Salon Booking WordPress Plugin Review

If you’re in the service business, you understand the importance of keeping schedules straight, and details at the forefront of your planning efforts. Sometimes this can be hard, however, as details cross and you become busy with your company, and these important details get pushed to the back burner.

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Well, if you are lucky enough to be involved in the barbershop, skincare, therapist, or any other service-related industry that depends on appointments to make a living, then you’re in luck. We’ve come across a plugin designed specifically for freelancers that operate service companies, and are looking to incorporate appointment functionality directly into their WordPress sites.

Today we will be taking an in-depth look into the Salon Booking System plugin created by WPChef.



When we first took a look at this plugin, we were happy to see a free version available to users. This version pretty much contains everything you need to book appointments, but it is a bit limited in features. If you want to unlock everything, you will need to upgrade to the Pro Version. It is worth noting that upgrading is very affordable, and you can choose from between a few different options to upgrade to:

  • a single activation PRO license for 69 euros
  • a five activation PRO license for 149 euros
  • an unlimited activations PRO license for 229 euros

As you can see, the free version is available to everybody who wants to try the plugin free of charge, and completely risk-free. From there, you can either upgrade up to a single site license, five site licenses, or if you are an agency, upgrade to unlimited activations to make the most of your money.

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The pricing is pretty affordable as it is, but if you share the plugin link with your friends, you will get an additional 20% off your order. The discount is applied at checkout, and is a great way to save a few bucks! You won’t find saving on other plugins this easy, so if you’re in the market for an appointment booking plugin, you should definitely leverage this savings method while it is available to you.

Since there are so many options to choose from, we’ve gone ahead and given this plugin a 10 in the pricing category.


Whether you are using the free version or have upgraded to the Premium version, this plugin comes packed with features that will simplify the booking process and make keeping track of reservations much easier.

Standard FeaturesAdditional Features You'll EnjoyMultilanguage Ready

  • Full responsive
  • Group services by category
  • Custom services order by drag&drop
  • Plivo and Twilio providers support
  • Manual booking confirmation option
  • Hide prices option
  • Custom date and time format
  • Users reviews submission
  • Holidays rules
  • Offset between reservations

  • Combat spam with SMS verification codes sent straight to customer’s phones
  • Receive emails and SMS texts every time someone makes a new reservation
  • Accept payments on your website by asking customers for up-front payments using PayPal or Stripe
  • Synchronize reservations with Google Calendar account integration
  • Customers can manage bookings using a protected front-end page. They can also cancel here if the cancellation terms you set have not expired
  • Much, much more!

  • English
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • French
  • Finnish
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Using Transifex

As you can see, this plugin is packed with features that will make booking appointments much easier than you can imagine. What truly sets this plugin apart from others in the industry, however, is that is focuses on a niche market. This plugin focuses on business owners and freelancers that are hourly-based person-to-person services that are provided upon appointment.

Because of the way this plugin is set up, and the unique niche it operates in, we gave this plugin a 9.5. Not for everyone, but if it applies to your niche, you can definitely count on Salon Booking as a solid backbone to managing your business.

Reliablity & Ease of Use

When we first took a look at this plugin, we noticed right away that the creator designed this plugin to be easy to use. Take a look at the backend and you will notice a very easy to use, simple interface that is incredibly user-friendly.

We decided to not include screenshots because there are so many to see. So if you want to see screenshots of what the backend looks like, take a look on the Screenshots page of the official WordPress plugin directory. There are tons, and you can get an in-depth look into what you are working with before you even download the plugin.

After using the plugin, we noticed how easy the plugin is to use on both sides of the spectrum; backend and frontend. Users will have a great experience booking appointments, and you can manage them like a pro from the back. But don’t take our word for it, one quick look at the plugin’s Ratings page shows a solid track record of reliability and great support. A few ratings the plugin has received:

          “The support is excellent and they will reply within 24 hours (often within minutes!)”

          “[UPDATE] Now I’ve used Salon Bookin for about 1 month and moved on to the Pro version. I must say that this is a wonderful plugin and what about the support? GREAT SUPPORT!!! I            live in sweden and therefore I had to make some adjustments in the translations and formats. Sometimes I’ve sent 3-4 mails per day to the support (Dimitri) and every time I receive an               answer within one hour!”

“I used Loco Translate to make those changes which was a very easy workaround.”

“The authors of the Salon plugin were extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction on how to make the changes I wanted.”

“I searched ages for a plugin that would do the trick, and finally found one! The service is also very good, they helped me with the translations and i’m very happy with the end result :)”

As you can clearly see from the majority of users, this plugin is rock-solid and does exactly what is advertised, and more. For this, we award it a 10 in the reliability and ease of use sector.

Customer Support


If the reviews alone don’t speak for themselves, the customer support that comes with this plugin will. When you purchase an upgraded license, you are automatically issued 365 days of support and updates on your plugin purchase.

In addition, if this plugin isn’t for you in any way, users have 30 days to get a full refund on their purchase, as long as they provide the reasons for the return. Not many other plugins are backed by this type of guarantee.

While the support is good on this plugin, we’ve seen full-blown wikis, live chats, and phone support, so we are awarding this area a 9/10. Still good though!


If you are in any type of service-related industry, you can clearly see that this plugin will help you greatly. It is packed with features, and there are multiple versions for every budget and taste. After you test-drive the free version, we’re sure you’ll want to invest into the upgrade. Next time you are in the market for an appointment booking plugin, think Salon Booking System first!


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