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WPEngine provides top of the line managed WordPress services to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, including some larger web based companies such as Soundcloud, AMD, and MaxCDN. They offer five tiers of service to their customers: personal, professional, business, premium, and enterprise, costing twenty nine, ninety nine, and two hundred forty nine dollars respectively. Purchase of the premium and enterprise service levels require the customer to call WPEngine in order to purchase. They offer support for their WordPress hosting twenty four hours per day, seven days a week. You can also expect daily back up sevices, firewalls, malware scanning, readiness for SSL certificates, and Evercache caching technology on any hosting package. WPEngine is one of the most secure managed WordPress hosts currently on the market, and even your small business can expect enterprise level security technologies. Their speed and scalability are unmatched in the industry. Acording to their site, users can expect their websites to run four to six times faster on their service rather than the competitions.



WPEngine doesn’t offer a newsletter per se. Rather, they offer users the ability to subscribe for updates via email of their latest blog posts, which can be found on their primary website. They offer multiple tips and tricks regarding web design, SEO, and general best practices for online business, as well as their Torque Weekly Digest. Occasionally they will announce flash sales or coupon codes through this medium as well as their various social media accounts. It is best to monitor these social media accounts as well as subscribe to the email updates so you never miss a sale.


Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales are very rare for WPEngine. When they do happen, they tend to not last for very long. If you are notified of one, it’s best to act very quickly in order to secure your savings.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday – Cyber Monday and Black Friday are two of the largest shopping holidays in the United States, and most companies offer steep savings for their customers on these days.


Best time to claim a WPEngine discount

The best time to claim a WPEngine discount is right now. WPEngine does not provide seasonal sales or giveaways very often. Rather, they offer steep discounts on their services through the use of various coupon codes. These coupon codes can provide customers with hundreds of dollars worth of savings for top of the line managed WordPress hosting and enterprise level security technologies. The existence of these codes makes WPEngine far more afforadable than ever before, and allows them to severely undercut their competition  in terms of cost to consumer value ratios.


Why You Should Choose WPEngine for your WordPress needs

You should choose WPEngine for your managed WordPress hosting needs because they offer enterprise level security and worldclass managed WordPress hosting for a price that is far more competitive than what the competition can offer. Their architecture is salable due to their Evercache caching technology, and they offer twenty four seven seven days a week support to all customers. They are considered to be innovators in the industry, and have an immense customer service focus. WPEngine also seeks to educate their customers on the newest best practices in the web commerce and development industries, as well as WordPress hosting in general. They view their own success as eing contingent on the success of their customer base.


WPEngine is highly affordable and provides a high degree of value to their customers when you compare their prices and technologies to other managed WordPress hosting services. Simply put, you get far more for your money using WPEngine than you do with other managed WordPress hosts currently on the market.


WPEngine provides competitive prices and a high cost to value ratio. Their lowest tier of service, personal, offers enterprise grade technologies, one installation, bandwidth that can handle twenty five thousand visitors monthly, ten gigabytes of storage, and unlimited data transfer services all for twenty nine dollars a month. Using the coupon code SPEEDUP, you can also receive twenty percent off of any WPEngine hosting package. Each tier of service offers escalating storage and bandwidth capabilities along with the enterprise grade security and data storage technologies that WPEngine offers.


WPEngine is one of the most secure managed WordPress hosting services on the market right now. Through various firewalls, active malware scanning software, caching services through their Evercache technology, intrusion protection, disk write protection, and daily data backups, you can rest assured that any data that you host with WPEngine will remain secure and protected no matter what happens. They also offer a single click restoration service through “Snapshot Backups” of your data, and enable you to enable SSL certificates on your site through a single click. WPEngine is constantly innovating to combine security with ease of use.

Ease of Use

WPEngine is constantly innovating to make their services easier than ever to use for individuals, businesses, and enterprises. Moreover, they offer twenty four seven seven days a week support through phone, email, and live chat to all of their customers. They also offer an extensive wiki and support documentation to help their customers more easily help themselves.

WPEngine Features

WPEngine offers a plethora of features, many of which are security related. At their highest service tier, enterprise, they offer as much as one terabyte of storage space, one hundred and fifty installs, bandwidth for five million monthly users, and as with the lowest tiers, unlimited data transfer capabilities. The levels of bandwidth, dedicated server spae depending on the tier of service that you purchase, and overall capabilities of WPEngine powered sites are almost unparalled in the industry. Truly, they wish to offer their customers a maximum level of value for their money.

Save more money through using WPEngine Discounts

WPEngine offers extensive discounts through their various coupon codes. These codes offer hundreds of dollars worth of savings to both new and returning customers to WPEngine. WPEngine views the success of their customer and client bases as the key to their own success, thus they try as hard as possible to create an environment of doing everything within their power to help their customers and their online businesses succeed.


WPEngine Promotions Frequently Asked Questions

My coupon code didn’t work. Why not?

There are two possible reasons for this. Firstly, it’s entirely possible that you may have entered in your code incorrectly. Make sure that your entering your code exactly as it appears on the website or blog post on which you found it. If need be, copy and paste it directly into the “coupon” field. Alternatively, the coupon code may have been part of a limited promotion and may have expired. Check the expiry dates of all coupon codes before you decide to use them.

Why does WPEngine cost more than other managed WordPress hosting services?

WPEngine does cost more than other managed WordPress hosting services. The reason for this is due to the technologies and services that they provide. According to their website, it would cost an individual or business six times the amount they pay in subscription fees to WPEngine if they tried to provide the same services or built the same IT infrastructure on their own. The biggest of these reasons is the concept of a single point of failure. When hosting a service yourself, it is your point of failure. If it goes down, so does your entire website. Regardless of the reason. With WPEngine, they use multiple redundant servers as well as daily backups. There is no single point of failure, and your website remains up no matter what.

Can I transfer my existing site to WPEngine?

Yes. WPEngine provides an extensive guide in their FAQ on how to do this. On top of this, they also provide support to all their customers twenty four hours a day. If you have any trouble transferring your site, WPEngine’s support team is ready and waiting to assist you.

Is my data secure on WPEngine?

Yes! WPEngine provides multiple layers of security for any website hosted on their service and all o their customers data. It I enterprise grade, with no single point of failure. Along with multiple layers of firewalls, data protection, active malware scanning, and daily data backups, you can be confident that your data will always be safe and secure on WPEngine.

Can I cancel my subscription to WPEngine if it doesn’t fit mine or my businesses needs?

Yes. WPEngine makes it easy for their customers to leave their service because in their view, it forces them to earn their customer’s business each and every month. They suggest that any user who wishes to leave back up their website data and their databases before they decide to leave, as they only store a copy of your website for up to thirty days. After that point, your data may be permanently lost. Hopefully WPEngine manages to keep your business through their superior technologies and value.


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