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The Kinsta hosting company quickly became favorite among users although they are very new in the hosting sphere. Kinsta is actually a premium WP hosting service, which provides a great platform with extreme performances for your websites managing, thanks to its amazing power of server side caching and nginx.


Website hosting consists of two areas, software and hardware. The Kinsta team created solutions which are optimized for WordPress and the needs of its users across the board. On the software side, Kinsta has two very important features, LXD and PHP7. LXD is the backbone of the Kinsta architecture, giving it amazing benefits, such as:

  • Complete site isolation
  • Automatic scaling
  • Backups without server overhead
  • Containers per site

All of these amazing features will provide you with a site that runs smoothly with maximum uptime and the highest protection possible.

PHP7 brings a 2 fold increase in site performance, over the previous PHP5.6 version. It decreases server load, automatically increasing stability as well.

On the hardware side, Kinsta choose Google Cloud Platform as a server provider, which gives you the benefits of the largest network in the world.

Kinsta hosting became officially recommended as a well managed host by Google. This is the first managed WP hosting which is exclusively powered by Google Cloud. Google Cloud servers are known to be very powerful, customizable and can scale to virtually any size.

Websites hosted by Kinsta usually have an excellent performance, thanks to the Google Cloud along with a LEMP web stack and nginx. Sites which are being hosted by Kinsta are known to load in just under a second or even less, of course when they are optimized properly.

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The amazing fronted speed comes as a result to the server side caching which the hosting has configured with its fastcgi caching and nginx. This means that your website’s pages will be cached for maximum speed without having to use any page caching plugins.

With memcached, Elasticsearch and Redis, more advanced performance solutions are quite possible to speed up your WooCommerce stores and large WP websites. It’s also important to note that Elasticsearch and Redis are available for all sites as an add-on, no matter which plan you have, so it’s not just for enterprise-level customers.

The Kinsta hosting dashboard has an amazing UX, and besides it looks great with especially detailed analytics.

Developers will be especially happy, as they can easily create staging environments in the Kinsta dashboard, as well backup files with a simple click and easily add redirects.

Also, they make free SSL simple with let’s encrypt, and automatically configure the necessary 301 redirects, in order to please SEO enthusiasts and of course Google.

The only backside is the lack of a migration tool, which as per our knowledge, they are working on it and it should be implemented by the end of this year. Anyhow, the good news is that migrations are anyway free with Kinsta hosting.

The amazingly powerful tools of Kinsta will make streamlining workflows and troubleshooting a delight for developers.

Currently, these tools include:

  • phpMyAdimn (for management of the database)
  • SSH access
  • Git for version control on bitbucket or github
  • WP – CLI for powerful WP diagnostics
  • PHP version switching
  • Composer (for dependency management)
  • New relic (for advanced monitoring of performance)

Kinsta supports different PHP versions in order to facilitate the testing of compatibility for plugins and themes. You may choose the wanted PHP version from the simple drop down menu.

The Kinsta dashboard is extremely useful for debugging any possible performance issues, and you can easily view logs if you do performance troubleshooting trough codeable.


In addition to everything, Kinsta provides New Relic, which actually monitors MySQL and PHP processing time. ALAX requests are also being monitored by the Kinsta dashboard, which is an excellent way to save time in identifying problematic plugins. Another great thing about Kinsta is that it provides proper WP – CLI and SSH access, and like with other managed providers, no root access is available, but no worries as most users will never need it anyway.

Support is often the most neglected area of hosting companies. Another amazing feature of Kinsta is constant and fast user support. Developers often need assistance with scanning log files or enabling different tools. Kinsta offers fast and efficient customer support at any time. Many users have given excellent reviews regarding this matter, saying that their problems were resolved in a timely manner.

The amazing Kinsta user support team is a great reminder of what actually quality WP hosting support should be.

Kinsta hosting is definitely worth a spin if you need a great looking and easily manageable dashboard for your websites operating on Google’s amazing fast platform. Like every other hosting company, Kinsta has some minor drawbacks, but the good news is that they won’t affect the majority of its users. Kinsta tries to be as flexible as it can be in order to accommodate to any site customizations.

Below you can see the cons and pros of this amazing hosting company, and decide for yourself if Kinsta is worth it:


  • Amazing and easy to use dashboard
  • Fully managed
  • Daily backups
  • Free migrations
  • Incredibly speed
  • Excellent user support system
  • Very easy staging sites and backups
  • Developer friendly – SSH, WP – CLI, etc.
  • Google Cloud Platform


  • Doesn’t have migration tool for now, but this isn’t really a big deal as migrations are totally free. (As mentioned before, the Kinsta team are working on resolving the lack of a migration tool, and as per our knowledge it may be implemented in 2018)
  • No root access (which is the case in most of the hosting companies)
  • Some of its features, such as memcached, require Enterprise plans


In our humble opinion, Kinsta is totally worth a try, if you want a beautiful and easily managed website, with an amazing dashboard, which is very easy to use. The Kinsta team puts constant availability and an outstanding user experience before everything else, as they always utilize the latest software and cutting – edge technology in order to power their infrastructure.

Thank you very much for reading this article. Try out Kinsta for your WordPress hosting needs, and share your experience with us below in comments. Also, of you have any other questions regarding Kinsta hosting, or need some additional help from us, feel free to ask below in comments, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.

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