85ideas was founded back in 2009 and have released amazing free templates since then. However in 2014 our goals shifted and now our plan moving forwards is to continue to  create some very popular free themes, quality tutorials and collections of themes and plugins to help you make the most out of your site. Here you will find the best templates collection put together by WordPress experts that we invite here to share tremendous value with you the readers. If you love WordPress as much as we do and would like to get involve click here.85i


We have a new exciting free theme coming out in 2015 and hope you will download them and use them to create something awesome of your own.


A few stats to share, we are now getting over 5,000 unique visitors every day except for Saturday and Sunday, which is understandable. We have only just started being social, so our following is somewhat on the low side.


We have five talented full-time paid authors contributing here, one part-time developer, and we’re always headhunting for more awesome talent to join the team.


As we do not sell anything here and have no plans to we do rely on sponsorship to help pay our authors and keep the lights on. Currently, we have published well over a hundred articles with just over 900 comments from our readers showing their appreciation and feedback, thank you all for your support.

Most of the operation is overseen by Brian of wow free themes the unofficial directory of free WordPress themes.

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