We are excited to announce the introduction of our premium course to help you grow you business/blog. Early on in the year, we have been running several case studies on how to grow your audience. This will form the basis of our first course that combines what we have learned over the last five years, to get you off to a flying start. We will also bring in outside experts to help teach other topics that we might not be as strong in. For example viral traffic, we have an instructor line up for that who gets millions of visitors each month from social media.

We are currently finalizing our first training that is called 101 Growth Hacking. For now, we are thrilled to offer an early bird offer and two week open Q&A to those on the early bird list.


More courses to come!


In January, we started developing our online courses. Due to the case studies and ill heath of our founder the release date was postponed. We have big plans to develop more online courses. We are currently working on a program about Viral traffic and Setting up a WordPress company. You can still find incredible resources on our blog, but these courses are presented in an easy to digest manner that templates.

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101 Growth Hacking


My #1 program to teach you how to build and grow your audience from your own blog. We have been building niche authority blogs for years; now you get a behind the scenes look at how we have achieved success building an audience. This isn’t a get your overnight audience course although some of the strategies used will able you to see a noticeable result in a short period. This course is for store owners mom and pop bloggers in short anyone that what to take their blog to the next level.

Will you be next?


Watch this space!


As well as creating actionable blog posts, we will create courses for those wanting a deep dive into the step by step process and system used. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the lope of the latest on-goings.