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Elegant Themes offers a collection of stylish, professional WordPress themes with cost-effective pricing options. Whether you desire a personal website, a blog, a professional e-commerce portal, or an online business platform, Elegant Themes has the technical prowess and design aesthetic to match your vision. What’s more, they offer attractive deals and promotional offers to make it a true bargain! Best thing is, you can try them at a very deep discount by using an Elegant Themes coupon code at checkout! We included the best code below, for your convenience.

Best 2016 Elegant Themes Coupon

If you need full lifetime access, all Elegant Theme custom plug-ins, web-site builder tools, and 24/7 premium technical support for a bargain, WPToolkit’s deal is the best in the business. With savings of over 60%, this is a deal which will be hard to top throughout the year. Typically these promotional offers last only for the month, or arrive for a short period around the holidays. Having this as a yearly offer is great.

Active Coupon Codes for 2016

Get the best of Elegant Themes by availing these coupon codes which are active right now.

Save 20% off their entire developer suite, with complete access to all 87 themes, theme updates, premium support, all plug-ins, PSD with marked layers and unlimited website usage with this coupon code. Valid through January 2016.

Save a whopping $149 for Lifetime membership – For only $99 get the entire suite of all 87 themes, plug-ins, premium support, and developer tools. Check out WPToolKit for more astounding deals on several WordPress themes.

Save 10% off Lifetime Access – Want to save even more? Check out this coupon code to take 10% off lifetime access. All benefits of Developer access, plus it is a One-Time fee only!

$69 for Full Lifetime AccessPromotional code from Bloggingdeal lets you get the best of Elegant Themes for just $69.

PERF25 – Save 25% off any personal plan on Elegant Themes by using this coupon code at the checkout. Get more out of your elegant themes plan.

There are several periodic and seasonal sales coming up for specific holidays, and end of season giveaways. Keep your eyes peeled

Seasonal Sales

Elegant Themes offers several holiday discounts and seasonal offers and to help you put together the website, the online business, or the blog you always wanted to.

Popular holiday deals include

CHRISTMAS promo code to avail 80 popular themes for less than $1 each

BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY rebate of 20% on any elegant theme pack – Developer or Lifetime access. One of the highest all season!

Only $20 for premium upgrade to any Elegant Theme subscription from the basic personal one (end of season and back-to-school sales).

If there’s nothing which meets your need right now, no worries. Check out their blog page to nab the next great offer or seasonal deal as soon as they’re published. Know more about their theme additions, fixes, upgrades, weekly giveaways and freebies, and smart tips and tricks for website development and design.

Giveaways and Freebies

Elegant Themes Giveaways – Want to turn your WordPress site into an eBook? Or do you need to know about running a professional online business website? Are you keeping abreast with the best WordPress Facebook communities and groups to know about the latest market buzz?

Or maybe you just fancy a freebie every week

All this and much more in the Elegant Themes blog and Freebie of the Week pages. Stop by, explore, and find even more value for money by getting all these valuable tips and resources at no additional cost.


Subscribe to the Elegant Themes newsletter to get a head start on their ongoing promotions, deals and rebate coupon codes. From weekly freebies to information bytes from leading website evangelists, you can avail a treasure trove of information by simply signing up and checking the email subscription in your dashboard panel of personal account.

And yes, you can always unsubscribe if it’s bothersome.

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Best time to claim Elegant Themes discount

When you’re trying to build your website, it’s important to minimize the initial capital investment. Elegant Themes offers some great discounts, but what would be a good time to ensure your money goes little bit further:

Re-designing website – Move away from the hassle of having to oversee code maintenance, content upgrades, security upgrades, and design coherence by getting your Elegant Theme today. You will possess the layered PSD files to have full control of the design elements. You won’t have to write a single line of code. Plus you rack up deep discounts on your purchase.

Investing in an e-Commerce portal/ online business – Elegant themes has dedicated small business, e-commerce, corporate and professional layout options. Choose wisely to get the best user experience and save more on your early investment to maximize your profits.

Personal Websites – With Elegant Themes discounts you can score a sweet deal for your personal website for less than $4/month! You get excellent support and ton of design options for that price. Make your personal website the way you’ve always fancied it and connect with your user-base.

Save More with Elegant Themes Developer package

Elegant Themes Developer Package is targeted at freelancers, professional web development agencies and client-service creative agencies. Pay the subscription plan difference ($20 for non-discounted plans) and unlock the entire family of plug-ins, shortcodes, 87 themes, HTML codes, PSD files, Icon set, and detailed documentation. The images and demo assets are not covered under public usage license and are meant as placeholders only. Plus get the top-shelf tech support for development, site set-up and design queries pertaining to the themes.

With discounts, the upgrades could cost only $30, if you use the 60% off coupon for January 2016. For $99 you get lifetime package access to the great goodies at Elegant Themes.

Popular Plugins

Elegant Themes’ USP aren’t just those clean, simple, customizable themes which are easy to categorize and seamlessly align with the business module. They also have a great collection of built-in plugins and short-codes which make everything from website set up, database actions, to SEO and marketing easy.

Elegant Page Builder – helps construct advanced layouts for any blog post or page without coding. WYSIWYG, Rich interface features to help along the way

Monarch – amp up your social media shares with this dedicated multi-post plug-in.

Maintenance Mode – developing or adding functionality is easier with this plug-in. Your customers would know that the site is getting some cool new features with a simple toggle select option and basic feature set availability until you’re ready to go live again.

Bloom – Customize your contact forms and emailing lists (blacklist, whitelist, subscription, periodic promotional), secure form submissions etc. with this one-stop communication solution.

Handheld – Add responsive magic for tablets, phablets, cellphones and portable multimedia with this grid based plug-in

In addition, Elegant themes has a large collection of short-codes to bypass the frustrations of having to learn advanced web designing techniques to implement complex layout features.

Best rated Themes

Divi – Touted as the most powerful, versatile, and flexible theme… Divi can fit into almost any kind of business of personal use with it’s watertight, responsive web Divi builder features.

Extra – Divi builder powers this one too. Want new categories? Need story-driven features? Engaging categories and colors. Look no further.

Check out Divi and more themes in the Elegant Themes gallery.

Why Elegant Themes?

Websits are your first (and often only) chance to make a solid impression. Whether it is a personal photo gallery, portfolio, a small business, or a full-stack e-commerce corporate business, everyone invests in a good, responsive and efficient online experience. And that includes not just a website, but the whole suite of operations, tools, analytics, metrics, easy data gathering, email options, remote file transfer and blogging requirements. Elegant Themes offers all that and more. 

Simple and Customizable – The admin panel has smooth, WYSIWYG drag and drop options, custom plug-ins, short-codes, and several layout, color, and orientation options. Elegant Themes is committed to match your creative vision. With several different popular layouts, social media integration options, analytics and data metrics choice, Elegant Themes can make your site mimic every possible requirement category like Tumblr log, multi-media display, business, eCommerce, online magazine, portfolio or app format layouts to attract maximum traffic and revenue.

Premium Support – Unlike most WordPress theme shops, Elegant Themes doesn’t just stop at 24/7 round the clock support (both general and technical services) but regularly updates a tech support forum replete with active participation from leading developers, great list of FAQs and some sound consultation and advice from leading small business investors on making a WordPress site work.

Security – For e-Commerce or payment cart options, Elegant Themes offers top-class security from Norton, McAfee, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. Rest assured, breaches are not an option!

Marketing –Your website gets noticed among a pool of others with only the best marketing services. Elegant Themes employs market leading SERP, search engine optimization (SEO), and full suite of affiliate marketing options, back-linking, pay-per-click offers and unobtrusive advertisements.

Special features like code-less web builder, premium plugins, ‘maintenance’ mode for site under construction and quick edit options on your web sections.

Affordability – Elegant Themes are armed with very competitive pricing given the range of features and seamless integration it comes with. Personal accounts are available for as low as $69 (without the discounts), developer account with access to plugins, layered Photoshop files, auto updates and tech support for $89 per year (renewable), and the Lifetime package with all features of the Dev Package with a one-time fee of $249 (non-discounted price).

Elegant Themes FAQs

Investment in a new WordPress theme isn’t a swift call. It needs evaluating several aspects which align with your budget and business direction. So we pick some of the most common FAQs. Learn more here.

Question 1: Why do I need to sign up?

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It helps Elegant Themes track you as a legitimate customer and keep your purchase safe via the secure payment cart. You get to engage in the forum, take advantage of the affiliate membership plans and all manners of design and development options which comes with the territory.

Question 2: Would I be charged for the upgrades to themes, templates, or plug-ins?

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Not at all. Once you’ve purchased your plan, the only time you spend again is for the yearly renewal (unless you did the smart thing and got the ‘lifetime’ subscription!). Elegant Themes developers would consistently upgrade their code and design to match industry standards in security and design. They would be released periodically for automatic upgrades.

Question 3: How are the payments and discounts handled?

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Sign up. Add a theme to your cart in the member area. Apply your promotional code at checkout. Add your billing and payment card details. Done.

You’ll receive email confirmation and all relevant details to work on your website. All you have to do is unzip the entire theme in your hosting root and voila!

Question 4: Is there a refund policy?

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Oh yes! If you’re not satisfied with the theme, and our technical support is unable to provide you the advertised services, there is a 30-day full refund (maximum) option. This extends to all our purchase plans, themes and plugin suites.

Question 5: Are your content and theme optimized for modern standards?

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The modern coding elements, latest scripting and site optimization features, relevant software upgrades, social media integration, responsive multi-media design, and search engine optimization (SEO, SERP) are all part of our standard working methods. We wouldn’t sell you a product we don’t believe can stand up to the rigors of modern business standards.

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