Schema by MyThemeShop Review

Out of all the WordPress theme developers I’ve interacted so far, MyThemeShop is a name I can never forget or stop recommending. Their products are good for the price they charge and the support is top-notch.

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Among all the products they have in the carousel, the Schema theme is their favorite one.

The developers have poured everything they have learnt and experienced so far in MyThemeShop labs into this single product. It looks modern, loads fast, and is one of the perfect themes for running a blog.

We’ve used this theme in multiple niche blogs in the past, and it’s never let us down.

Schema by MyThemeShop Review1Schema is not a single page or corporate niche theme. Rather, it’s a blog specific theme which is available at a price, of course. You can either pay for the single theme or buy it with the complete package, getting plenty of other themes and plugins from the brand.

Schema by MyThemeShop Review

Today, we’ll put Schema theme by MyThemeShop under the microscope and will find out if it deserves the attention or not. I’ve arranged a detailed review here which is lengthy but you can easily navigate through sub-headings.


It’s the most highlighted feature of Schema theme and it promises that the page load time for a website will always be minimum. Ever since Google confirmed that they are taking the page load speed of a website as a ranking factor, the performance delivered by a theme became crucial.

Schema by MyThemeShop Review3To get a glimpse of how good Scheme is at performance, you should check out its Demo site. I’ve used it for three of my niche blogs and it always managed to get the overall page load time below 3 seconds. With further optimisations of cache and all, it can be easily brought down the required 2-second mark.

Also, there are two versions of this theme available, Default and Minimal. For some reasons, I didn’t like the Minimal version as it removes the featured image from the homepage (no other difference between the two), but it helps in decreasing the overall page load time. With the Minimal setup, one can easily expect the page load time to get below a second (into microseconds), which is exceptionally impressive.

SEO and Schema support

These two are one of the important factors for the success of any blog and MyThemeShop has included the support for both. Search Engine Optimisation norms are followed to ensure that the blog posts are always ranking on better positions (than otherwise), and dedicated Schema support ensures that a better number of CTR is achieved from the SERPs listing.

Schema by MyThemeShop Review5The success for most of the blogs usually depend on the organic traffic, and with the support of these two features, organic traffic will definitely be there. With the inclusion of performance specific features, the overall package becomes tough to ignore.


This is my personal favourite as the design offered by Schema theme is very specific to what a blog should look like. It doesn’t have any fancy elements, rather it’s all simple and includes the must-haves. The layout is responsive to ensure proper functionality on mobile devices. HTML5 and CSS3 markups are used to support featured mobile phones too.

Schema by MyThemeShop Review4The overall layout is simple and quick to understand. The developers have used the very basic understanding of how a blog should look and implemented the same in this theme. The upper side has the header with a Logo and a big banner for the advertisement. It is followed by a Navigation bar, followed by the two columns, one of which has the Post details while the other holds the Sidebar section. There is also the Footer section.

Also, there are a bunch of customizations available to either add or remove a particular design element. This is all possible via the Theme Panel available behind at the Dashboard. There has been a new addition to the overall design. The theme can now be used to run an e-commerce shop as well. 


With their years of experience, the MyThemeShop developers have created their own options panel which is dead simple to use. All their products are offered with this Options Panel and Schema is no exception.

The Panel is divided into categories, based on the functionality type and it helps the user to navigate easily. For a newbie, it might look like a big hurdle considering the number of functionalities and categories available inside. But, thanks to the simple UI and on-topic headings, getting comfortable with the Panel doesn’t take more than a day.

Schema by MyThemeShop Review6It can let you handle the advertisement which is a built-in feature. It can let you change the typography or change the overall layout (with available options) or you can even put a custom CSS code to implement a custom looking UI. All these features and plenty of others are placed right into the Panel.

Schema by MyThemeShop Review7Talking about the advertisements, the theme has dedicated tools which can help you monetize the content in the best possible way. The developers have offered a dedicated interest to the advertisement section and it is reflected in the product. The implementation is done in such a way that the overall CTR stays to the maximum, which is impressive. Also, this built-in functionality helps us to stay away from installing any third-party plugin.


Any product is incomplete without a dedicated support. In the case of Schema theme, one of the best support team is available behind. MyThemeShop headquarters have trained developers who have been working in the WordPress domain for years.

I have personal encounters with their support team in past two years and have always been satisfied with their answers. Although there is a limit to the support offered by them as they can’t help you redesign a whole product.

All they can help you is when a section or the product itself isn’t working like it was supposed to. So, the support section of Schema theme is rock solid.

Wrap up

So this was all about Schema by MyThemeShop review and I hope the content I’ve shared here was helpful. If there is still anything left you to wish to know, feel free to mention it in the discussion section and I’ll be happy to come up with my resources. Do share the review to let your blogger friend know about this wonderful product. Peace!

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