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CyberChimps is your go-to store if you are looking for premium themes that are WordPress compatible, truly mobile-ready, have a beautiful design and excellent support. CyberChimps Themes are the best-in-class, as evinced by the 5 million downloads and the 11 million websites launched. You can choose from a wide range of assorted themes especially built for your businesses –agriculture, real-estate, pet-care, portfolio, music, fitness, restaurant,  E- Commerce and a lot more. Easy Setup, a turnkey solution to set-up your entire website is CyberChimps’ USP.


You also have the option of buying all the themes and plugins for a steal (less than $2) by getting access to the CyberChimps Club


Complete Drop and Drop Theme Options which will help you build your site without any knowledge of coding. Your development time will be drastically reduced with a great deal of functionality and customization options offered. And, for the the techie in you, CyberChimps’ Premium Themes let you make the most use of hooks and filters.


CyberChimps Themes are packed with features like –

  • Compatibility with latest WordPress version
  • Cross browser support
  • Translation ready
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Social integration
  • HTML5, CSS3 for making these themes future-proof
  • Fonts and Styles of your liking
  • Retina Optimization
  • Secure Built
  • Regular Updates
  • Theme options that include header customization, Drag and Drop features like the CyberChimps slider, carousel, gallery, Google Maps, Twitter bar, testimonials’ showcase
  • Different layouts for sidebars
  • Customizable template options
  • Multiple Social Icons
  • Multiple color options

The intuitive Theme Options help users to build their own websites and delights beginners and experts as well while setting up and designing a WordPress Theme.


These touch friendly Drag and Drop option include various elements like iFeature Slider, Callout Section, Portfolio, Twitter Bar, and other Elements while logged into WordPress using our theme options. There isnt any need to code using CSS or anything for that matter; simply drag & drop these elements and you have a crisp & visually appealing WordPress site in minutes.

 Have A Look At Some Of CyberChimps’ Best Themes

  • Responsive Pro

Responsive Pro


The Responsive Pro Theme features 11 widget areas ,9 page templates, 6 template layouts, threaded comments, and 4 menu positions. This theme has a fantastic WordPress Slider Plugin , SlideDeck, seamlessly integrated in it. It allows you to source content from 13 social media platforms like Vimeo,YouTube, Pinterest; 3 slider skins, and lets you create custom image slides. Thus, you have the option of featuring a slider in your pages,and siderbar widgets and posts; without having to install a different slider plugin. It has in-built support for popular plugins like WooCommerce and bbPress . Responsive Pro has a whole lot of  customization features to select from –  typography options with Google Fonts,12 colorful skins and other powerful customization tools.


  • iFeature Pro

ifeature pro


Set-up a touch-friendly website in no time . iFeature Pro’s touch-friendly drag and drop elements will set up your website without any hassle. This theme features the CyberChimps Framework Theme Options.You name it – iPhone, iPad or any Android device, your website will be touch-friendly and responsive with this theme. Control the appearance (look and feel) of each page, choose from 7 different skin colours, use Google Fonts and widgetized sidebars and  footers.


Ifeature Pro is translation-ready. The UI dashboard contains elements for video,google maps, blank space and separator.


* Powered by WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.

  • Eclipse Pro 3

Eclipse Pro WordPress Theme


Engage your visitors with this smart and responsive theme. Drag and Drop elements in Theme Options will help you in controlling the appearance of each page. Choose from 7 colorful skins. New Drag and Drop Elements including the new touch friendly iFeature Slider, Custom Drag and Drop Header and logo options,Callout Section, Widgets, Boxes, Portfolio, Breadcrumbs,  Recent Carousel, Posts, and Twitter Bar. This Translation Ready theme has Theme Customizer support,  Powerful Blog Settings, Typography Options including Google Fonts, Widgetized sidebars and footer.


* Powered by WordPress, HTML5, and CSS3,Twitter Bootstrap


  • Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro WordPress Theme


Parallax Effect is the in-thing in web-design today. It is a term used to describe the effect where two superimposed images scroll at different speeds – creating a 3D effect –  the background image scrolling at a different speed than the  page’s scrolling speed . This will definitely hook visitors and engage them longer.


The body and all the elements can be given the Parallax Background Effect using Parallax Pro Theme . All the elements can be given an awesome fullwidth background. Contains new drag-and-drop elements including the new touch-friendly CyberChimps slider, logo options, custom drag-and-drop header portfolio, widgets, boxes, breadcrumbs,callout section, carousel, recent posts, and Twitter bar.


The Parallax Pro theme is touch friendly, fully responsive, is translation ready, has Post formats support, has powerful blog settings, typography options including widgetized sidebars, Google Fonts, and footer.

*Powered by WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.

  • iRibbon Pro 2

iRibbon Pro 2


This top-notch user-friendly theme is packed with advanced functionalities. It is touch-friendly,responsive, has a featured slider, Image Carousel,  Widgetized boxes, Twitter bar, and Callout section. Each page can be bespoke.


Choose from 4 different skins. This theme has Post Formats Support, Translation Ready, Powerful Blog Settings, Theme Customizer support, Typography Options including Google Fonts, Widgetized sidebars and footer.


*Powered by WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.


So, Why Should You Choose CyberChimps Themes ?


Advance FrameWork

CyberChimps Themes are powered by WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.


Herioc Support

CyberChimps active development team is constantly working towards improving Themes and Plugins. You will always get an updates about newly added features, security enhancement and bug fixes.

Do you have any issues with using the theme, making CSS changes etc ? Then just sign up for CyberChimps Plus Support. A dedicated customer support team will be always available to provide you an expert assistance with the CSS code in building website.


CyberChimps Club

If you are looking for More than 2-3 themes then CyberChimps Provide a fantastic and a very economical option to buy a CyberChimps Club where you will get access to all CyberChimps Premium Themes and Plugins. It is economical because you literally get premium themes and plugins for less than $2

Create a kickass website with these uber cool premium themes. Now! For more – Visit

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