10+ Best WordPress Theme Club Memberships

Joining a WordPress theme club isn’t necessary if you run a single blog, but for internet marketers who are trying their chances in multiple niches, buying a WordPress theme club membership becomes a necessity.

The primary reason why buying a membership club is a better choice is because it gets you access to multiple themes and other works of that particular developer. So, instead of paying for individual products, which is definitely a costly idea, you pay for a membership plan.

Now, there are many players in this industry offering their individual products and cheaper membership plans. Fortunately, I’ve been on the both sides of the road, so I’ll be sharing my side of the experience, explaining if it’s a good choice, and also the 10 best WordPress theme club memberships you can buy.

Why Join WordPress Theme Clubs?

Suppose you’re planning to create 10 websites or blogs in a year. Now, you can’t make all of them look alike, right? Unless you are ready to spam the Internet with multiple similar looking websites on a single topic, you definitely need to have 10 different looking themes, which are perfect for exact niches you’ve in mind.

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Now, do a research on your own, and find the best-looking themes for all 10 websites. I recommend creating a list of them. Once the research is over, calculate the total price you’ve to pay to get access to all those 10 themes.

Alternatively, pick a WordPress developer of your choice, go through their catalogue and see if they have multiple unique looking themes to match your requirements. Once you find a particular one, then check out the details of their membership plan.

I’m sure you’ll find a huge difference in the total amount you need to spend to get all those themes. So, this is the reason why you’ve to take this route, and the only one I found practically legit.

For example, buying a single StudioPress product will cost you $99.95, but getting all of them is going to cost just $499.95.

Personally, I use the same method and end up buying StudioPress. Later, with the increase in a number of projects, I bought two more membership clubs, which not only help me setup my new blogs but also help me get a better idea of things behind the curtains. Due to the fact that I had access to multiple clubs, I was in a better position to share a detailed and genuine experience online.

Frankly speaking, if you don’t have exactly written plans for multiple websites, buying a package isn’t worth. If you’re into the development process for a single website or blog, then paying for a single product is practically a good choice.

So, I hope the following compilation help you out in the way you’re hoping for.

10 Best WordPress Theme Club Membership List

As I said in starting, I’ve been on both sides of the road. I’ve a full one-year membership with StudioPress, ElegantThemes, MyThemeShop, and Magazine3 clubs, so you can expect a genuine detail in the following section.

#1 StudioPress (Genesis)


Genesis is a framework which powers all StudioPress and other third-party child themes which are build over the platform. The company we’re talking about here has been in this business for years and have been known for their professionalism and commitment to the work. This not only looks by their products but also the kind of support they provide.

I’ve been using them since past six months, and ever since, I’ve created multiple sites on different niches. The first pro of buying a StudioPress theme club membership is that you get themes for almost every niche. They have covered separate niche’s blog, corporate business profiles, portfolios, and many more.

The Genesis framework works at the backend of every Child theme they make, which adds top-notch performance and security to the site. Also, it is one of the simplest frameworks to use for bringing out possible customisations. To get support, you can either put a ticket to their system or directly email them. Trust me, if you find their themes perfect for your websites, then you won’t regret the decision of buying them all.

Package Details & Description

#2 MyThemeShop


This is my second best theme provider, not just because of the number of products they hold in their catalogue but also the quality of each of them. I’ve been following them for years, and so I’m aware that they are very keen to release new themes and plugins and also update the existing ones.

Once you get a membership plan, you get access to all the themes and plugins. Although, you need to buy a Pro plan to get both themes and plugins. They have covered blogs, business, portfolio, niches and even have themes for e-commerce sector. If you ask me for their best product, then I’ll pick Schema theme. The theme not only fits perfectly for running a blog, but also performs great, looks great, and still consume less bandwidth. The average page load speed of a website has been a ranking factor in SEO, and, MyThemeShop products are all ready for that.

Package Details & Description

#3 PremiumCoding

Premiumcoding wordpress theme

PremiumCoding, while still relatively unheard of, offers a killer theme membership program that all WordPress users should definitely check out if they’re looking for access to affordable, clean-looking themes. These themes are incredibly versatile, and have broad applications for many different types of industries.

What is really cool about this theme membership is that you can choose from three different options of memberships. You can choose a month, year, or lifetime membership, all of which are incredibly affordable. What is better yet is that you not only get access to every theme the company offers, but you also get to keep them, even if you cancel your membership. Now THAT is cool.

No matter which option you choose, whether the 1-month, year, or lifetime membership, you will enjoy features such as PSD design files, unlimited licenses and domains for the installs, the option to upgrade at a later date (if necessary), a broad GPL license for tweaking theme files, and a 30-day refund policy that ensures customer satisfaction.

This is definitely worth a look.

Package Details & Description

#4 ElegantThemes


Personally, I bought ElegantThemes membership plan to get my hands on Divi theme and Monarch plugin. The first product is so powerful that it can help you create any sort of website. It comes with a visual page builder support and complete support for drag and drop elements for any webpage (not just for homepage).

This particular facility of ‘drag and drop’ offers endless possibilities which can be put live on a website. The developer has already showcased possible demos and they are always ready to pick and quickly install for easy setup.

Other than this top-notch customization feature, the theme comes with elegant looks, fast performance and complete support for SEO norms. Trust me, you shouldn’t miss checking out the demo and features of Divi theme.

Next, the Monarch plugin is clearly one of the best looking, and fast performing social media plugin for WordPress themes. It looks great, loads fast and works like a charm on any theme behind. If you’re looking to add a professional look to your theme, then adding this plugin will help out for sure.

Now, these are not the only products you get when you buy their membership, as there are many other plugins and themes in their catalogue. I’ve shared my favourites among them, and now its time to share yours.

Package Details & Description

#5 ThemeFuse


If you’re looking for cheap and best package, then head over to the ThemeFuse website, as you can buy all their themes for just $195 (price for a year). They have unique looking WordPress compatible themes for almost every niche and have been in this business for years. Personally, I prefer their straight approach to everything. All the details related to pricing and service are clearly mentioned on their site, bringing a sense of authenticity.

Package Details & Description

#6 CSS Igniter

CSS Igniter

This particular developer has been known for offering fastest loading WordPress themes. Almost every product they make, their prime focus stays on putting modern UI at the front while keeping everything at low-end for the server. Moreover, you can get access to all their themes with technical support by paying just $49 per year. This is clearly outweighing the industry standard pricing and their products do look worthy of it. Still, I’ll recommend checking their products before making the purchase.

Package Details & Description

#7 ThemeIsle


ThemeIsle might not look that impressive on their website, but their products have been available since years and tested by thousands of users. They are very keen to keep a good helping hand available for the community by offering few of their quality products for free. This way, you can test out the kind of standard they are into and then buy a club package to get access to all their themes and plugins. They have got various plugins, few of them are also available for free and the themes they have ready are for business, e-commerce, blog, magazine, portfolio, landing page, and photography niches.

Package Details & Description

#8 WooThemes


Moving next, e-commerce has been a highly discussed topic of past few years and we all have witnessed the launch of many new players in the market. This is a clear indication of how mature this business field is and the number of possibilities you have to make money out of it.

To begin your journey, you’ve picked WordPress for the base, as you feel like home with it, but to get a front-end functionalities perfectly suited for an e-commerce, you need to buy a dedicated theme. Well, WooThemes developer is known for making the same which you can judge yourself by looking at their portfolio. They not only make themes but also make plugins work with them.

Many of their products are available for free but if you wish to buy premium ones, you can either pay for their individual price or opt for the $399 membership plan. Again the simple rule applies here, i.e., buy membership only if you plan on running multiple niches websites in near future.

And if you’re worrying about how genuine they are, then this issue will be resolved the moment you come to know that it’s a product of Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.

Package Details & Description

#9 Themeify


If you like their work and find most of the themes attractive, then paying just $79 can get you access to all their current and future work. All their themes genuinely look super impressive and follow the modern amenities to look cool and stay light on the server end. Their catalogue also includes a Theme Builder which offers a simple drag and drop tool, allowing users to bring any sort of visual changes to the front end of a website easily. FYI, if you’re not finding their club plan worthy, then you can buy a single theme of your choice, and will get another one for free.

Package Details & Description

#10 WPZoom


If buying premium themes for just $3 (cost per product) is what your budget allows, then WPZoom has got a perfect offer waiting. At this moment, you can buy all their work by paying $149, which is originally available at $199. They have 50+ themes ready in their arsenal, perfectly designed to work for business, magazine, photography, food, WooCommerce, Education, portfolio, and video niches. They also offer certain themes for free, which will help you know the quality of their products.

All their themes are backed up by their ZOOM framework which is not only easy to use but highly capable of bringing a lot of customisations with simple clicks. They do take care of mobile responsiveness in every product which is a crucial ranking factor these days. You should definitely check out their products and features behind them.

Package Details & Description

#11 Magazine3


As you can judge by the name itself, this theme provider offers multiple products, targeting the magazine look, specifically. They have 43 ready products in their catalogue, all designed to work perfectly for a blog.

The best feature of their themes is that they offer a superb look at the front end, and a simple to use a framework at the backend. Their support has been tested by thousands of their customers and very few of them have reported downsides. So, if you create a lot of blogs on multiple niches, then you can buy their membership and get all their blog ready premium themes.

Package Details & Description

Over to You

Now that I’ve explained and shared all these details, you’ve to make a final decision. I’m glad that we made it so far, and you gave me this chance to interact here. Let me know if you’ve any related query in the discussion section and I’ll be happy to help further.

Before you leave, let us know which particular WordPress theme club membership you’re opting and exactly why.

To your success!

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