MyThemeShop Membership Review

Making a name in a matured industry is not that easy but with the quality work, it is not impossible either. MyThemeShop has managed to make a name in the WordPress development niche and as you are already aware, it is very popular.

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You can use their services without paying anything, as they offer a lot of free themes and plugins but the real deal is in the membership plan. Now, whether or not it is worthy of the price they charge, we will find that in our detailed MyThemeShop membership review over here.

Let’s begin?

MyThemeShop Membership Review

A single theme usually costs about $59 while the plugin costs vary with the type. On the other hand, a membership plan costs about $349 where you get access to about a hundred of their themes and plugins with priority support and lifetime usage rights.

To any person, this deal will always look interesting. But, whether or not the overall package is worth, varies with the situation. Let me explain it in the details. Read it out!


As aforementioned, getting hundreds of products for the price that low will always look interactive. Such a price model can never go wrong but what we have to check is the quality of the product, support offered after the sale is done, and whether or not, we actually need that many products.

MyThemeShop Membership Review

Asking all these questions and knowing the answers to each will help you decide whether to pay for a single product or go for the complete package. So again, pricing is not an issue when it comes to MyThemeShop membership package. But, it’s the usage part which needs to be reviewed thoroughly at your end.


Schema is one of the most popular products MyThemeShop has ever developed. It is so far their best product with highly optimised code and super rich features.

This isn’t the only product being recommended by users to other users. Other themes like eCommerce, HowTo, PointPro, Cool, Interactive, and Newspaper are also popular. In short, the collection of themes they offer in the package are mostly good and they deserve attention.

MyThemeShop Membership Review4There is nothing wrong with the products they have developed but the categories they target are very limited. Most of the themes are for running a blog or an online journal. Other few themes are for Business and eCommerce niches. That’s all they cover for now and it is seriously a limitation.

The reason why I call it as a limitation is because if an Internet Marketer purchases the MyThemeShop package, then he/she will be expecting different themes for different niches. So that, he/she doesn’t have to worry about purchasing new themes anymore. But in this case, there are just four niches covered, keeping a lot of them uncovered.

If a person wants to run different blogs on different niches, then buying one or two of MyThemeShop products can get the job done. Schema is highly recommended if you’re planning to make such a decision. So, paying for all these themes doesn’t make sense.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to run a PBN or a good number of blogs, then you definitely want each of them to look different from other. In this case, having this much number of blog specific themes will be helpful.

Theme Panel

The Theme Panel working behind every product needs attention and you should have an idea about how it works and how powerful it is. Thankfully, anyone can sign up for a free account, download any free theme, and can have a proper idea about the Theme Panel being used here.

MyThemeShop Membership Review6This Options Panel (another term) used by MyThemeShop is, no doubt, powerful and simple to interact with. It manages to limit the set of features as per the pricing models and it manages to keep every tool work in a harmony. To run a successful blog, these features are very important and I can assure you that you’ll be impressed after using it.

MyThemeShop Membership Review8It quickly allows you to interact and learn everything right ahead. In the case of confusion, proper documentation and tutorials are available which can help you learn things at a pace. Moreover, the dedicated support team is always available for premium membership owner. Even the free user get some sort of attention from the support team, but don’t expect to have that attention instantly.


Most of their plugins are offered without any pricing but to upgrade and get the Pro version of each, you need to pay the individual price. Or, you can get them all in the membership plan.

Two of their plugins are my favourite. One of them takes care of the backup of any WordPress website while the second one can implement WooCommerce cart and other functionalities into a WordPress website.

No matter which plugin you use, there are no coding skills required as everything is already coded and available with a set of tools. You can simply interact with the tool and get the job done.

MyThemeShop Membership Review5Other premium developers like tagDiv are offering a feature named ‘time to read’ into their themes without any additional cost. But, MyThemeShop has separately coded a premium plugin to implement such a functionality. If we look at the competition, it doesn’t sound worthy. But, if you buying the whole package, then you get it right into the package which doesn’t look that bad.

There is also a couple of plugins to showcase notifications to the users and pop-ups, both intended to offer an alert or collect the email IDs to increase the email subscriber base. There is also a plugin focused on implementing tools into the blog which overall increases the CTR in organic traffic.

If the default theme isn’t having a Mega Menu, then it can be implemented by using their premium WP Mega Menu named plugin.  There are also few free plugins which mostly add a specific Widget to the blog. Two translation plugins are also offered. One of them is free and the other one is offered at a cost with additional tools and functionalities.

I’ve used and checked the compatibility of plugins offered by MyThemeShop with themes not developed by them. So far, I never found any issue or compatibility error but it might not be the same in every case. You should better confirm from their support team before making the purchase.


MyThemeShop runs a community (forum) where any existing user, both free and premium, can post their concerns or questions about the available products, both plugins and themes, and the developer team is always ready to sort things out.

The support part of MyThemeShop is not impressive but it is not that bad either. In my personal experience, I had to wait for few hours to get a reply but it is not that bad. Being a tech savvy, I can understand it.

MyThemeShop Membership Review2Dedicated tutorials and documentation for each product are available and they have intelligently answered all possible queries already. If you still have a unique query which is not yet attended, then they are very keen to attend it.

Overall, the support team members are good and their work helps MyThemeShop keep their promise of staying available for its customers. They are also available on social platforms if you don’t want to open the forum.

Overall Quality

Now comes a very important question. How’s the quality part? Well, I haven’t used all their themes (to be honest) but have used all unique ones they have developed so far. In my opinion, each of their themes is value for money and stands out from the crowd if we look at the overall quality.

Their themes and plugins are good at performance and have never failed to deliver what’s being promised. The functionality part stays rock-solid which is very crucial to delivering a top-notch user experience.

In other words, you can simply install their product, set it up and then can forget about it. However, you need to keep them updated with every fresh version released from the developer. And yes, MyThemeShop is very keen in offering regular updates to each of their products.

Value for Money

When we come to value for money, MyThemeShop membership program does make sense to me. They are always running discounts to further make it easy for everyone to buy this premium plan.

Even at the original price of $349, getting 101 themes and 29 plugins looks all good to me. You just paying for about seven or eight themes and getting multiple dozens in the package with premium support and lifetime usage rights. Cool, right?

Wrap up

If you are new to this world of blogging or digital marketing, then I’ll suggest using the free themes and plugins offered by MyThemeShop or any other developer. Moving ahead and investing into the premium products is not the way you should start the career. Instead, go ahead with free ones, learn how things work in this world, and if you start making money, then start investing and take it to the next levels.

Overall, MyThemeShop membership program does look good and no doubt, it is totally worthy. But, it all boils down to the type of projects you have and the overall usage. I’ve given you enough reason to get helped in multiple situations.

Do share the feedback in the comment section below and if in the case of any issue or confusion, just explain it and I’ll take it from there. I’ve been using MyThemeShop products for years and have a pretty good idea about how they operate. Or, you can always fire up a support ticket to the MyThemeShop team itself. Good luck with your projects!

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