ThemeFuse Coupon Code And Promotions For 2016

Current ThemeFuse Coupon Code for 2016:

85IDEAS – 15% discount voucher good towards your theme and plugin purchase

For a limited time only, the good folks over at ThemeFuse are giving our readers an exclusive ThemeFuse coupon code that grants them 15% off their entire order. To claim this discount, simply visit the link above, pick your themes, then check out! If the ThemeFuse discount does not automatically populate by visiting the link, simple enter the promo code 85IDEAS in the discount coupon box and you will see the promotion applied to your account. Hurry, this sale won’t last forever!

Tutorial: Applying a ThemeFuse discount code to your account

ThemeFuse Coupon and Discount Guide for 2016

If you found this page, you are more than likely familiar with ThemeFuse, and the superior products they offer in the WordPress theme space. If all you are looking for is a ThemeFuse coupon code, then you scrolled too far (or not far enough – the code is above AND below). The best ThemeFuse promotion is highlighted above, and will save you 15% on your next order. But if you aren’t yet familiar with the company, strap in because we are going to highlight some of the best features and promotions the company has to offer.

ThemeFuse Coupon

While this post will touch on popular ThemeFuse offerings and products, the main reason for this post is to outline the best promotions and discount coupons that ThemeFuse has to offer new and existing users. We found some obvious ways to save money, but it is worth talking about the not-so-obvious ones as well. But first, let’s once again give an overview of the best promotions that ThemeFuse has to offer:

ThemeFuse Promotions in Detail


Now that you know what promotions are being offered, it is not important that we take an in-depth look at each so you can select the right one and save big.


15% ThemeFuse Coupon


15% off is a great deal, and an even better deal considering ThemeFuse themes start at only $45. Take about $7 off that price, and your theme comes out to be well under $40. Good luck getting themes for that cheap at any other theme provider.


You should claim a coupon code deal if you are strapped for cash or building a brand new blog and don’t have very much income to spare. Of all people, I have been there time and time again, and I know the value that $7 means to a new blogger. $7 can buy you an article, a cool plugin, or an entire case of Ramen, if you’re really that desperate ;). Even if you want to simply save a few bucks, apply this promotion and you will do just that.

ThemeFuse Membership Plan


While 15% will save you money in the short term, what if you are a designer and love ThemeFuse themes, but don’t want to shell out $40 every time you buy one? Then check out the ThemeFuse Membership Plan and get access to every single one of the themes for only $199 per year. Many theme shops offer this, but ThemeFuse offers it at a low rate, and gives you tons of assets to back this price point up.


You get access to almost everything that ThemeFuse has to offer, including Editable PHP & CSS theme files, one click auto-install features, Premium Support, theme updates, unlimited domain licenses, layered Photoshop files, and much more. Not to mention all of this is backed by a money-back guarantee. If you are looking to step up your theme game, the ThemeFuse Club Membership is definitely the way to go.


Try ThemeFuse Free Before You Buy

You like the themes, but can’t decide if you want to make the jump and puchase a ThemeFuse theme. We get it, commitment can be hard sometimes. But what if we told you that you didn’t have to commit to anything, and can try every theme for free? Well, consider today your lucky day.


ThemeFuse offers full access to every theme to try for free. The process is simple; simply visit their site, sign up for an account, and unlock backend access to the wp-admin. You can poke around and mess with things as if you actually owned the theme on your own domain. Pretty cool! Try them free here.


In short, there are three promotions that the company is running, and selecting the correct one really just comes down to what you are looking for. Are you strapped for cash and want to save money up front? The 15% discount is likely for you. Are you interested, but don’t want to plunk down money before you know exactly what you are getting? No worries, try the themes for free! Do you like more than one theme and can’t decide, or are you a designer looking for multiple options but still save? Great! Sign up for the membership plan and get access to every theme!

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ThemeFuse Theme Pricing


One of the things that makes ThemeFuse so unique is their pricing structure. Aside from their awesome theme promotions and discounts, they have three levels of pricing that make their themes affordable for someone on every budget.

ThemeFuse Pricing

As we briefly discussed above, ThemeFuse offers themes for a starting price of only $45. This is much lower than competitors, and is a great deal from the start. The themes come packed with features, and include lifetime licenses and tons of support. Throw in a promo code for money off, and you’ve got yourself a great deal.


Step up from that and pay $85 for a developer license, which just means you get a bonus theme and access to some layered PhotoShop files. Since this option is a mere $85, you can easily mark these up and bill clients for the additions. Easy. Go one step beyond that and for only $199, unlock every theme that ThemeFuse offers. If you are an agency or a serious developer, welcome to your playground.

ThemeFuse Themes link

ThemeFuse Coupon FAQ


We get quite a few questions about ThemeFuse promotions, so we have curated them into a simple guide. Before you embark on a quest for help, check out some of the most common questions about the topic:

Question 1: What does the ThemeFuse coupon code get me?

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Question 2: How many themes are included with the ThemeFuse Club Memberhsip?

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Question 3: How does the ThemeFuse payment process work?

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Question 4: How do I claim my ThemeFuse discount voucher?

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Question 5: Are ThemeIsle themes any good?

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