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Best iGaming WordPress Theme For Impressive Affiliate Websites 2020

The gaming industry has grown to become the most profitable and influential business today. Over the 10 years, there is an entire generation of kids that have been brought up on video games. Therefore, it should not surprise you that the iGaming industry is growing fast. It has generated a revenue of about $138.7 billion in 2019. With detailed research, dedication, and enough interest, you can also get into this fast-evolving sector. Therefore, this post presents you with the best iGaming WordPress theme. They will help your iGaming reach your prospects. Also, our list of awesome free gambling WordPress themes to improve your website. This will ultimately boost your traffic, improve leads and generate more sales.

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Best iGaming WordPress Theme

Unlike any other crowd, it is highly likely that gaming enthusiasts consider a websites outlook. They are more focused about the appearance of websites. As a result, many of them will dismiss websites that have design issues. The same goes for slowed down websites and inefficient user interface. It can also extend to those that lack functionality. These are things that should be expected from any products. This happens based on their familiarity with good systems and computers. Keep in mind that game-related and game websites need more features. A gaming website requires more features than those that many general WordPress themes have.

Why Use the Best iGaming WordPress Theme?

The theme supports game engine and browser gaming support. The ability to demonstrate large amounts of SEO service to your content. All gaming websites need all these things to perform as expected. This technical field revolves around community and social media management. This includes the best igaming WordPress themes. These can help in the creation of different profile systems. There are other issues that you should consider when managing your gaming website. This ranges from banner design service issues, lack of media and video integration. As well as, lack of viable WordPress website customization options.

We assist you to monitor and fix such issues. We have chosen some of the best iGaming WordPress theme. These are the recommended amazing themes. This is because they accommodate an extensive range of reasons for your sites. To guarantee your convenience we have done our best. We have outlined each of the best iGaming WordPress theme here. We have highlighted all their essential factors, areas of use, and core features for each of these great gaming themes.

Moreover, our comprehensive list of the best iGaming WordPress theme also contain excellent casino affiliate themes. It also includes sports betting themes. [i]

We have done this to ensure you have a wide variety of themes to choose from for your affiliate website. Therefore, without waiting any further, let’s dive into our detailed list. It includes both free casino affiliate WordPress themes and premium eSports betting WordPress themes.

1. Fantasy Sports Theme

The fantasy sports theme is the best iGaming WordPress theme you will come across. The theme is a perfect fit for any casino affiliate website. It’s designed for eSports website affiliates including sportsbooks.

esports theme

Demo Preview   Download/More Details

The casino WordPress review plugin has been integrated into this theme. The casino review plugin allows you to add review details. You can add star ratings to your website. This makes it easier for you to review articles. You can review other online casinos and sports betting sites.

Listing the providers of video games in an organized table is great. This is important when presenting different options. It applies to other offers to your website visitors. Offering an easier to scan format, which makes your website look amazing.

Our fantasy sports theme provides integration with custom import plugins. You can take advantage of this feature to build an area of demo games. Providing free to play video games increases your website’s engagement. This will make some essential SEO metrics that will work in your favor[i]. They include reduced bounced rate and extended duration.

2. Affiliate/Review Theme

affiliate theme

Demo Preview   Download/More Details

This is great that that provides a different area to feature video gaming titles and their offerings. The design of this theme is polished. The content of the theme is outlined in the news magazine structure. There is a bonus section that provides you with enough space for special offers. You can use it for details, call to action, as well as terms.

The games section allows a demo mode. This section includes an external link and image to video games. This is a great advantage. Star ratings, review criteria and game review posts displayed. There is a sidebar on the left, which highlights a call to action button.

3. Casinotown2 Theme


Demo Preview   Download/More Details

The theme is not as versatile as other themes available. But it features a clean and minimal design. You can rate the posted content using the simple rating system. There is a great post type for the games and review posts as highlighted. There are a pros and cons section included in the theme. You can add a table of links and offers with a simple short code.

The choice of category page templates and review page styles makes this theme amazing. If you are just about to kick start your affiliate marketing process, this theme will work for you.

4. Sportsbook Affiliate Theme

Best eSport themes

Demo Preview   Download/More Details

The sportsbook affiliate theme is the best iGaming WordPress theme. This applies to anyone who wants to build an impressive affiliate website. It comes with numerous awesome features. These will assist you to build enough versatile content. They are crucial for social media and YouTube integration. Effective for WooCommerce support. You can rest assured that this theme has many tools that you can use.
From posting blogs, making text guides and publishing videos. The theme helps in selling your gaming products on the internet. You can use it when sharing your affiliate’s services. A clear indication that this theme has it all. It is a responsive theme that offers you what you need to build a perfect website. Furthermore, the sportsbook affiliate theme is easy to install and use. This is because it offers you different guidelines whenever you need them. This excellent SEO friendly theme is ideal to kick start your journey in the gaming market.

Highlighted Features

  • Woocommerce support to assist you to generate different igaming software and hardware.
  • Google maps integration and inbuilt custom forms
  • Customizable logo options and drop-down menus
  • Fully responsive design

5. WP Affiliate Theme

affiliate theme

Demo Preview   Download/More Details

WP Affiliate Theme is the best igaming WordPress themes for affiliate websites. The theme sports a sleek and modern design, and woo-commerce support. It comes with awesome drop-down menu. The same applies to the customized web elements. You can impress and appeal to your viewers. You can do this using the functional slider. You that can be enabled on different web pages. These WordPress themes enable you to place the social bar on your website.

WP Affiliate theme is ideal for both news/magazine. It is ideal for igaming blogs related content. It also features a Woocommerce integration. This allows you to market your products online. You will be glad to know that this best iGaming WordPress theme is translation ready. It comes with WPML support. This can help you reach out to the non-English speaking prospects. This is very important in the video games’ industry.

Key features

  • WPML support and SEO optimized
  • Multiple blog layouts that suit different types of websites
  • Multiple media icon bars and advanced sliders
  • Impressive and responsive web design
  • Sleek & modern design to impress your website visitors.

6. Sports Betting Theme

sports theme

Demo Preview   Download/More Details

This is another  best iGaming WordPress theme. It brings the highest levels of quality to your website. This great theme features an awesome design. The design is filled with translation features. It includes multicolored related posts, and parallax effects.

The theme comprises advanced editor options. These options help you build breathtaking reviews and informative blogs. This is possible using different typography related elements. You can use the sports betting theme to promote the betting services. You can do this for all your supported by your casino of choice.

Highlighted features

  • Fully SEO optimized, antispam features, custom menus, and slider ready design
  • Online store ability with woo-commerce and Ecwid integration
  • Customized sidebars
  • Social bar to improve your igaming website
  • Many theme options

7. Poker Theme


Demo Preview   Download/More Details

This incredible theme is a great package with elegant designs. Also, it includes amazing website management tools. The theme comes with all-powerful theme options integration. It also features a panel with a WP Bakery page builder. This is a great feature if you want to create game stores. You can also use it for news channels, and stunning gaming forums.

Some great tools include google font’s integration, unlimited layouts and flexible front end composition. Others include parallax blocks, and retina ready design. You can rest assured that this poker affiliate wordpress theme offers you amazing tools. You can use the tools to create stunning websites for gamers. Also, if you are running out of time, you can use the demo imports. This way, you can create your website in a few minutes.

Wrapping Up:

These best iGaming WordPress themes are a sure way to build a functional and versatile website. You can create huge igaming communities and breathtaking casino/game reviews. Also, you can create awesome game catalogs. Also, you can enable your eSports affiliate content with no hassle.

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