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Best eSports Betting Affiliate Themes 2021

The popularity of WordPress has reached an all-time high. This makes it a powerful platform for building websites. To prove this, WordPress is trusted by millions of webmasters around the globe. One thing that you must have realized is the fact that some themes are multipurpose. Others are specially designed for a specific niche. This comprehensive blog has been composed for webmasters looking to establish eSports affiliate websites. Therefore, the themes are designed for eSports betting affiliate websites.

Sports is one of the most popular pastime activities. Over the years showed its ability to bring people together. It is a great human activity that has people from around the world together. Keeping in mind that human beings are social animals, sports play a major role in our day to day lives. [i] Different sports events have been derived from different regions or countries. It makes a lot of sense that they extend beyond their place of birth to gain a universal appeal. So, as a sports fanatic, you might consider joining a community of like-minded people.

Choosing the best eSports Betting Theme

The increased popularity of eSports has resulted in more eSports websites. As well as, many more eSports betting sites. Therefore, if you want to make some good cash, you should consider becoming an affiliate of a sportsbook.  Pick one that offers eSports betting services. As a result, you need to create an eSports affiliate website to promote the top betting sites. Therefore, we have listed the 10 best eSports affiliate themes for a great eSports betting affiliate website.

All these eSports betting themes will meet all the requirements of top-notch eSports websites. Also, these eSports themes are integrated with very powerful features. Choose to use any of these lightweight and premium eSports themes today. You will be able to build your eSports affiliate website quickly. Read on to learn more about these WordPress eSports affiliate themes. So, this way you can be in the best position to make an informed decision.

Fantasy Sports Theme – Responsive WordPress Themes for eSports

eSports betting themes


The fantasy sports theme is a responsive, clean and flexible WordPress theme. One that is perfectly designed to be multi-purpose and multi-page. The primary function of this theme is to act as an affiliate. It can be for eSports betting sites such as casino affiliates. Essentially, this theme is 100% suitable for special interest webmasters. Including those who want to promote the top casino brands. It also applies for other gambling sites. This theme comes with all the essential features. These includes features that eSports affiliate website need. This will allow you to make your site flawless and stunning.

The good news is that this eSports theme features a highly responsive design. Also, it includes functions for the high definition devices and screens. The fantasy sports theme offers your visitors a fantastic experience. Regardless of the devices they are using, including mobile devices. It also works perfectly if used on different browsers. Furthermore, the fantasy sports theme provides predesigned skins. This includes those with red and blue colors. However, this is not going to limit you in any way. Considering that you can easily modify the color to fit your brand. This eSports theme features over 240 flag icons, 350 font icons, and 600 google web fronts.


Furthermore, there are multiple gallery styles that you can use on your website. These include singles gallery, masonry, and slider and isotope options. Also, there is a unique header builder. It enables you to integrate over 40 header options. For instance, HTML, social links, space for ad banners and more. With regard to other essential features, there are additional features. These include the easy page builder. As well as, boxed and wide pages, responsive navigation, touch devices. It is for this reason that this is a perfect theme for gaming sites that you must have.

Sports Betting Theme

eSports betting theme


The sports betting theme is content-oriented. Also, it is one of the most modern WordPress themes.

This eSports theme has the capacity to display huge chunks of content. Regarding the mega menu area, you will find different columns. They display different types of contents. You can use this eSports theme to create a website for promoting sportsbooks. Also, online casinos dealing with sports news, American football, soccer, soccer team, etc.

The sports betting theme is fully stocked with many useful and necessary features. These will help you to create a site very fast. And Flytonic website developers built this eSports theme to offer a friendly user interface. One that is easier to fill with your content and works smoothly on desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, and phones. So, your website will look incredible regardless of where your visitors come from. Do your visitors access your site via smartphones or computers? No need to worry! With this theme, your casino affiliate website will be accessible via different devices. If you want to make a fortune, the WP sports theme will also be of great help as well.


As a great eSports theme that is perfectly crafted for eSports affiliates. The theme features advertising blocks including the eCommerce plugin and the casino review WordPress plugin. Again, you also get the chance to customize the style and format of your online store. As a result, this will make it easier for you to perfectly display the sporting events. And eSports betting options that are offered by the online casino or betting site you are promoting. So, you can get clear and smooth navigation to assist your visitors to find exactly what they want.

Furthermore, there are many features that you will be required to explore. Do you have any questions? You can contact the Flytonic support team for a detailed explanation. They will help with what you need to do to use this stunning eSports theme for affiliates.

WP Sports Theme

wp sports


WP Sports Theme is a powerful and energetic theme with a clean. The theme is also purpose oriented design. This WordPress eSports theme is specifically suitable for building affiliate websites. It can also be used for sports blogs, and casino affiliates. You can use this affiliate theme for different types of sports. These include soccer, tennis, baseball, etc. Therefore, regardless of the type of sport that you visitors want. This affiliates WordPress theme is ideal for promoting casinos. Also, it allows visitors to bet on different types of sports. You will also be able to present visitors with the latest information.
This WordPress eSports affiliate theme is fully compatible with many advanced features. Some of the includes the custom-build scorecard, bbPress, and many others. Essentially, the bbPress offers you a chance to add user forums to your eSports affiliate theme. Moreover, with the crucial custom-built scoreboard, you can easily enter and showcase scores. You do this for different types of sporting events. It is based on the sporting events that the sportsbook you are promoting offers. Also, this great feature allows customization of the scoreboard. So that it can fit your own league by entering any team or sport you want to. There are cases where videos can easily lure more visitors as compared to images. This is because they offer a demo mode. It allows users to get a sneak peek of using the eSports affiliate theme. WP Sports theme allows you to adjust the standard feature images in the posts with the embedded video. Moreover, the videos you find are fully responsive and are also available in the full-width format.


You will also find is that this casino affiliates WordPress theme is that it has additional features. Some that you can only find in the high roller themes. This affiliate theme has a highly responsive design with a logo position and navigation bar. Also, it is important to take note of the fact that this theme is retina ready.

The WP sports theme can be considered to be high quality and professional affiliate theme. Casino affiliate websites that are powered by this great theme are much better. As compared to other websites on the gambling and betting market.

Finally, this stunning WordPress theme is crafted for affiliate websites. You should try it out today.

Wrapping Up

Each of the eSports betting themes listed in this post can be said to be outstanding. These themes have been carefully designed by Flytonic professional designers. They have been designed for almost all types of gambling affiliates websites.

Furthermore, these video gaming WordPress themes come with a sleek design, up to date, a fresh and spotless design. These are perfectly suitable for both beginners and experienced webmasters. It is also important to know that each of the themes’ comes with many features. They make it easier for you to build an affiliate website for improved online visibility.

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