PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments

Well, it’s not that easy to pick between PayPal or any other payment gateways, and it’s a subjective choice. You need to try each of them and find out which works best. Still, based on my personal experience and internet research, I’m sharing a comparison between PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments.

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Those who use a particular payment gateway condemns other ones, and you can even find few who share their bad experience with particular ones. Now, I’m not going to share any bad things or reviews here, as all these online payment gateways are worth and safe to use.

So, what I’m going to recommend here are two plans. First, you start using a single one, and stay out of hiccups or tension to manage two or many different ones, or, second, you begin using two of them simultaneously.

The second method is good to keep a track of two or many payment gateways and find out which one works best for you. Later, you can keep most of your payments stick to that favorite one.

What is A Payment Gateway?

Before we dive right into the comparison, you need to understand what is a payment gateway? This is a common question, especially among businesses that are already accepting online payments.

In simple terms, payment gateways are used by many online businesses to process and authorize customer transactions. Technically, your business won’t get paid if there is no payment gateway.

As of now, even if you have not set up any payment gateway, there is no doubt that you have used them to accept payments from your customers. For instance, if you have purchased anything online, then you have accepted or made some payment.

Every time you buy something from amazon, the payment goes via amazon’s payment gateway. Payment is another popular payment gateway that processes payments instantly. It’s accepted by many countries around the globe.

In this post, we are reviewing payment gateways from a business owner’s viewpoint. We are not looking at it from a customer’s viewpoint.

Every business requires a payment gateway to be able to handle different payments from their site. Payment gateways are created differently. Nevertheless, there are some important things to consider when picking the best payment gateway, including:

Cash-out duration – This is the time it takes for the payment to be processed and for you to access the money.

Cost – This is the amount of money that the service costs.

Usability – This refers to the checkout processes such as those for your clients.

Accessibility – Is the payment gateway you want to use accepted in the country where you reside?

Compatibility – Is the payment gateway you want to use integrated with the eCommerce platform you have chosen?

There are some of the factors that have been considered in this post. Without any more hype, let’s dive right into the most common payment gateways that are available to users of WordPress. Fortunately, these payment gateways are also highly popular for the Woocommerce.

Which Payment Gateway Should You Pick? –PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments

Finally, we get into the most important question, which payment gateway you should choose.

Technically, the answer to this question is subjective.

One important thing to consider is that these payment gateways are not mutually exclusive. As a result, you can use multiple PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments gateways if need be.

The restrictive checkout is one of the primary reasons for the abandonment of the cart. By offering your clients many PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments methods, you are highly likely to get access to these.

Having this in mind, we strongly recommend picking multiple PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments alternatives for your clients.

Most clients prefer to make payment in a single place, so, we recommend using one payment gateway on your website, a great option from the PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments. You just need one of these because they offer the same services. On-site PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments gateways are quite hard to set up, but they usually great because they make the payment process pretty straightforward. Therefore, the pros outweigh the disadvantages.

Give your clients the choice to make payment using amazon/PayPal or by card and you will most likely get additional conversions. This will make the effort of setting up the payment gateway more worthwhile.

Make any sense?

PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments

Now, let’s begin with individual reviews of each gateway. This is the only best way I come up with to help you in this dilemma.

PS – Writing a detailed review is out of the scope here, and so, I’ll be keeping it short, simple, and informative.

PayPal Review

Simplicity is the first thing you’ll notice about PayPal, and it operates in almost every region across the world. Also, you can find PayPal payment gateway’s integration at almost every known e-commerce store. In the last couple of years, the company has even started offering offline payments through a digital wallet. There is no stopping based on the scale of business, and one can even opt for an individual account.

PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments

The best feature I’ve experienced is the automatic transfer of your payment to your credit card or bank account system. Although, you may not find adding your bank account that easy into the system, but one can understand the complexity considering the security this gateway offers. Also, it stays validated with government norms of a particular country to ensure proper functioning and lesser hassle. It is available on iPhone, and modern smartphones too.

Stripe Review

Now, Stripe is considered a superb online payment gateway for small business. It is one of the best online credit card processor, and it works almost everywhere around the globe. The best part here is again the simplicity, and it allows adding multiple credit cards for easy processing at the user’s side.

stripe logo

The key feature it offers is that it removes the credit card acceptance issue, which is very common on the Internet. All you need to do is to have an account setup, and then forget about getting errors regarding this. You’re allowed to accept payments even without having a merchant account setup, which helps small businesses to grow further. Review

This is clearly one of the best solution available for merchants to accept online payment via credit card or electronic check. If you’re aware of Visa company (Cybersource), then you’ll be glad to know that is a product of the same, and as far as the genuineness of this service goes, Visa has been handling the payment stuff since 1996. Also, this is one of the very few payment gateways to have lesser number of complaints against the services offered.


There is a setup fee, which you can check by visiting their website and signing up for a fresh account. And, there is also a transaction fee. But, the primary reason why merchants still love it because it offers various fraud detection tools, which can be used easily to save yourself from future hustles.

Amazon Payments Review

Amazon is among very few online business which Google fears, as consumers visit Amazon first, and then search for products to buy. Now, to take things further, Amazon started offering its own payment gateway, which is supposed to compete against the likes of PayPal, Stripe, and much other in the competition. I’m not sure how it is working for the company yet, but I do know that it is clearly among the simplest payment system, if you’re an Amazon user. It was started back in 2013.


The brand allows putting a Pay with Amazon button on any website where you’re selling a product. And the visitor will be allowed to complete the payment using the currency available inside Amazon’s account. This is top-notch at simplicity, as you just have to login to an Amazon account, and pay. Since we’re talking about Amazon here, so you don’t need to worry about genuineness.

Over to you now

As you must have understood from the story so far, it’s you who has to make the final decision. Go ahead and test out any of them and come back to share your feedback here. Let’s make this one stop junction to help all other internet users and fellow marketers. You onboard with me?

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