WordPress Theme: Mag.

Our Mag theme is a very modern theme suitable for magazine/news base sites. This theme is responsive, with all the essential features and less of that you don’t want.

This theme is free and so will all of our future themes be, so you can download this theme now by clicking the download button bellow.

We created Mag to be the best free magazine type theme out there and we hope that you will agree too. Using Mag you can very quickly create you own news base website for free and give users the right first impression. This theme is fully responsive meaning your readers can enjoy viewing your site on a mobile or tablet for a seamless experience. If you find any value in Mag, then we kindly ask if you could please share it as that really helps us out.

View Demo [onyxfile id=16844] [Notice] we are currently in the process of updating this theme, thank you for your patience.

A few standard features

The Mag theme is designed with bold metro colors to leave a lasting impress on your readers. Have your site up and running in no time.


We work extremely hard to ensure all of our WordPress themes are compatible with the latest WP version. With your feedback, we plan to roll out more features to make all our themes better.


If you follow our blog, you will know that we know a thing or two about SEO. When it comes to our themes, we transcend our expert knowledge in the coding to give you a great start.


If you like a colourful and elegant theme then the Mag might be what you are looking for. We have made it super easy to change the look and feel of your site in seconds.


The Mag theme allows you to have a future proof website to give your readers a seamless experience across various devices.


Want your theme to look just like the demo? We include a sample XML file for you to upload after you install the theme.


Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff at 85ideas is a team of WordPress experts led by Brian Harris. Here to share amazing tuts, guides and collections.

  • Revolutiondemind
    Posted at 00:49h, 16 February Reply

    How do I get my posts to appear on the front page, like in your demo version?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 18:18h, 16 February Reply


      You can customize the homepage via the theme options located below appearance in WP admin area.
      You can add post by categories on the homepage. You also have to option to enter the number of latest post you want to be shown. Let me know if this helps ?

      • Revolutiondemind
        Posted at 11:29h, 17 February Reply

        Hi, thanks for getting back to me, You mean Mag.options? I have set my categories under “Homepage categories” to show up but they still don’t?

        • Brian H
          Posted at 12:12h, 17 February Reply

          Yes that is what I meant, I am unsure the issue. Could you please contact us and give temporary admin access please just so I can have a closer look?

          I will create video walk through in a few hours time.

          • Revolutiondemind
            Posted at 18:19h, 17 February

            I think ive fixed it mate, i’ll let you know how it goes

          • Revolutiondemind
            Posted at 20:34h, 17 February

            Hey, How do I upload a logo? I’ve made a logo in pixlr.com and saved as a PNG but everytime I try to upload it a white background shows?

          • Brian H
            Posted at 23:00h, 17 February

            I used Adobe photo shop or Jasc paint shop pro I simply export the logo in .png and select transparent and that’s it. If you send me your logo in png format I can try clean it up for you. I have no experience with pixlr so can not comment.

  • Venu
    Posted at 15:16h, 06 March Reply

    Hi Brian,

    Firstly lovely theme! Which font did you use for MAG logo?


    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:52h, 10 March Reply

      Hi Venu,

      Sorry for the delay in my reply, the font used is Futura Medium(lmgtfy.com/?q=futura+medium). Really happy you like this template and hope you create something amazing with it.

  • Pierre
    Posted at 14:42h, 07 March Reply

    Hi, I am also having trouble with setting up the homepage and the different grids with posts of different categories. Can you please describe exactly, how to set it up? I allready choose a category at meg.

    Is the walk through video allready available!?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:54h, 10 March Reply

      Hi Pierre,

      I am really sorry you are having difficulties with this template I will post video walk through within the next few hours. Sorry for any inconvenience:(

      • Venu
        Posted at 19:06h, 20 March Reply

        Hi Brian,

        Can you please share the link for walkthrough video? I am facing difficulty in home page grid.


        • Brian H
          Posted at 10:16h, 21 March Reply

          Hi Venu,

          Really sorry for the delay, please see walkthrough in the description above I hope it helps.
          The bit you need within the video is around 1minute 30 seconds in.

          • Venu
            Posted at 19:10h, 21 March

            Thanks so much for the video Brian. I did this and still doesn’t appear on home page. I currently have only 3 posts and 2 categories. Is that a problem?

            Appreciate if you can help out.

          • Brian H
            Posted at 13:11h, 23 March

            Could you please create us temporary admin access and email us at hello (at) 85ideas.com ?
            I could then have a closer look.

          • Venu
            Posted at 17:08h, 23 March

            Thanks Brian, just created user name for you at hello (at) 85ideas.com. Kindly check and let me know if you are able to access it.

            I am trying to add the attached category in the home page.

            Thanks so much for all your help.

          • Brian H
            Posted at 18:56h, 23 March

            Nothing as come through yet, I will double check our junk folder now.

          • Venu
            Posted at 01:46h, 25 March

            Hi Brian,

            I have also sent the temporary access credentials from my gmail account. Did you get it?

            Please let me know.


          • Brian H
            Posted at 13:11h, 25 March

            I have received it now and will continue this conversation with you via email.

          • Venu
            Posted at 13:18h, 25 March

            Thanks Brian. Looking forward to your email.

          • Venu
            Posted at 16:47h, 25 March

            Hi Brian,

            I have figured it out. Thanks for all the help.

            I will get back if any other help is needed.

            Many thanks.

          • Muhammad Ali
            Posted at 00:47h, 29 March

            Hi, I am also having trouble with setting up the homepage and the
            different grids with posts of different categories. Can you please
            describe exactly, how to set it up? I allready choose a category at meg.

            Is the walk through video allready available!?

            Thanks a lot!

          • Bsuccess Org
            Posted at 02:25h, 06 May

            i have trouble to. how to fix it. my home page just shown recent post

  • Sebastian Holguin
    Posted at 10:19h, 04 April Reply

    Hello Brian, it seems many people are having this same issue. I have done as you instruct in your tute video and nothing shows up in categories. I did get one post to show up earlier, but nothing now my site is turnuptacomathemagazine.com. What can I do to fix the issue?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:14h, 04 April Reply

      Hi Sebastian,

      Firstly sorry to all for the delay in my reply, I have not been very well(vomiting and diarrhea bug which I still have :() Not that anyone wants to know that.

      You can email me at brian [at] 85ideas.com with temporary login access and I can have a closer look. I also have plans for updating it and adding it to wordpress.org if anyone as any feature request let me know.

      • Sebastian Holguin
        Posted at 14:54h, 05 April Reply

        Thanks for your help Brian! The homepage is now posting as it should, although “more articles” still doesn’t show, but that’s fine, I’m happy with the page. I appreciate your assistance!

        • Yunus Altın
          Posted at 15:58h, 06 April Reply

          I’m facing the same issue, can you please tell here how you have to fix the problem so everybody knows what they have to change..

          • Brian H
            Posted at 16:29h, 06 April

            HI Yunus and Sebastian,

            I am feeling slightly better now and will edit the theme to solve the issue. When I looked at Sebastian site on my iPad I notice the categories with less than 3 posts in it would show so I’ll solve that.

          • Yunus Altın
            Posted at 07:37h, 07 April

            Hi Brian,

            It would be great if you can update this awesome theme. I also thought the same but I tried with a categorie with less than 3 posts but I still don’t get anything on the homepage (except the slider)

  • chris_shilling
    Posted at 00:09h, 08 April Reply

    Hello, I sent you an email as well. How can I change the header and sidebar color from red? I uploaded the logo but the colors clash. Thank you.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 15:10h, 09 April Reply

      I have replied, please check your email and confirm you received it ok?

      Just to let everyone know, I am working on updating Mag, which I hope to have finish by the end of next week.

  • Joonar
    Posted at 16:51h, 22 April Reply

    Hi Brian,
    the sidebar is displayed differently between IE(10) and firefox. On IE, there is large empty space in the sidebar of homepage but normal on firefox and chrome, how to fix this?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 12:31h, 23 April Reply

      Hi Jooner,

      Thank you for bring that issue to me attention. I am happy to report that we are finishing the final touches to version 1.2.

      Changes includes:
      – Home category bug fix
      – More articles bug fix
      – Sidebar width now adjustable
      – Unlimited color selection with touching CSS
      – New Advertisement area under slider
      – Fix sidebar responsiveness on tablets
      – And other small minor edits.

      This update should be available to download within the next few hours whilst I do further testing. I will report back here when it is ready for download.

  • Brian H
    Posted at 16:45h, 23 April Reply

    The new and improve Mag theme is ready for download, thank you all for your support and I hope you create something spectacular with it.

    Simply click the download link above delete the older version and upload the new version, and all should be working well 🙂

  • Joonar
    Posted at 18:30h, 24 April Reply

    Hi Brian,
    Many thanks for the update, now looks perfect on IE for yunarwinardi.com

  • Zeynep
    Posted at 22:16h, 26 April Reply

    I’m enjoying your theme right now, I really like it, but I’d like to make the “more articles” (in the home page) titles smaller. I find the titles too big, I want smaller titles like 20px or 18 px but I couldn’t find the custom css code for this.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 13:50h, 27 April Reply

      Hi Zeynep,

      I am really thrilled you are finding value in this theme if you have any feature request let us know.

      To answer your question the code you need is:

      h5.entry-title a {
      font-size: 18px;

      • Zeynep
        Posted at 20:42h, 28 April Reply

        Thank you for replying. Now I want to increase the line-height for the titles in both the “more articles” section and in the “categories” sections. What is the code for this?

      • Zeynep
        Posted at 21:27h, 28 April Reply

        Thank you very much!

  • Boutin Benjamin
    Posted at 13:55h, 30 April Reply

    I m Benjamin from France. You theme is crazy good and very functional. But I try to erase the beginning of the article which appear on every main photo -i think it’s too small for my readers-. And I would like to get the title -in red- a bit more bigger. Do you think it’s possible? I m far to be an expert with the code.
    Have a good one !

    • Brian H
      Posted at 15:08h, 02 May Reply

      Hi Benjamin,

      Sorry for the delay in my reply, I am happy you are finding value in our Mag theme. Just so that we are thinking of the right thing could you please create screenshot and post it here?

      I look forwards to your reply:)

      • Boutin Benjamin
        Posted at 16:55h, 02 May Reply

        Great to answer back.
        I was wondering how delete the text that appear on the sliding photos. But I had some help and I succeeded.
        You did a fantastic job!
        My blog is canaldutch.com. We reopen it next week!


        • Brian H
          Posted at 20:53h, 02 May Reply

          Hi Benjamin,

          Happy to hear it’s all sorted, I look forwards to seeing what your site 🙂

        • dan
          Posted at 09:25h, 22 May Reply

          Hi, I am Dan from Ghana. Benjamin, I would love to know how you did. Nice customization on your website.

          Kind regards,

          • Boutin Benjamin
            Posted at 10:44h, 22 May

            Tell me what you like and I send you the code!

          • Dan Afidgenon
            Posted at 11:18h, 23 May

            Hello Benjamin,
            Just as you posted earlier, I would like to get the title -in red- a bit more bigger and not just display a portion of the title, remove the border of the slider and also delete the text that appear on the sliding photos.

            I will be very grateful if you can help me do this.

          • Boutin Benjamin
            Posted at 11:33h, 23 May

            #homepage-slider {border:none;}

            div.iviewSlider a span.iview-caption.caption1 div.caption-contain p {display:none; background:none;}

            div.iviewSlider a span.iview-caption.caption1 {display:none; background:none;}

            #iview h2 {font-size:2rem; line-height:1em;}

            Copy this in Custom CSS!

            Not to get a portion of the title, I use ‘(space) …’ at the end of the tile. Then, it brings all the sentence on the screen. Or use a coma in the title, it works too. But I don’t know why I need this.



          • Dan Afidegnon
            Posted at 22:41h, 23 May

            Thank you very much!

  • Zeynep
    Posted at 18:01h, 30 April Reply


    I have some other questions. How to change the css of the slider, like the border width or color etc. And a 2nd question, I saw there is a featured posts section, but I don’t know hıow to make a post a featured post and how to delete the section, because when this section is still there, people see a rectangular shape with red borders and I don’t want it to be displayed.

    I wrote my questions in this jpeg picture of my site, you can check it out here:

    • Brian H
      Posted at 15:00h, 02 May Reply

      Hi Zeynep,

      Sorry for the delay in my reply. To remove the red border around the advertisement area you mentioned you need to add this code to the custom CSS section:

      /*This removes red border*/
      div.advertisement-block-inner {

      border-style: none;


      /*This is the class id to edit and style slider border */
      #homepage-slider {

      border-color: #000000;


      • Zeynep
        Posted at 19:30h, 02 May Reply

        Thank you very much!!

  • Ferry Mr4z
    Posted at 05:51h, 03 May Reply

    Hi, Brian, I love the MAG Theme, now I use this for my blog. I would like to ask, how to remove the slide feature, how to center the header logo, then, how to make single post just one column ? could you help me Brian ?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 09:22h, 04 May Reply

      Hi Ferry,

      I am unable to do major customization work for each user, so on this occasion I won’t be editing the single page to have it displayed as fullscreen. I will add this feature on our next update for everyone to enjoy.

      I can center align the logo and create simple fix to hide the featured slide(I will add a feature to do this on the next update.)

      The code you need to add to the custom CSS section is:

      /* Code to center logo*/
      #logo a img {

      display: block;

      margin-left: auto;

      margin-right: auto ;


      /*Code to hide slider*/
      #homepage-slider {

      display: none;


  • Ferry Mr4z
    Posted at 09:44h, 04 May Reply

    Thanks a lot Brian, the job done, Still waiting for your update :), Thanks so Much Brian, keep inspire

  • Ashraf Saharudin
    Posted at 11:32h, 05 May Reply

    Awesome theme you have right here Brian. On behalf of the users, we really appreciate your effort in fixing every problem people have. Thank you so much, very inspiring.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 22:17h, 05 May Reply

      Hi Ashraf,

      Thank you very much for your kind words, I am just happy to help out where I can 🙂 I have hired some help so you all can expect more premium like themes and updates at no cost to you at all 🙂

  • Bsuccess Org
    Posted at 02:22h, 06 May Reply

    Dear How to setting my blog for front page. like a demo site. my site just show recent post. how to show as Category

    • Brian H
      Posted at 22:34h, 06 May Reply

      Hi, please watch the walkthrough video and forwards it to 1.40 minutes in.

      If that doesn’t work, email me with temporary admin access to your site at: brian at 85ideas dot com

  • josh
    Posted at 13:08h, 20 May Reply

    Hi Brian! Thanks soo much for creating and sharing with us this wonderful theme. i am some kind of novice here. My question is how do place adverts in the side bar and also below the slidebar. Thanks

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:57h, 20 May Reply

      Hi Josh,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      To place adverts to the sidebar area navigate to -> appearance -> widget, then drag and drop a text widget in the sidebar section and insert your ad code in the text widget.
      The same apply for the ad placement under the slider.

      If you still have difficulties let me know and I will create a short video on how to achieve this.

      • josh
        Posted at 23:47h, 20 May Reply

        thank you sooooooo much Brian! i still don’t know where to set the ad placement under the side bar…. Please make the VIDEO, it will be much easier that way for me and everyone that is having the same ish…And also how can i remove the border around the slidebar? thanks again

        • Brian H
          Posted at 09:30h, 23 May Reply

          I will upload the video walk through shortly sorry for the delay.

          • josh
            Posted at 13:42h, 24 May

            i am waiting Brian!

  • YC Lawson
    Posted at 17:36h, 21 May Reply

    Thanks for the theme, I was able to create a really nice website for a friend of mine. Check out their website here: propheticview.info/. Again thanks for the theme and I look forward to purchasing something from you in the future.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 09:37h, 23 May Reply

      Hi YC,

      Beautiful website, if you would like to see any new feature for future releases then your feedback is welcomed. Thank you for giving credit also 🙂

      • YC Lawson
        Posted at 19:13h, 01 June Reply

        Sad to report that my hosting with Hostgator had some issues and all of my websites were deleted and there was no backup (although I was told I had backup) due to an “excess in inodes” (whatever that means). Anyhow, I have to say that all the hard work I put in designing the website last month with you free theme is all gone…literally. I will get back to building it but because it was a free site for a friend and I have other clients to tend to it may take a few weeks to get the site back up. When I do I will repost. Thanks again for the theme.

        • Brian H
          Posted at 14:22h, 04 June Reply

          Hi YC,

          I am very sorry to hear your experience with HostGator I am not sure whether it’s connected, but we had some down time with them for 3 days. Let me know if you rebuild it in future. All the best.

          • YC Lawson
            Posted at 14:57h, 04 June

            Thanks I don’t think the issues are related. I just know now to ensure that i have independent back up of my sites.

  • Taja Fox
    Posted at 17:54h, 26 May Reply

    Hi, I can’t download this theme. Will it be available within the next two days?



    • Brian H
      Posted at 07:48h, 29 May Reply

      Hi Taja,

      I apologise for the interruption; this was caused by hosting issues we faced with Hostgator. We have now moved to a more power hosting solution with InMotion hosting. Please try to download the theme again?

      • Taja Fox
        Posted at 11:29h, 29 May Reply

        Hi Brian,

        Thanks for your reply. The download worked perfectly! Thank you! 🙂

      • Taja Fox
        Posted at 23:45h, 03 June Reply

        Hi Brian, I’m back again lol. How do I install this theme into my existing wordpress blog account?

        • Brian H
          Posted at 14:14h, 04 June Reply

          Hey, If you are referring to WordPress.com then all themes mentioned on this site will not be able to install on their hosted platform. This theme is meant for WordPress.org (self-hosted) users. You can read more here: http://85ideas.com/wordpress/wordpress-org-vs-com-comparison/

          Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question?

  • daibang
    Posted at 05:00h, 04 June Reply

    slider not working

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:10h, 11 June Reply

      @daibang:disqus You have to specify the category you want to put the slider post from.
      Let me know if you are still having difficulties?

  • Taslim OKUNOLA
    Posted at 21:39h, 05 June Reply

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for this awesome theme. How can I remove the categories view on the homepage and let all posts just show in list view?

    I would also appreciate if I can get the code for the posts to show in grid view.


    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:12h, 11 June Reply

      Hi Taslim,

      To achieve this simple unselect the home categories in the theme options area. Let me know how you get on?

  • Ferry Mr4z
    Posted at 15:39h, 07 June Reply

    Hope you doing well Brian !! Back again, beside I would ask, I also click love icon for this template and for your solution to all reader here. oh yeah, Why my recent post from other category, also appear into “More Article”, I was deselected one category to display on More Article, but the why “More Article section” also display the post from other category ? Could you help me Brian :). If I would remove more article sections, could you show me the guide ?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:57h, 10 July Reply

      Hi Ferry, My apologies for the delay. Can you please provide me a link to your site or screenshot the issue, please?

  • Elmer Buckley
    Posted at 20:09h, 11 June Reply

    category names in foreign language doesn’t appear on the theme options page to select to show on home page

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:55h, 10 July Reply

      Can you please provide your site URL?

  • xxevex
    Posted at 01:46h, 18 June Reply

    Love this theme but running into some issues. Brian, could you help me out with these?

    1) How do I hide tags from showing in posts and in the archives?
    2) How do I turn off the hyphenation in post titles?
    3) Is there any way to edit the “About the author” section? The padding is messed up for me.

    If you could help me out, I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:54h, 10 July Reply


      I am sorry for the delay in my reply. What you are asking for is custom work unique to your situation as we grow we are unable to provide these types of support. What I will do is add it to our grow map for future releases.

      1. you need to edit single.php archive.php

      2. Where is the hyphenation in the post titles

      3. Can you give me your site URL to see this live?

  • esp24u
    Posted at 00:07h, 26 June Reply


    Nice theme…

    I figured out how to change the logo and the colours through the menu system i.e header image and theme color. But, I need to also change the rest of the header image/bar to the right of the logo. At the moment it is only a solid color. Can you tell me where that is in the php or css files, and how best to go about it?


    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:43h, 10 July Reply

      Hi, I am really sorry for the delay in my reply we have been under staff lately. Could you please take a screenshot of what you mean please?

  • germansts
    Posted at 13:07h, 10 July Reply

    Hi ! First sorry for my english, im on it, hehe.

    Congratulations on your work, but i have a problem:

    When I pass from home section to another , either to an article or a page,the right side widget disappear and only look meta widget.

    How I can fix it? thanks

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:41h, 10 July Reply


      Thank you for choosing Mag theme, It seems you have added widgets to the homepage section but not the Main sidebar widgets.

      See this screenshot of what I mean: awesomescreenshot.com/image/397012/6a2665ed29e8f43a426dd4cd16e44499

      • germansts
        Posted at 20:41h, 10 July Reply

        oh men what a fail ! haha

        sometimes you don’t see what is before you , that wrong of me .

        thank you very much for your prompt attention, and very good work with this theme.

        appreciate it.

        • Brian H
          Posted at 23:59h, 12 July Reply

          It happens to all of us from time to time. I want to great a showcase of how everyone is using our theme can we feature you?

          • germansts
            Posted at 12:17h, 02 September

            What do you need ?

            Sorry for the delay

  • WP Freebies
    Posted at 22:18h, 13 July Reply

    Hey Brian, great theme! Loving it so far and haven’t really had any issues with my site topdecknation.com. Quick question — does this theme support drop down menus? It’s been bugging me and I’m not sure if I’m just overlooking it or what. Thanks!

    • Brian H
      Posted at 15:41h, 14 July Reply


      I am thrilled you like it 🙂 No it doesn’t support dropdown yet, I will add this support in the next few hours and let you know. .

      • masterz13
        Posted at 00:05h, 15 July Reply

        Awesome, thanks for the quick response! Can’t wait.

      • masterz13
        Posted at 22:53h, 17 July Reply

        Any update? 🙂 Also, is there a way to show the date of an article/post on the home page?

      • masterz13
        Posted at 15:56h, 28 July Reply

        I ended up switching to Colormag instead. Mag is a solid theme, but there were a few pesky things in the way for me (no dropdowns, some header text on the slider wouldn’t show up at times, no updates since March). Thanks anyway.

  • Hans Petter Andreassen
    Posted at 06:29h, 17 August Reply

    Hi! I like this theme a lot, and I’ve used it for some time now. But yesterday some strange thing happened. I have ads in footer area one, two and three, and suddenly they have changed to be shown in the right widget bar… How do I solve this?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:11h, 17 August Reply

      HI Hans,

      That is very strange indeed, could you please email me temporary admin access at brian at 85ideas.com. My initial thoughts is that the ad code might not to closed correctly.

      • Hans Petter Andreassen
        Posted at 06:46h, 20 August Reply

        Done! The ads-code are placed under inactive widgets(Inaktive widgets in Norwegian) as footer 1,2 and 3. Please have a look at the code. If I should fix it through FTP, what file should I edit? And where do I get rid of, or edit if you want, the colored block to the right of the top banner? Thansk in advance 🙂

  • Brad Baird
    Posted at 05:23h, 18 August Reply

    How do I get the slider images to fill the whole slider box?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 21:59h, 30 September Reply

      The dimension for the perfect image is: 730 x 330 px.
      On the next update we will code it to better display all images.

      • jelyfi
        Posted at 13:48h, 03 October Reply

        I had the same issues, but you already replied. Thank you 😀

  • Ageu Dantas
    Posted at 02:36h, 19 August Reply

    Hello , the threme is not ready translation ? I didin’t find the language file .

    • Brian H
      Posted at 21:57h, 30 September Reply

      Hi again, We will update this in the coming weeks.

  • Justin Davy
    Posted at 20:00h, 27 August Reply

    I’ve been testing this theme since yesterday. A couple issues. On a tablet (ipad) the right rail isn’t responsive but falls below the content. Also the nav bar doesn’t collapse on any device. It’s free so I can’t complain but I’d love to see these two things fixed.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 21:56h, 30 September Reply

      Hi Justin,

      I have just tested the responsiveness again; all looks ok on my side. The only thing I will say is that on iPad landscaped maybe I could edit it so that the sidebar is displayed beside the main content.

      We did plan a major revamp in the display but have decided to create a new theme instead. It will be releasing soon.

  • Ageu Dantas
    Posted at 19:17h, 28 August Reply

    How do I remove comments title and count ?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 21:39h, 30 September Reply

      Hi Ageu,

      Where are you trying to remove the comment title and count?

  • foxy loxy
    Posted at 05:02h, 29 August Reply

    I had trouble making a child theme for this initially (the stylesheet wouldn’t load properly) until I read a blog post which recommends for theme authors to add a function which will conditionally load the parent’s style.css if it detects the related child theme.

    I’d recommend making the change for future updates if you’re looking for ways to improve your theme!!

    • Brian H
      Posted at 21:38h, 30 September Reply

      Hi Foxy,

      I will look into this.

  • paolo botti
    Posted at 15:19h, 29 August Reply

    Great theme! 2 questions :
    1) how can i change the footer background color?
    2) Someone use the theme with a multilanguages plugin? because the “homepage categories” don’t take the translation automatically
    Thanks if someone can help me…

  • germansts
    Posted at 11:26h, 02 September Reply

    Hi. How i can change the name of “More Articles” ?

    Thanks !

    • Brian H
      Posted at 21:36h, 30 September Reply

      You edit the home.php file around line 214 you will see: “”.

      Change it to whatever you want 🙂 My apologizes for the delay.

      • germansts
        Posted at 13:45h, 23 October Reply

        Thanks , I’ll try so.
        Can change as CSS ?

      • germansts
        Posted at 13:06h, 24 October Reply

        Thank you !

  • Paulo
    Posted at 03:55h, 28 September Reply

    Hi Brian,

    There is something going on with my template and I have no idea what. I have installed the theme but a red box keeps showing. There is no reason for it to happen but just does. I have deleted my MySQL database, and my username as well, installed WordPress from scratch and afterwards I have activated your theme. I have done this at least 3 times but I can’t get rid of this red box, under the image module. How can I remove it?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Brian H
      Posted at 19:39h, 30 September Reply

      Hey Paulo,

      Please re-download the mag theme. I have done CSS edit to solve your issue.

      • Paulo
        Posted at 01:57h, 01 October Reply

        That is simply just amazing! Thank you so much for getting back to me and fixing the issue!

  • Asım
    Posted at 05:44h, 30 September Reply

    I want to use this theme in my site. ”www.daddymag.com” this theme is wonderful. But ı can use all of function like your demo. it s mean right colun (facebook twitter google etc.) I can add only facebook. Why

  • jelyfi
    Posted at 13:46h, 03 October Reply

    I want to use your theme, but the slider image in main page does not synchronize with photos in my posting. So please provide me the size of slider image in pixels.

  • Michal Peňaška
    Posted at 19:41h, 19 October Reply

    Hi and thank you for nice theme Mag. Please, how do i set pagination on frontpage? Or buttons Newer posts and Older posts?

  • Lamiaa Lamiaa Ahmed
    Posted at 16:56h, 26 October Reply

    Nice theme, I will install it on my site and i want to know if I should change some settings before installation or not?

  • Mohamed Arriouach
    Posted at 14:31h, 30 October Reply

    Hi and thanks Brian, I like this theme, I think I will install it for my new blog, thanks again.

  • Adini Saidi
    Posted at 12:53h, 28 December Reply

    Hello Brian. Is it possible to replace the slide show on the home page with an intro video? How would I do that?

  • Manisha Chaudhari
    Posted at 15:41h, 18 February Reply

    Please guide me Can i use the theme for my site ecouponworld.com

  • Sidelineblog.com Sports Blog F
    Posted at 18:45h, 01 March Reply

    Hey, I am having a small issue with the template. For some reason on the homepage “Footer Area 1” and “Footer Area 2” are not showing up but if you look at a regular blog post page they are. I am going to investigate further but am wondering if there are any helpful tips anyone can give me.

  • Rianto Harsono
    Posted at 04:34h, 21 April Reply

    If i want to make thumbnail from other site, what should i do? Since i only have limited space.

  • Henryou Kunze
    Posted at 17:46h, 22 July Reply

    Are you going to make MAG. Documentation avaliable again?

  • Ngiaa
    Posted at 13:23h, 28 August Reply

    Great theme i love it, how can i remove “Sorry, No image availabe” on some post which has no image?

  • Shanna
    Posted at 19:33h, 27 November Reply

    І am constantly browsing online for posts that can faciⅼitate me.

  • Nguyen Trang
    Posted at 10:56h, 24 April Reply

    Thank you very much for such an interesting post.

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