Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review

I have been trying to close my Facebook account but couldn’t do it. As I’m yet to find its alternative which can help me in quick networking. I had to start with this to bring the importance of Facebook in the prime frame here. Now as we agree on its importance part, using it for social networking for a business profile, isn’t that easy.

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The primary element which will help you build a huge fan base over the platform is staying unique. Your content, the overall layout, the reactions, all should have a set tone and that should all be unique and also reflecting the brand’s philosophy in doing the business.

Now everyone is devoting their efforts to the content part but one area is being ignored. No one is thinking of improving the overall experience by replacing the default layout controlled by Facebook and making it work even better. Or, at least, uniquely!

WordPress Facebook Feed plugin1This WordPress Facebook Feed plugin is all about the same. It replaces the default theme of the native Facebook platform and replaces it with a custom one. The theme it uses is customizable too, allowing the webmaster to come up with a completely unique solution.

In any normal scene, it will not look like a major thing, but if you’re trying to achieve a completely unique look for the website and the overall platform, then it can surely make a difference. This is primary because internet users are addicted to Facebook and they will be impressed to interact with a unique Facebook UI. Agree?

Facebook Feed WD Review

Now as you’re aware of the primary thing this plugin is trying to achieve here, let’s start with our Facebook Feed WD review, where we’ll deep in the details in order to find what works best and what doesn’t!

Let’s begin!

About Facebook Feed WD Plugin

The majority of the features and customization options are available without any price tag but there is also a premium version which is equipped with few more related tools. For starters, the free version is good enough to achieve what we’re looking for here.

It basically imports the data from a Facebook Page or Profile or Group (whichever selected) and showcases the same in a brand new theme. It minimizes the overall UI and adds its own to make it look minimal and, thus, load faster.

This is the basic the plugin targets and its real gems are the customization options. Moreover, it can also display Event posts with all the details and customizations. Every post can also have social sharing tools embedded within. 

Getting started

The installation part is the usual which is as with any other plugin. You can go into the Dashboard, go to the Plugins section and then find for it with its name. Hit the Install button and activate it to make it live.

Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review

In order to add a particular feed from a Profile or a Page (even a Group), you need to create a New Feed. Mention the URL of the profile or page, and then check with the available customizations. Once satisfied, click on the Save button.

Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review1

Now, create a new Page or Post (or open an existing one) and right there, you’ll have the access to the newly created Feed. Insert the same by interacting with a small tool and hit the Publish button.

Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review3

The customized Feed will be live on that particular Page or Post.

Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review4

You’re allowed to showcase the data from an existing app. The setup procedure is simple as you need to mention the app ID and secret key. A bunch of configuration options is also available to make it look unique and function as per the requirements.

Under the settings, Themes panel is available, where you can customize the existing themes even more. More than dozens of options are available which can change the overall look and feel of the modules.

Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review7

At the customization side, more than 15 different Lightbox options are available. Most importantly, it automatically refreshes the Feed as the Page or Profile or Group being used gets updated. It is connected to the Facebook servers all the time to ensure it. There is no restrictions on the number of times you can use the free version.

Other than this, it also packs a Widget which can be implemented in the Sidebar or Footer area. The implementation part I explained can also be done with Shortcodes which are supported by default.

Overall experience with the plugin

Being an expert with WordPress, using the plugin was dead simple for me. Even for a newbie, the experience is going to be similar, considering he/she is aware of the terms mentioned in the customization panel (or they can try each of them and learn it all).

Everything was perfectly working and I found nothing broken. Implementing a Profile or Page or Group was dead simple. If you use the Premium version, you can even type in the name and the plugin will showcase Ajax powered search results quickly. To me, the free version works fine as I was happy to insert the profile via URL.

Facebook Feed WD WordPress Plugin Review6

The developers are keen to improve it further as they are also offering support over email. Both free and premium users are allowed to access the support, but, of course, the premium users will be receive priority over the free ones.

The developer behind is a known name and have a good reputation among the WordPress development community. This isn’t their only plugin which shows their devotion to this work. Also, they are keen to keep the plugin updated with bug and performance fixes and also to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

Wrap up

This was all my experience with the plugin and I hope it helped you to learn the details which weren’t mentioned on its landing page. It’s your time, to begin with the plugin and share the experience with us in the discussion section. You can try the demo here before you buy it. If impressed, do share it with your internet marketing friends and social network. Peace!

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