a crucial ranking factor. And, for the success of most of the web projects, organic traffic is important.

Thanks to the super efficient team behind Divi, its performance scoreboard is top-notch. Even with all these heavy features, (heavy as they all deliver impressive and customizable design – only a developer can understand the pain) Divi manages to stay lightweight. What else you need?


There is no discrimination as per the membership plan when it comes to the support. ElegantTheme’s support team can be notified via email or a thread in their forum or even via their Facebook group. You can choose whichever platform is suitable, and their support team will be available to take care of the issue.

I once had an issue using Monarch plugin which I was using on a website build up using Genesis framework. The issue was resolved within two days by the support team. Based on this experience, I still feel that the plugins by ElegantTheme work best with their own themes. They might or might not work completely as they promise with other platforms or themes.

In short, the support part is good. And yes, you can even tweet them to get an instant reply.


There is no way to buy Divi individually. ElegantThemes has made sure that you get access to all of their products for the price of one (at least, when you are paying for the first and cheapest membership plan). Usually, themes like these cost about $50-70 and the first membership plan are right in that slot.

So, for the price of one theme, you are getting about 87. Add $20 more to that plan, and you can even have plugins developed by ElegantThemes. Both these plans are not one-time fee as you’ll be charged yearly.

Divi Theme ReviewIf you are in this game for long, then the third plan will interest you most. It’s a big investment but considering the weight of your future plan in the digital marketing realm, it’s all good. For $249, you get everything which is available for $89. But, the best thing now is that it’s a one-time fee. Yes, lifetime access to all their products and support!

Comparing the competition in WordPress themes and plugins realm, what ElegantThemes is offering and what they are charging, still sounds affordable. I bought it to have access to Divi (of course) and two of their plugins, Monarch (social sharing) and Bloom (email opt-in).

Value for Money

The third membership plan will cost you $249, which is a One-Time fee, including lifetime access and support for the products. In that price, with 86 other themes and plugins like Monarch and others, getting Divi seems really affordable. If not, then you should check what other developers are charging for similar membership plans and compare it all to the products they are offering.

I’m not a fan of other themes developed by ElegantThemes, but Divi is a tough one to ignore or hate. No WordPress user can dislike it. In short, the product is a value for money, especially when you can get it for just $69 with other themes. If the third plan sounds too costly, then go with the middle one. It will cost you $89, offering access to all their themes and plugins.

Wrap up

Now that you are aware of all the details, how you feel about Divi? Is it worth the money and time? Or should you be looking for its alternative or similar other feature-rich themes? Whatever you decide, let me know the details in the discussion section below. As your interaction will help me know if I’ve answered all the queries related to Divi or not.

In my opinion, the decision to buy Divi is all good. You should check out the demos offered by ElegantThemes and also check how powerful Divi Builder is. Yes, you can check both in live action for free. Now, if these functionalities suit the requirements at your end, then go ahead and buy it.

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