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Weglot Review

The best thing about the Weglot Translation Plugin for WordPress websites is most certainly its easy implementation and use. The whole installation process can be easily completed in under five minutes, and requires no specialized knowledge of the technical elements that make up websites or even an understanding of HTML or CSS. Once installed, its seamless integration with your site gives the appearance of a job done by a professional web developer and a team of certified translators. What customers and competitors won’t realize is that the whole process took less than ten clicks of a button, and zero understanding of any language besides your native tongue.

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But don’t let the ease of use fool you – this plugin is far superior to anything else on the web. Unlike JavaScript based solutions, Weglot offers a solid technical solution, that is SEO optimized for your translated versions and is available on a tiered a budget that is bound to suit the allowances of anyone be it a novice website hoster or a multi-national conglomerate.

Returning again to the easy installation process, it’s this fundamental characteristic of the plugin that has led to its exponential growth and widespread use. From installation to launch, the app takes your single language site and turns it into a multilingual powerhouse understood by people speaking over 60 unique languages. All of this in under ten clicks, as detailed below:

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and click “Add new Plugin”. In the search tab, type “Weglot”, locate it and then click “Activate”.

2. You then only need to enter your API key in the appropriate text box for automatic linkage to your site.

3. Choose your default language, the language that your content is currently written in, as well as the ‘destination languages’ that you wish to add to your site.

4. Next are the inbuilt styling options, which include the option to have the associated flags of each language either included or excluded.

For the tech savvy, there is even the option to override the plugin’s default CSS and implement your own styling.

5. Click save, and voila – your website is now multilingual.

The plugins translations are machine-based and hence while excellent, not entirely perfect. To solve this, Weglot allows all users the ability to manually override the generated translations for further customization. This is made easy via the functional and easy to navigate Weglot dashboard.

The feature essentially enables a user to skip the time-consuming and tedious manual labor involved in translating an entire website, leaving them free to selectively edit and capture the subtle nuances of a language.

To do this, click the “Edit my translations” button under the Weglot tab in your WordPress dashboard. You will be redirected to an in-context editor, where you have the ability to edit the text directly on your website. Changes are automatically saved and displayed on the site. If you do not possess the foreign language capabilities for custom translations, the skilled support team at Weglot are always happy to help, and can even provide you with a professional translator for a final touch-up. Professional translation rates start at only €0.08 per word, depending on the language selected. Once ordered, you are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the next 48 to 72 hours as the professional team automatically updates your live website.

Of the plethora of factors that make Weglot the only web translation plugin on the internet worth considering, it is the unparalleled text detection and speed of translation that are the most valuable. These perks save you and your team weeks of work, and ensure that content is your only concern.

This brings us to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is potentially the most vital tool for driving traffic to your website. SEO is a major concern for web developers and copywriters, and having your SEO keywords and optimization rendered obsolete by a translation app would result in weeks of extra work. Weglot solves this problem by providing dedicated URLs for the translated pages, and by following Google’s best practice for multilingual sites.

If you still aren’t convinced of the awesome power of this WordPress plugin, Weglot offers potential customers a 10-day free trial, to give you the chance to test out its functionality. While the free trial is limited to less than 2,000 words, and one additional language, it is more than sufficient to convince even the biggest skeptic of the capabilities of automated translation. Once convinced, depending on your individual needs, you are able to continue using to the Free Plan or else choose one of the many subscription plans offered.

Once you’re hooked, their subscription fees are more than reasonable. Weglot’s tiered offerings mean that their services cater to anyone from the novice blogger through to a multi-national corporation. These prices begin at just €9.90 per month or €99 per year for the starter tier, which offers the user 10,000 translatable words, one extra language, and access to a team of professional human translators.

When you read through the over 260 five-star reviews that the plugin has secured on WordPress after only one year, the points that come up, again and again, are the ease of access and the exceptional support offered by the Weglot team. This combination, fused with their brilliant software, makes the Weglot Translation Plugin the go-to for language translation on WordPress.

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