Best Dreamhost coupon code for 2016

Dreamhost is the two time winner of PC Mag’s Best Web Hosting Service award, and it shows. They offer shared hosting plans at an affordable price as well as top of the line technologies in the form of storage, security, and lightning fast loading speeds. Along with their reasonably priced hosting plans, they also offer a free domain name for as long as the hosting bill is paid. This is in stark contrast with other hosting providers, who require you to pay for your domain seperately. Dreamhost offers their standard shared hosting plans, with monthly, annually, and bienneial billing cycles (10.95, 9.95, and 8.95 per month respectively), as well as managed WordPress hosting for 19.95 per month, virtual private server access for fifteen dollars per month, and dedicated server access for 149 dollars per month. Each plan offers unlimited bandwidth, and incredibly high storage space, unlike many other hosting providers who can severely limit both.


Best Dreamhost coupon code for 2016


55OFF1 – This code gives you fifty five dollars off of one year of hosting. Fantastic option for enterprising individuals looking to take advantage of the award winning technologies that Dreamhost offers while still sticking to their budget.


Other Dreamhost promotions


DATA – This is the most well known Dreamhost coupon code, and the most reliable over time. It provides a one time fifty dollar discount on hosting packages of one year or more.


TECH – For those who want more out of their hosting package, this coupon grants you a free extra domain name and a unique IP address.


DOMAIN25 – Gives the user both an extra domain name, free of charge, and a twenty five dollar discount on any non-monthly hosting package.


UNIQUE25 – A free upgrade to a unique IP address and a twenty five dollar discount.


Lifehacker295dh – In partnership with the website, this code discounts the yearly hosting package from 9.95 a month to 2.95 a month. That’s a seventy percent discount! This deal is for a limited time only, however, so you have to act fast!




Dreamhost does not a have newsletter. They do, however, have a blog and extensive social media presence which is updated on a regular basis. On these platforms they mostly offer tips and trick to help your web business grow, but they also occasionally offer coupon codes and discounts to help their customers save money. It’s best to follow them on social media to get these updates instantly.


Seasonal Sales


Dreamhost does not offer seasonal sales on a frequent basis. If they do, it’s best to follow them on social media to get these updates instantly, as they only last for an extremely limited time. With their other discounts however, customers are able to save substantial amounts of money throughout the year; sometimes as much as 70% of what they would have otherwise paid, or about 2.95 per month. With savings like that and the value that Dreamhost provides, you can’t afford to miss out when these deals happen.




Dreamhost occasionally hosts giveaways when they reach certain milestones. The most recent of these was their “Sweet Sixteen Giveaway” They gave away some hosting packages for free and other steep discounts to their customers. As well as this, they held multiple raffles for big ticket items such as iPads to show their customers how much they appreciated their business. Watch their blog and various social media pages for future giveaways such as this one. They don’t happen often, but when they do, you cannot afford to miss out.


Best Time to claim a Dreamhost discount


The best time to claim a Dreamhost discount is right now! They offer multiple coupon codes that allow you to save between twenty five and fifty five dollars off your hosting plan, get multiple free domains, and unique IP addresses – unlike any other hosting provider. Through taking advantage of these discount and coupon codes, you can quickly get access to the superior hosting technologies that Dreamhost offers for a fraction of what you may pay elsewhere. On top of this, they occasionally offer up to seventy percent discounts off their annual hosting packages through partnerships with other popular websites such as


Popular Dreamhost Hosting Packages


The most popular Dreamhost hosting package is their annual deal. It works out to 9.95 per month, which saves you about twenty percent in comparison to the month to month package. When combined with other discount codes, you save a large amount of money on your hosting pacakage that you wouldn’t have otherwise. You also get a free domain name for as long as you pay your hosting bill, which enables you to save even more of your hard earned money which can then be put towards growing and expanding your online business presence. If you want even more savings, their biennial package offers as much as a thirty percent discount from the month to month plan, working out to about 8.95 per month. This plan is billed every two years, allowing you to modify your business budget for better pursuits in the interim.

Why You Should Choose Dreamhost

Dreamhost is an award winning hosting provider for a reason. While some of their prices are slighly higher than other providers, they provide you with unparalled value and discounts to more than justify it. They also offer large amounts of storage and unlimited bandwidth, as well as WordPress optimized hosting packages, free email addresses, and 24/7 support – all things that you won’t find for as low a cost at any other provider.


Dreamhost provides unprecedented value to its customers for the cost you pay. The cost of hosting with Dreamhost is slightly higher than other providers, but you get much more in exchange for your money: free domain names, free unique IP addresses, SSD storage for lightning fast loading speeds, unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, and more depending on the plan you purchase. Couple this with discount codes for bulk hosting services, and you simply cannot go wrong choosing Dreamhost for your business needs both large and small. It’s also an excellent choice for developers who wish to host multiple websites at a time for clients who cannot manage their websites on their own. Unlimited bandwidth ensures that you will never pay extra for your high traffic sites and that sudden influxes of traffic will never be a major issue.


Dreamhost’s prices are slightly higher than other hosting providers, but it’s well worth it in exchange for award winning service and unprecedented value. The technologies Dreamhost provides even for their lower tier hosting services are above and beyond what you will find with other providers. On top of this, free unique IP addresses and free domains reduce your overall cost, balancing out over time the extra that you pay to host with a provider who offers you unlimited bandwidth.


Dreamhost only provides secure servers, and you can rest assured that their monitoring systems, backups, and redundant hardware are preserving your data no matter what happens. Dreamhost’s software is all Linux based and open source, so you can rest assured that there are no sneaky back doors or major security flaws that cannot be taken care of immeadiatly.

Ease of Use

Dreamhost is easy to use, and they offer 24/7 support to all their users as well as extensive documentation, a user run forum, and a regularly updated wiki. All of this is designed to get your website or business web presence up and running as fast as possible, with little to no downtime or frustration on your part.

Dreamhost Features

Dreamhost has multiple features that you won’t be able to find on other providers for the same low cost. These include managed WordPress hosting, cloud computing services, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, as well as free domains for any person who uses their hosting services. The cost to value ratio of these services simply cannot be found elsewhere when you compre the technologies used and the level of customer support with other providers.

Save money by using Dreamhost discounts

Dreamhost offers extensive discounts to encourage you to sign up to one of their hosting packages. By pay for a years worth of hosting in advance, you can save as much as twenty percent off your hosting bill. Couple this with discounts that can grant you anywhere between fifty five dollars and seventy percent off, and the value that you get for your money is simply unmatchable.

Dreamhost Promotion Frequently Asked Questions

My code didn’t work, why?

There are two possibilities when coupon codes fail to work. First, you may have simply entered in the code incorrectly. Make sure that you enter in your coupon code exactly how it appears on the blog, email, or other site. To ensure this, you can copy and paste it into the coupon field. Alternatively, the coupon may have been part of a promotional deal with a partner website, and the promotion may have expired. Check all promotional coupon expiry dates carefully before you try to use them.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my hosting package at any time?

Yes! Dreamhost allows you to switch from a yearly or biennial billing cycle to a lower or higher tier at any time. Your cost may be prorated to affect this change however, which can lead to you pay more or less than you would normally at first.

With shared hosting, do I still control my website?

Yes! Shared hosting simply means that your site is hosted on the same server as other sites rather than a dedicated one. You still maintain all of the control, and can update and edit your site through Cpanel, a Linux based hosting program at any time. No one else but you will be able to edit your website without your consent.

Can I get help if I need it from Dreamhost?

Dreamhost offers extensive support and service to all of its users. They offer 24/7 live support should you require it, as well as user generated content via the forums, a regularly updated wiki, and extensive documentation on all of their products and how to use them. You are never alone when it comes to understanding the technologies that you’re using and how best to utilize them to grow your online business platform.

Can I host more than one domain with Dreamhost?

Yes! Dreamhost is incredibly developer friendly. You can host multiple websites for your clients all at once, and access and manage them all through a single Cpanel hub. The interface is very intuitive, and there is always documentation and support to assist you when you need the help. The value Dreamhost provides for its relative cost makes it one of the leading hosting providers for developers who wish to manage their clients websites for them.

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