12 Stunning, Super-Clean WordPress Themes Like Squarespace

Despite being a raving mad WordPress fan, I must admit that Squarespace DO have some pretty enticing themes. So after a little bout of design jealousy, I went on a hunt for some equally stunning, beautifully designed, clean minimalist WordPress themes that could put my mind at ease and perhaps even put Squarespace back in it’s …. um … (square) box!

I’m sure there are actually hundreds of themes that can step up, with visual fists-of-fury, and beat Squarespace at it’s own lovely designer template game. But I thought I’d just to a quick search to find out what others are saying and see for myself which WordPress themes could compete.

So here we have it, just a short but glorious list of stunning Squarespace-like WordPress themes for you to drool over (and maybe even install on your kick-ass website!)…

(Oh, and by the way, this list isn’t necessarily in order of best to worst or anything like that. These themes are all pretty awesome!)


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READ WP — a minimalist theme so clean, you could cook breakfast on it

Our first theme on this list is a beautifully designed, minimalist WordPress theme for creative professionals. Built with flexibility in mind, allowing for easy customization, modification and tweaks since it’s powered by HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Fully responsive. Specially designed for all mobile and tablet devices to ensure all your visitors get the best user experience. Features a great-looking blog, custom settings panel and beautiful typography.

Again, it’s clean, unique and full-featured. They’ve done such a good job overall creating the clean design that this theme gets 5 stars from me! If you’ve looking for Squarespace stylings and something simple, then this might be the WordPress theme for you.

Details, Demo & Download

SKYLAB — a flexible WordPress theme for more conservative creatives

Skylab is another great theme for photographers and other creatives, although this one has a great range of homepage layout options to suit a broader range of business types. Also, I’d say this has a slightly more “conservative” vibe — which can be great if your target audience is a little bit older. Personally I’m more into the “hip” clean stylings of the previous theme (LENS), but this could be a better option if you need more flexibility.

Details, Demo & Download

ADIOS — this bold, clean theme puts Squarespace to shame

Speaking of “hip”, this clean, funky WordPress theme has pretty BIG wow factor out of the box. It’s edgy Squarespace stylings and features could suit anything from a media agency to a fashion store and so much more. Rather than have me ramble on here, I recommend you check out all the different templates it offers — there are some really cool options. Of course, keep in mind that it’s the images used that make all the difference here. If you used less-minimal, less-colorful, less-funky images, this minimal theme might not quite cut the mustard.

Details, Demo & Download

XSTORE — retailer’s pick for clean themes

Moving into the full retail experience is this fantastic, cleverly designed theme—Xstore. Boasting over 50 good-to-go shop layouts and over 250 design elements to craft ANY store design you can wish for, this fully-featured retail theme not only easily competes with the Squarespace stylings, but also spits dust at it’s feature list (sorry Squarespace, but it’s the truth!). This is the theme that would cause Squarespace retailers to make the move over to WordPress… and never look back!

Details, Demo & Download

Basel — a multipurpose minimal Squarespace-esque eCommerce theme

E-Commerce WordPress Themes

At the more professional end of things is the Basel eCommerce WordPress theme. It’s a really inviting theme, partly because of it’s big, clean image spaces and it’s nice, subdued typography and colors. Even though I’m more into the fancier design side of things, this more simplistic Squarespace-styled theme is definitely worth a closer look. It also features equally modern WooCommerce options that includes a revolution premium slider, 4 product hover effects with 3 single product page layouts, and beautiful CSS effects.

Details, Demo & Download

WERKSTATT — a seriously flexible portfolio theme

Whilst I’m not a fan of some of the original font selections for this theme out of the box, it DOES have an incredible array of layout options and stylings, so it’s definitely a winner when it comes to flexibility (and anyway, you can change those fonts! haha). It’s a visually stunning theme—particularly if you want to show off your visual portfolio. And, as with all high-quality premium WordPress themes, it has a one-click install features so you don’t get any headaches from trying to get the layout you want. Super-quick, super-clean, super-easy (it has a bunch of drag-and-drop features) — this is another one you’ll definitely want to check out.

Details, Demo & Download

AUTHENTIC — ThemeForest’s #1 clean WordPress theme

According to their intro, this stunning, clean WordPress theme is the #1 BEST-RATED theme out of 9,542 themes on ThemeForest! That’s impressive enough in itself, but easily justified when you dig and take a look.

Not only is it basically 20 themes in one, you can easily switch between the different layouts with their brand new one-click style switcher. One of the cool things I liked personally was that they’ve preselected a list of colors based on the latest Pantone trend report — so you don’t have to wonder if your website is going to look out-of-date before you even start. The Pantone trend report is what all the biggest global design agencies and fashion houses use to style up-and-coming designs.

It’s got everything you’d want — ultra-responsive (whatever that means! haha), social-friendly, eCommerce ready, and …. sooooooo …. much more. Hey! Are you still reading?? Just go check it out! 😉

Details, Demo & Download

GRAND PHOTOGRAPHY — minimalist theme for photographers

This one makes the list because of it’s Squarespace vibe, but it’s not necessarily the top choice. Of course, it’s still a great, clean, full-featured theme, but unless you’re a photographer, this probably isn’t the WordPress theme for you. However, if you ARE a photographer, then this theme has some really thoughtful features and layouts that you will appreciate.

Details, Demo & Download

MERCHANDISER — a theme so clean, it’s close to perfection

Do you sell high-end designer goods? This stunningly clean and elegantly designed WordPress theme may be the pick for you. It’s another one of my favourites, simply because it’s generous spacing and well-considered typography is about as good as it gets from a designer’s perspective.

(Right now I’m thinking about changing the title of this post to “These Themes Are So Clean, They Make Squarespace Templates Look Dirrrrrty” LOL).

Details, Demo & Download

SOBER — ultra-cool, clean WordPress retail theme

Sober V2 is here! Ultra-funky, ultra-clean—this bad boy is a hit for retailers (despite the developer’s spelling and grammar mistakes on the homepage of the demo! #oops). On top of 12+ awesome homepage layouts and every feature you’d want in a flexible, mobile-ready eCommerce retail theme, my favourite aspect of this modern WordPress superstar is it’s beautifully designed product pages. Take a look for yourself!

Details, Demo & Download

BORDER — a super-clean, green WordPress theme for dapper snappers & smarty-arty types

This is one of my all-time favorite themes — mainly because not only does it have a super-clean, minimalist Squarespace vibe, but it’s also pretty unique-looking compared to many WordPress themes out there. The live demo shows how it also has some nice smooth animated page transition effects to give it that extra “wow” factor.

But don’t let it’s simple stylings trick you into thinking it has few features. From what we can see, it’s got everything you’d want, including video support, a slick portfolio/projects template, full social integration, 600+ Google Font options, it’s own powerful visual editor and even the source PSD files in case you want to customize even more. And of course, it’s fully responsive so it looks equally good on mobiles and tablets.

Details, Demo & Download

LENS — boom! This funky, clean theme makes your visuals stand out

It gets hard to say something different about these themes, because most of them have a long list of awesome but similar features. However this clean, Squarespace-esque WordPress theme — LENS — was another unique standout for me. I love it’s funky homepage gallery, colors and modern typography to start with.

It has the same features (probably the same design and development team) as Border (above), including infinite color choices and the ever-handy one-click install so you can set it up just like the demo out of the box. We all know it can be a pain in the ass when you have to try and figure out “how the f@#* do I make it look like the original theme demo?!?”.

By all reports, this one’s perfect for photographers, artists and image makers of all kinds. Graphic designers might also like the great galleries and image display options.

Details, Demo & Download

Wowzers. What a list!! I have half a mind to update 85ideas right now with one of these sensational minimalist themes.

Do you know of any that can compete in the running for Squarespace replacements? Let us know in the comments below!

*last updated 09/19/2019

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