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If you’re running an event, chances are you’re going to want to promote it. That’s just smart marketing. You’re likely putting time, money, and effort into the event, and the last thing you want to do is let that all go to waste. But how do you do accomplish this?

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If you run a website, the answer is easy! Simply use an event calendar plugin. But if you do a quick search, it can be hard to narrow down which event calendar plugin is best. We stumbled across a great one, and it’s so packed with features that we had to review it.

Today’s review highlights one of our favorite event calendar plugins by Web Dorado.



The pricing on this plugin won the author some brownie points with us, because it’s affordable on any budget. The pricing structure on this plugin is interesting, and we don’t often see pricing done like this. There’s a free version, then incremental price increases for users to unlock additional addons. Here’s a chart of what you get with each price:


As you can see, there’s a free version loaded with features. For a basic website with minimal events, this would be a great option. However, if you would like to unlock addons and additional features to really take your event calendar to the next level, you’ve got quite a few options.

The upside is there’s a free version packed with essential features. The downside is that the features are incremental. We would like to see all the features unlocked for one price, like some other plugins do, but for what you get, we really can’t complain. More often than not, a site owners would only use this on one site, and unless your’re a developer, $25 is more than affordable.

All that being said, this plugin scores 9.0/10 for price.


This plugin comes packed with features, and we were very impressed at how many come standard. Unlike other event calendar plugins, however, the upgrade version comes packed with even more features to seriously take your event to the next level. Here’s a few features from each version:

Standard FeaturesPro features (requires upgrade)Available add-ons


  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited number of calendars and events
  • Event categories
  • Event tags
  • Support for venues and organizers
  • Google Maps integration
  • Event search
  • Social share buttons

  • Recurring events
  • 5 great-looking, fully customizeable themes
  • Posterboard view
  • 4 days view
  • Map view
  • Extra support for add-ons
  • Pro support

  • Event tickets
  • Frontend Event Management
  • Upcoming events
  • Filter
  • Coiuntdown
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • iCal Integration
  • Import/Export
  • Much more!

Unlikes other quiz plugins, this one stands out for the interface. It’s not some hacked together html bare-bones linking system; it is a NICE quiz that truly does look like a professional designed it. This not only true of the user-facing pages, but also for the admin portal. If you want people to share content, it first has to look nice, which this plugin definitely does.

We haven’t seen a plugin packed so full of features in a long time. This thing is just short of a theme in terms of features, so we have no other option than to give it a solid 10.

Reliablity & Ease of Use

We have to admin, we have tried this plugin, but don’t run an event company or business, so we can’t speak for the long term reliability of this plugin. From our experience, however, we can say that it is very easy to use and hasn’t given us a single problem during the testing phase. The developer really did a solid job programming this, and backs it up with up to one year of support.

But don’t take our word for it, one quick look at the plugin’s Ratings page shows a solid track record of reliability and great support. A few ratings the plugin has received:

Plugin Review

Plugin review 2

As you can see, this is a solid plugin that has a track record of reliability. For that, we give it a 10.

Customer Support

Like we said above, support from the developer is A+. The plugin is updated often, and is stable and reliable. The free version comes with bug fixes, ensuring it will work when WordPress upgrades occur. If you upgrade to the Personal version, you’ll get 6 months of support. And if you upgrade to any level beyond that? An entire year! You really can’t get much better than that.

Support comes in the form of a forum, FAQ, User Guide, demo, and also a support ticket system. With so many outlets to get support, you’ll be sure the plugin stays up and running, even when a problem may arise. Since this level of support is often overlooked with plugins, we will grant this plugin another 10.


As you can see, this plugin offers a creative, unique, and feature-packed way to create, track, and manage events directly through a WordPress site. After taking the plugin for a test drive, we can confirm it is affordable, easy to use, and packed with most of the features you could ever possibly need. Next time you’re in the market for an event calendar plugin, remember our review.


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