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6 Best Business, Domain & Blog Name Generators 2021

Whether your website is very popular or it is just at the beginning, the domain name is a vital element. If the name isn’t short and simple to remember then, that is going to start hurting the user experience, a little bit, but it will still count.

Unless you are creating the website to keep it private, it needs to have a better domain name. It deserves that, and you need to make sure of it.

Now, that was about the role and importance. But, when it comes to practically finding out a better domain name that can suit your website, its niche, and also have a brand sense then you need to do a lot of hard work. I mean, very hard, depends on your seriousness and the level of uniqueness you wish to introduce.

In order to make things easy for you, here are few tools that are known as the best business, domain & blog name generators and I’m going to compile a list of them for you.

Best Business, Domain & Blog Name Generators

Luckily we have a few better tools developed by our fellow internet marketers. These tools are available for free to use and here is a compilation of the same. You just need to pick one of them or two and start using. Within a minute, you will have dozens of options to choose from.

#1 85ideas Blog Name Generator

blog name generatorFinally, 85ideas has integrated its own blog name generator to help bloggers find the best domain name for their business. It’s very simple to use as you only need to enter a keyword or two to get access to a list of domain names that might interest you. Best of all, you can click on each individual name to instantly find out whether the selected domain is available with the best TLD, .com.

85ideas blog name generator

If you want to check a specific domain name for availability, you can also do that as well after you try the search function at least one time.

#2 Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search

Keeping the functionality of this tool apart for a while, let me first share two other major factors that make it very awesome and very popular. First, the user interface of the whole tool is very eye pleasing. Unless you are using this tool in low light condition (because the background color is Blue), you are going to have pretty user experience. It is clearly mentioned whether a domain is available or already registered or the one you have marked as favorite.

Next important thing is that the tool is acquired by Automattic Inc. This is the owner company of WordPress software. So, there is no chance of getting any fake things in this tool. Now, coming at the functionality, you can quickly search using the tool on top, enter the keywords you wish to target, and voila, domain names will be listed in no time.

In short, one of the simplest available tool that is completely functional, no matter at what time you are using it. It can even redirect you to GoDaddy, Namecheap and Bluehost websites to directly buy the domain you finalized.

#3 Domainr


This particular tool holds a very simple user interface. There is nothing on the landing page, except for the few related details and a search tool. You can easily begin searching from the very first moment, and the tool will dig out each and every available domain as per your input. The number of options it suggests is lesser in comparison to above one.

In most of the cases I have used it, it delivers only the available ones. It redirects to iWantMyName, Namecheap, Hover, HEXONET, United Domains, and few more registrar websites directly. Alternate available names are also suggested for further help.

#4 Panabee

Business Name Generator Panabee

The UI of this website is kind of childish with few animated icons. If you don’t have any problem with that (I usually don’t prefer using such websites as I never like such icons) then go on, use it and it will list all the available options you have as per the input keywords.

The list it creates is very long, compared to the other tools I have used and listed over here. It redirects directly to the GoDaddy website. If you see a blue colored heart, then that means the name is available while the red color indicates unavailability.

#5 Name Mesh

Domain Name Generator NameMesh

Elegance is the word I gave to this tool, because of well-categorized listing and elegant looking user interface. You are allowed to run a search along with certain filters that can add to improve search results accordingly.

It also categorizes the available names as Common, New, Short, Extra, etc. Thus, giving a better idea of the kind of domain name we are looking for. It also has an SEO tab, showcasing the names that are better as per SEO norms. GoDaddy is the only registrar supported by default.

#6 GOCHYU Domain Name Generator

Gochyu's Domain name GeneratorThere are several domain name generators out there, each of them have their own unique features, here is what Gochyu’s tool can do for you.As you can see, it’s pretty straight forward. You can type in either 1,2 or 3 separate keywords that are relevant to your niche. Based on those keywords, the tool can output up to hundreds of relevant domain name options.

For visualization purposes, you can choose from an array of TLDs and even add a dash (-) in between each word in the domain name options.This solution can definitely help you come up with some domain names that you wouldn’t have necessarily come up with on your own.

#7 Domains Bot

Domain Suggestions DomainsBot

This is the last recommendation from my side. It comprises of a very simple and good looking user interface that offers a search tool, of course, along with special filters. Together, you will find pretty easy to look for available domain names. It also allows users to search for data of already registered domains.

One very cool feature offered here is that it supports a long list of registrars with a clearly mentioned price. So, you can easily decide which registrar to use, according to the price tag. A Live Chat option is also there which is active during half of the day.

#8 Business Name Generator

Blog Name Generator is a good domain, blog, brand and product name generator. Why? Because it works.

By entering one or two keywords it generates hundreds of ideas which can be filtered by the style you are looking for.

The tool allows you to save your favourite names and email them to yourself, search domain availability and filter by several categories. It will show you availability from all top levels tlds.


So, that’s it! I hope each of these tools were useful and helpful enough to let you find available domains as per the keyword you are planning to target.

Do let me know which one you are finally using and the best feature you found in your favorite one. Don’t forget to share this guide with all your fellow bloggers as this will help them as well.

Stay tuned for more such helpful tutorials and don’t forget to check our collection of WordPress, Themes, and Plugins tutorials and compilations. Peace.

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