Must-Have Mac Software For Entrepreneurs & Freelancers


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More and more people are choosing to dedicate their energy to make their own dreams come true as small business owners and entrepreneurs. With the explosion of technology, it is possible to run an entire business with only a Mac and a smartphone to start.

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Whether you are a freelancer or an inventor, there are essential tools that can help you to get your business off the ground. Affordable software options that are easy to use are the best matches for anyone that is looking to get their new venture off the ground.


For some of the most effective and innovative Mac software, you can click here or take a look at our list of valuable apps and software that can help you to make your career dreams come true. 




When you are your own boss, it can be a challenge to stay on track with so many distractions pulling you in different ways. In particular, it can be nearly impossible to resist checking your social media accounts during the workday day. Unfortunately, most people get sucked in by the pull of social media and can find it difficult to stay focused and on task.


Escape software is built to create accountability. It will help you monitor your social media activity throughout the day and even allow you to set time limits for yourself. You can increase your productivity by limiting the time you spend checking your profiles.




This is a fantastic free application that works brilliantly on your Mac. It’s more than just your average note-taking service. You can capture photos, share files, create checklists and organize your notes all in one place. If you are a new business owner you will appreciate this valuable tool to help you boost your organization and productivity.




You might be an expert in your chosen field, but that doesn’t necessarily make you the best writer. When it’s time to post online updates, newsletters or press releases, most people could use a little bit of help. The Hemingway App can help you polish your writing by monitoring your content for grammar, spelling, and editing. It can even help you create content with excellent SEO.




This popular social media platform, now owned by Facebook, has over one billion users every month. That is an incredibly massive audience that has the potential to become your future customers. You can use Instagram as part of your marketing and advertising plan and save yourself a fortune while making a huge impact on a large audience.




This Mac software is an essential business tool for any entrepreneur or freelancer. Many national businesses now use this user-friendly platform to conduct almost all of their professional communications. You can use the instant messaging service, customizable email, file sharing and collaboration with other team members.




Starting a business of your own can be a challenge for anyone. One of the best ways to get a solid start is by arming yourself with the best tools to make your job easier and let you focus on your dreams.

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