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Wordpress is one of the most valuable CMS of internet world at the moment. It is because people can easily publish their articles, creates their blog and create their e-commerce with this CMS. Since I am a webmaster more than 20 years, I know development of all popular content management systems. I have seen that Mambo, Joomla, Forum scripts were quite popular in some stages of development years of CMS. However WordPress became one of the most popular systems because of ease of use and also it is very compatible with SEO. We are going to provide WordPress SEO lessons for you on here. It is going to be free at all.

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Lesson I: Domain Selection

Part I: Beginning

Lesson I: Domain Selection

Your website’s domain is one of the most important part of your SEO. It is key! So you will need to be careful when you are selecting a domain. There are domains which needs a lot of works to do and there are also domains which you can get good results with moderate performance.

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO is search engine optimization which you can do with WordPress CMS. WordPress users need to use some useful tools while they are optimizing their websites. If they have coding knowledge, that also works too. In our lessons, you are going to have detailed information about that. You will find everything that will be useful for your website on here. We will mention about how to select a domain, speed optimizing, optimizing amp, how to use a wordpress seo plugin, step by step.