The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 16 CFR, Section 255, requires that we at disclose any relationship that we have between a service provider or product manufacturer when writing about their services or products.

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Also, we strongly believe being transparent with our users is the right thing to do. So, we have created this disclosure to let you know that we make money from this site.

Following are some of the guidelines by which operates

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If you are using this site, then you need to understand:

  • I directly benefit from every page and post I put on this site. Whether that is simply the joy of helping my audience or monetary, I benefit from it.
  • If you find an external link with the prefix/visit/, then that’s an affiliate link. That means if you choose to click on the link and buy a service or product, then at no extra costs to you, I will get a small commission.
  • I also write about my own websites and products, so yes, this means these products and websites get additional exposure and PR

Please take note of the fact that the words on this site are not in any way influenced by any type of compensation. The only products and services that are recommended here are those that we personally use and/or believe are valuable to our audience.

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