Nestify hosting review: blazingly fast manged web hosting services!

Today we take a closer look at a business hosting and website management service: Nestify. They boast some pretty decent features and benefits, so check it out…

For those of you who feel like you have wasted time and money on some of the more dominant players in the web hosting provider field who gave you more headaches than solutions, you’re probably going to love Nestify. It certainly seems that their customers are happy about making the switch, that’s for sure…

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“Switching to Nestify was one of the best decision we ever made. Their tech support is amazing and they know exactly what we need. They have the ability to solve complicated problems in minutes. There’s no word like downtime with Nestify. They have worked with us as a team and helped us scale one of our most complicated products.”
—Animesh Pandey, YOAAP Publisher Solutions

They’re definitely not the cheapest hosting provider out there, but you often get what you pay for, right? Plus, if you want to use your website for business purposes or you get serious traffic to your site, then the sort of infrastructure, technology and service that Nestify offers will make a big difference (and more than make up for a few extra bucks you’ll pay each month).

The truth is, for what they offer, it actually IS cheap. We’ve seen hosting providers charge a LOT more for a lot less, or—as is the case more often—they promise a lot but deliver very little (oh, except plenty of those damn headaches! haha).

“You get a lot more for your money than simply a slice of server to host your website.”
—Joe Fylan,

Nestify even have some interesting, innovative features you won’t find in many other hosting providers, such as their On-Page Optimization feature which lets you make lots of little tweaks without writing any code.

What we love about Nestify: Speed & Performance

These days, often with increased scripting and large image load requirements, plus both Google SEO and the user experience in mind, most of us are looking for reliable speed (and not just when the traffic is low!). And, from what we can tell, Nestify’s server speed and performance (plus free CDN for every site) is nothing short of mind-blowing.

“I have many hosting accounts and even sites powered with CDN. I can admit now with a high degree of certainty, that none of them match the speed of Nestify.
—Francisco Perez, iBlogZone

“I use 100+ plugins in my multisite install with 150,000+ Posts. Still through [Nestify] my site load time is within 200ms.”
—Rohit Manglik,

“Nestify has helped our team scale ScreenShotApp and get page load time under 1 second.”
—Samuel Smith, Founder, ScreenShotApp

Part of the reason is the way those clever fellows at Nestify have setup their high-tech systems and 99.99% uptime infrastructure.

They have managed to get faster load-times than the industry average, right out of the box, without any code changes. They’ve achieved this through a careful mix of CDN offloading, caching and simply the latest in faster processing hardware and software. Their platform even automatically optimizes itself to maintain this level of performance regardless of traffic spikes and patterns, which is pretty impressive.

A surprise bonus: Free Migration

It’s not often a hosting provider seems to “have it all” but, to be honest, these guys actually DO seem to tick all the right boxes for us. The problem with some of the “big guys” out there in the business hosting world is that they charge for EVERYTHING, or they simply don’t offer everything you want — like website migration. So we were pleasantly surprised when, on top of their other excellent features, they also offered free migration—seemingly with no limits…

“[Nestify] migrated my 45GB site and did a lot of optimization. They gave server in my preferred location at no extra cost.”
—Rohit Manglik,

Hacking is a big issue today (particularly with WordPress sites), so what about Security?

Yep. They’ve totally got it covered with multi-layer security, free SSL, strong credentials, smart firewall, best-practice software systems and updates, malware blocking and more.

So, thanks to all of these features, Nestify automatically blocks DDoS attacks, bad bots, compromised browsers and any of the top known daily threats. They’re committed to protecting their customers from all the big nasties like SQL injections, brute-force attacks, email scraping, cross-site scripting and even comment spam!

This does away the need for bloating your site with a bunch of 3rd party plugins or paying for secondary data security services.

Super-fast support? Yes, that too.

While their sales team doesn’t seem to be open beyond business hours, their tech support team is (and that’s the important bit!). Both email and live chat support is 24/7, with an average resolution time of 6 minutes for email and instant responses with their live chat support. Not only is Nestify’s experienced support team reliably fast (even during peak times), they even give valuable tips and assistance beyond just answering your questions and fixing your issues.

“We received valuable optimization tips from Nestify during our product development phase. Nestify’s support team is excellent and actually resolves technical issues in minutes.”
—Samuel Smith, Founder, ScreenShotApp

And more…

Actually, there are so many features, it’s almost exhausting just thinking about it! LOL

But seriously, take a look for yourself — we’re sold, and we think you might be too.

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