We have been obsess about themes for many years and A common trend I have notice is users asking how to change logos, the theme won’t upload and so on.

We have team up with Bluehost and hostgator who we used and highly recommend. It  is through these hosting providers we were able to provide this free service.

Yeah that is the first thing that comes to mind when users are getting things online for free. You will be surprised when we tell you that there is no catch in this service. You are not going to be paying us a single penny.

Instead what we ask you is that you sign up with one of our partner webhosts that have proven themselves to be the Best WordPress Hosting Services in the industry. These hosts will in exchange pay us a commission. So not only you are getting a good web hosting deal which you were going to pay for anyways, you are also getting our service entirely free which will boost your blog to the next level.

Simply signup with any one of these hosting providers to your right using the link on this page. Do NOT use any external coupons. If you use any coupon that is not attached to the web host here, you might NOT be qualified.

Hosting from $4.95 – Est. 1996 with excellent customer support

Hosting from $7.16 – Great web host with amazing support

Once you have signed up with the host, simply fill out the form below:

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