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Namecheap is no stranger for anyone who is one the web for a long period of time. But, if have no idea about Namecheap, then it is a domain registrar company and web hosting company situated in Lost Angeles, California. The company is founded by Richard Kirkendall and its now 15 years it has been in the field of online hosting and domain registration.

With over 3 million domains and 800,00 clients under their belt, they have shown their dominance in the field. They are also registered as an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and this makes them a favorable website for registering your website domain.

We will go through two main aspects of Namecheap. There are tons of coupon that are sent out by Namecheap to their partners. We offer some of the best coupons for you.

To make everything easy for you, we will go through the process of redeeming coupon first and then review Namecheap.

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How to redeem Namecheap Coupon Code?

Redeeming Coupon code is easy and takes few minutes of your precious time. So, why wait? Let’s dive deep into the tutorial.

1. First, copy the coupon code and go the web page that sells the offer.

2 .Once, you are there. Choose the product that you want to purchase.

3. After the selection, add the product to the cart. You can select the domain ending such as .com, .net etc. according to your requirement. If you are buying a domain, then you have to select the domain name to move further.

4. There can be many options depending on what you are looking for. Choose the one that you really need. Ignore other options.


Add promo code as shown in the above image. Once the promo code is used, the price will be updated. And, you proceed further to check out the service.

Bonus Tip: Buying different services separately can make you save more money. For example, if you are planning to buy domain and hosting. Buy the hosting first by using the promo code and then buy the domain to maximize the money saved.

Namecheap Review: Hosting

Namecheap is in the business of web hosting and domain registration for 15 years and their experience speaks a lot for them. They offer cheap domain registration and web hosting and anyone can avail their services with the click of the button.

Another reason that they are more attractive than any other domain registrar or web hosting is the availability of discounts and coupons. Their partners on the regular basis come up with great discount coupons.

Customer Support

When reviewing any web hosting, the first thing that I look for is their customer support. Any web hosting company is all about their customer support. Without good customer support, all their services are nullified.

Namecheap customer support is great and comes at no extra cost. They are available for most of the time and can solve most of the problems in a matter of minutes. For any reasons, if the customer care cannot solve the problem, they forward the request to a senior engineer, who generally solve the problem in the time space of an hour or so.

Reliable and Cheap

The cheap factor can be understood directly from their name, “Namecheap”. The service is best suited for current Namecheap customers as well a new customers.

On the other hand, their service is reliable. No hidden charges, constant server up time and other factors make Namecheap one of the best web hosting and domain reseller online.

Fast Web Hosting

With google stringent requirement for faster websites, Namecheap server response is minimal and aids in faster loading of the website. There are many factors such as theme used, the number of plugins used and others that affect the loading speed of the website.

Having a fast server means not waiting for the website to be served to the website visitors, improving website speed and google rankings.

Easy To Use

If you are new to the web world, you will feel home at Namecheap. Namecheap uses CPanel, which is simple and easy to use and understand. Both newbies and experts can use CPanel to their advantage.

The cPanel contains all the necessary tools for controlling all your services. Also, there is proper documentation for each segment of the cPanel so you will never get lost. And, if you are stuck, you can always ping the live chat or the forum support.

Comes with CloudFlare

Want to increase your website loading speed? Don’t worry as Namecheap comes with integrated CloudFlare, which is used to deliver website content to different parts of the world.

Using CloudFlare can easily improve site performance and in turn help you gain google rankings.

Namecheap Review: Domain Registrar

Namecheap is famous for their domain registration service. But, the question is what makes them the best? Let’s find out.

1. Affordable Price

With less strain on your pocket, you can easily grab your favorite domain. Different domain extensions are available and each of them is priced just right. Furthermore, you can always use coupons for better discounts and make the sweet deal sweeter.

2. Great Support

Stuck with any problem regarding domains? Then, do not worry as they have excellent support for any problems that are related to the domain.

3. UpSelling strictly prohibited

Many domain registrars indulge their customers in upselling, i.e., asking them to buy service which they might need at high prices. This kind of business model is not practiced in the Namecheap service and you can easily enjoy your newly bought domain without any unwanted emails or calls from their marketing team.

4. Great Management Options:

Once you buy a domain, you will get a username and password for a personalized backend. The backend can easily be customized and includes tools that are needed for handling the domains.

Wrap Up

Today, we went through the Namecheap coupons and review. I tried to cover both the domain registrar aspect and web hosting.

According to me, Namecheap is one of the best domain registrar and web hosting company. With time to come, they can hold more ground on the web world, keeping their competitors at bay and their customers happy.

Have anything to add to the review? Comment below and let us know!

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