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Hunting for the best web host, particularly in the case of running a WordPress blog, is not that easy. No matter how hard you try, you are never going to find a 100% satisfactory experience unless you make up your mind of going with a premium hosting solution provider.

At the start of your blogging journey (or maybe the WordPress developer journey), going with a shared hosting can do the job. But, the moment your website starts hitting a traffic benchmark in thousands of numbers per month, you are required to make the switch to a premium solution.

In many cases, the hosting providers that mainly offer shared plans, are not at all good when it comes to premium or dedicated ones. That’s the reason you should be looking for a completely professional and premium company.

Since, you have a clear path to choose now, so to help you further, I am sharing one premium WordPress hosting provider here. I am not telling you to choose definitely this over any other. You shouldn’t be taking such decisions in a hurry.

Rather, go through this SiteGround review guide and see if this host is perfect for you. 

SiteGround Review

The very first thing I personally look for in a digital company before making my decision to opt for their services is to know its age. Luckily, SiteGround is over ten years old which clearly reflects their expertness and professional attitude towards this special website related business. This clears a lot of things and mostly that we are not talking here of a naive or rookie.

The second part that pleases me is its grip on features. It never offers an unlimited disk space or bandwidth that is a downside for a lot of us, but the kind of features it offers are truly awesome. When it comes to premium hosting, we shouldn’t be falling into the trap of unlimited disk space or bandwidth. 

Because, there are lots of terms and conditions attached to that ‘Unlimited’ term. Practically, no one offers a 100% unlimited storage. That’s why I personally prefer the one that is clearly specifying the storage amount I am getting with a plan.

Now, let me break this review into sections for your ease.


I got a chance of testing the SiteGround Linux hosting for a WordPress blog, and I liked the experience I had. The very starting plan (the first and cheapest one) allows hosting of a single website and offers 10GB of web space for the same.

The host was live for almost every hour throughout the week, which never initiated any reason for me to get in touch with their technical support team.

Every plan clearly indicates the number of visitors a website can hold per month, which is a good indicator , nd I never found any other hosting provider sharing this term so clearly. It really helps in choosing the plan, and clears a lot of confusions.

The features offered are divided into three sets, Essential, Premium and Geeky Advanced. Every plan holds the Essential ones which covers technical support, CloudFlare CDN feature (Yes, FREE), free daily backup, unlimited database storage and unlimited traffic, one free domain and even the free site transfer.

If any website has a CDN working at its base, then its performance is always going to be top notch. Since, we are getting it for free, so performance is never going to be the issue.

Technical Support

The bunch of features offered by a hosting provider doesn’t add up if the technical support is poor. No matter how better a host is, bad things happen with almost every website and during that situation, the technical support should come handy.

While talking to SiteGround’s team on numerous encounters, I found that they are well aware of almost every issue that is known to be related to a website, particularly the WordPress driven ones.

Their approach is always professional and so their language. I was always helped by their team members.

To check this part further, I read hundreds of reviews done by other users on the web and found their experience with technical support matching with mine.


The only thing wrong with the plans SiteGround offers is the limited disk space. But, it depends on person to person, as how they look at this particular feature. If they like clarity, then SiteGround will be their choice. But the one who like to stick with unlimited storage plans, will look somewhere else. Not to forget, the premium hosting plans rarely offer unlimited storage.

Also, there is no option to buy a Windows hosting. They prefer staying with the Linux one only.

Value for Money

To be honest, while comparing the pricing and features offered by SiteGround with other hosting providers, I did find that it is a costlier. But, considering the features offered with every plan and kind of clarity they offer from day one in terms of technical terms, really got me.

I will end up my review by claiming SiteGround as the value for money. Now, you are aware of the facts you should be considering before making the decision. Don’t worry, they also offer 30 days money back guarantee.

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How to Redeem SiteGround Coupon

The process of redeeming a SiteGround coupon is pretty simple, and just like any other website.

  1. First, copy the coupon code you wish to redeem from our previous section.
  2. Visit the official website of SiteGround hosting provider and choose a plan you want to buy.
  3. After selecting a domain and entering certain detail (as the form ask to fill up), proceed to the payment part.
  4. Over there, you will clearly see an empty text box, allowing you to put the SiteGround coupon you are holding. Paste the code in the same text box.
  5. Proceed to the payment and once a coupon is applied, you will see the discount on the spot.


That was the story of the day guys. I hope that I covered every aspect of SiteGround host which you were looking to know. If you still have any related query in mind, then shoot it in the discussion section.

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