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85ideas.com is a few things put together. Well, not 85 things, but a few. Here, you’ll find premium/free WordPress templates I’ve stumbled upon, publicly released WordPress themes I’ve created, as well as a few hints and ideas to turbo charge your WP blog. Whether you are an event planning company, nonprofit, rideshare blog or church, we have the tools, resources, and suggestions to help your site look great. Have a look around!
Our aim moving forwards is to continue to release awesome free WP themes that is easy to use, but as all the functions you would need and less of that you don’t. We have also brought in a few WordPress experts to help guide you in selecting your next template. That is not all; they will also share practical and easy WordPress hacks to help turbo-charge your site. At some point in the future, we also aim to team up with some of the big theme shops to give you exclusive giveaways and big discounts.
Ideas, suggestions, comments? Feel free to get in touch using this form.
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