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When it comes to buying a particular product but still wondering about its review then certain stats related to the product can being in a sense of credibility. We are here today reviewing Elegant Themes which is one of the most popular WordPress theme providers and let me first start with the stats.

With over thousands of customers, Elegant Themes offers over 87 beautiful, unique and premium themes together at a price of just $70. This charge is for personal usage of theme and it bounds with the time limit of one year. If you are a developer or looking for lifetime access then you can go for $70 (per year) and $249 (one time) plans, respectively.

Either way, you’re getting a bunch of themes which you can use to develop blogs and websites of different niche and I’m pretty sure you will love getting all these at such incredibly low price. This is how a user finds this theme provider interesting but there are still many questions remaining whom you need to know answer of.

Elegant Themes Review

I’ll break down this review in sections that will further help you to navigate over here. As I had already covered every possible stats related to this developer unit, so now it’s time to look at other things that matters too.

#1 Quality and Numbers of Theme

Its official home page itself consist of unique looking web design which creates first sense of credibility. You can straightly visit over WordPress themes gallery page and scroll through all the themes available over there.

They are divided into categories (probably niche they are developed for) and you can also know individual number of themes a category have. Just scroll down and just after one fold you’ll start seeing through a portfolio over there.

Each and every theme is uniquely designed and well coded. This is the first thing we all should be looking before making our decision with any particular developer. It’s a simple sign whether it’s professional and expert in its work or not. So don’t miss it anywhere and luckily Elegant Themes covered it up elegantly.

You can easily create on any particular theme and see its individual features and functionality details. Apart from all common features, they offer many premium features as well including complete localization, unlimited color combinations, Shortcodes, Responsive design and Theme Options (control panel to change certain functionality and design of website as per requirement).

I had personally been fond of their products and using few. The best feature (other than ones I mentioned above) for me was always the SEO compatibility. There are in built features that can set and change SEO settings and optimized my website well for Search Engines. This seriously ensures that your website is being reached by readers through Search Engines.

Every part and feature have been detailed (in case if you’re interested in them) and you can even call for support team any time for further assistance. Don’t worry they don’t make it compulsory for you to buy their theme once you ask for their assistance in decision making.

#2 Security

Since you’re buying a premium product so this is the first thing you should expect from. Buying a premium theme is easy these days as people are good at pitching but how you can ensure whether you’re buying a professionally coded theme or not. In order to ensure this particular thing, you should be going with all popular theme providers who have been rated and reviewed by thousands of users around the world and they are always good at making buzz at social networks.

Elegant Themes delivers not just quality themes but also make sure their code is completely secured in order to keep the website safe from hacking or malicious attacks. For further safeguarding, they even provide regular updates to their machineries which ensures that known bugs and issues are patched up, leaving no space for enemy to target.

#3 Regular Update and Assistance

As I said just earlier, they offer regular updates for each of their themes and also a detailed assistance. If you’re not good at theme setup process then you can ask for the assistance and they will not only do setup for you but will also guide you to make you good at using them. After all if you can’t use a product on your own then it’s not that a good decision of buying it (at least in our web industry).

These two features ensures that your theme is secured every time and also you got a dedicated team available who is ready to troubleshoot while keeping your user experience always on top notch mark. People behind their help desk are good and experienced to sort out almost every issue professionally.

#4 Pricing

I started with certain stats (remember?), pricing is the charming factor in case of Elegant Themes. Where every other known provider is offering a single theme at around $50, you’re getting 87 themes for just $70 (I know it’s awesome). With their dedicated and quality support, regular theme updates and assistance, this price tag is further strengthen towards worthiness.

One more thing that I’d like to add here is that, developers at their lab are bringing at least one or two new themes every month. Since you’re having access to all of their products at least for one year, so you can even taste their future products (cool, yeah?). They are maintaining similar time interval while updating their already existing themes at the gallery.


Initially the kind of deal they are offering can make you feel suspicious but this is just part of their marketing gimmick. They are really good at what they are doing and their quality WordPress themes are result of the same. A user needs assistance and after sales support which are also present meeting every quality parameter you can check. On top of all these, you’re getting 30 day Money Back Guarantee. Go for it!

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  • hennah william
    Posted at 06:10h, 16 April Reply

    Elegent theme is looking awesome..i am going to use this on my new blog

  • Mitch Wilson
    Posted at 14:21h, 16 October Reply

    I have used these themes in the past with several of the websites I have built and what I like most is the flexibility. I think what steers most people wrong is that they don’t see the these as they would set it up and are purely looking a the sample the was put together.

  • Aranyani
    Posted at 05:20h, 17 January Reply

    Aranyani USA Official Website

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