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Are you struggling to find ways to improve your website and make it fully efficient? Before you worry about getting your SEO perfect, building a social media audience, and establishing a brand, take a step back and start with the basics; hosting. If you are looking to take your website’s functionality to the next level, check out Flywheel.

Flywheel is currently running a few different promotions that will help you offset the cost. While worth every penny, it can seem like a lot when you first sign up. With promotions like 3 months of free hosting, free demo sites, and discounted monthly rates, our promo codes are sure to help you save the most on hosting plans.


In addition to allowing users to create free demo sites to try out the hosting, Flywheel also has another great promotion that will save you money when you sign up. When you switch to the annual plan, meaning you get billed for a full 12 month cycle all at once, you’ll get two months of hosting for free.

This discount is easy to activate, and can be applied to new users looking to purchase a year of new hosting, or existing users looking to upgrade from their current monthly billing cycle. Simple select your plan, then head on over to the payment and checkout page. From there, enter the Getflywheel coupon code FLYDAY18! and you should see the discount reflected on the page. Easy!


Other Flywheel Promotions

Luck for you, the Flywheel discounts don’t stop there. As a way to spread the word about their service Flywheel has introduced what they are calling their “Creative Toolbox”. This is an outlet that includes over $4,000 worth of free resources and discounts. From theme providers to add-on plugins, they thought of it all.

Flywheel creative toolbox featured image on GetFlywheel coupon code page

Unlocking these great discounts and promotions is very easy, and can be done in four steps. 1. Visit the Creative Toolbox page on the Flywheel website. 2. Click the Unlock Discounts button near the top of the page. 3. Enter your email address in the popup box. 4. Share the page on either Twitter or Facebook. From there, you’ll have unlocked the toolkit and gained access to a host of promotions and resources! Whether you’re looking to spruce up an existing site, or launch one from scratch. this toolkit will give you the resources you need!

These include some great offers on partner themes and plugins, giving customers more tools and options to develop their sites in new directions. Here are just a few of the 50+ offers on site!

  • 20% off Tesla Themes, for modern and stylish WordPress themes with responsive design.
  • 92% off theme development class, teaching customers to develop their own WordPress themes for just $15!
  • $82 off the Ultimate WordPress Plugin Course, giving the skills to create and customise plugins.
  • 25% off themes & plugins from ThemeXpert, covering WordPress and Joomla themes.
  • 25% off at TemplateMonster, one of the web’s largest collections of expert templates.
  • $59 off All Themes Package at for an entire year! Plus, get $19 off any theme or plugin.
  • 12% off Apple accessories for your iPad, iPhone and so on.
  • 20% offRichWP themes, with a buy one, get one free special for an extra free theme!
  • 25% off Be Free Lance, an online workshop that helps people start their own business.
  • 20% offFoxland theme, for WordPress, including plugins.
  • $100 off Macaw Professional, a huge saving off a powerful web design tool!
  • 20% offAudioTheme, premium WordPress music and band themes.
  • Save 20% off any premium WordPress music or band theme built by AudioTheme.
  • 20% offPaymo for 3 months, a useful time management application.
  • Get 20% discount for 3 months of Paymo, the simple Project Management application that bundles task management, time tracking and invoicing.
  • 10% off Might Deals, the daily deal site for creative apps, books and templates.
  • Mighty Deals is a daily deals website aimed at creative professionals. They offer amazing deals on quality fonts, templates, apps, ebooks, icons and much more.
  • Receive a 20% discount on Elegant Themes’ Developer subscription, which includes full access to 87 premium WordPress themes.


What is Flywheel?

Since forming in 2012, Flywheel has strived to become one of the foremost WordPress hosting services on the web, helping customers to get the most out of this versatile platform. With a focus on taking the stress out of site management, Flywheel’s services de-mystify the jargon of WordPress and navigate the technical minefield behind the site so that users don’t have to.

Catering to site designers of all sizes and scopes, from small blogs to big traffic hubs, Flywheel has built a reputation on quality and accessibility. With a dedicated and skilled staff roster, putting talent above quantity, Flywheel has an eye for design and beauty, giving hosting a friendly human face.


Excellent Flywheel Value

The friendly service at begins with a tiered pricing system, from as low as $15 a month for individual sites, or $100 a month for up to 10 sites in a bulk plan. None of the packages working for you? The team also offers customized packages for the buyer with specific needs.

Flywheel’s main offer, which should appeal to most customers is one month of free service, when paying annually. This discount really takes the sting out of moving to a new WordPress hosting company.

The optimum package right now, especially for small users, is the Tiny plan for $15 a month! This gives customers up to 5,000 monthly visits, 5GB disk space and 250GB bandwidth! That’s in addition to Flywheel’s customary extras like free migration, taking the hassle out of moving your site, plus a guarantee of no overages if you hit your limit.

Flywheel also currently offers a FREE eBook: ‘The ultimate guide to managing 50+ WordPress sites’ which gives readers a raft of inside tips and hints towards WordPress success.


Follow Flywheel

Flywheel WordPress hosting operate social media accounts to help customers keep apprised of news, developments and special offers. The best way to hear about a new coupon code or discount package is to use these methods.

Look for getflywheel on Instagram to see the latest development photos and artwork from the team. Use @heyflywheel on Twitter to hear about new offers and read some fantastic web design guides. Finally, like getflywheel on Facebook to see everything the team is up to and learn about the future of web design.


When to claim a Getflywheel discount

The offers that Flywheel list for their WordPress services are best used at certain times, to really get the most from them. There are also key times to look for offers, when customers can get the most for their money.

Like many companies, Flywheel make some great offers during the holiday seasons. Black Friday and Christmas are two notable examples of great times to find special offers. Flywheel plans offer a lot of free extra services which appeal to people looking for bargains, so holiday codes can be used up quickly. Subscribe to their magazine or follow their social media accounts to get in first.

One of the best times to use Flywheel is when starting a new business. Flywheel’s mixture of packages make it very simple to pick a hosting plan that suits a new company’s needs. For example, many will start out with the smallest package to keep costs low, with the option to move to a larger package when the business grows. Flywheel’s friendly service and simplified approach are a great boost to new entrepreneurs with a solid business idea, but not much technical knowledge; let Flywheel’s experts handle that.

Flywheel offers free migration, which is ideal for businesses moving to a new domain, or looking for a redesign. Flywheel can make this change seamless and easy, by handling all the technical work behind the scenes and providing continuous support. Flywheel give customers access to powerful content management tools that make it easier to change site content, with automatic backups in case of problems.

Another great time to claim Flywheel discounts is when budgeting for expansion. Flywheel offers a massive Creative Toolkit full of discount offers on partner sites, meaning that businesses needing a new theme, or equipment, or specialised plugins alongside their new WordPress site can make huge savings.


The best Flywheel packages

There are several packages to choose from on which cover a range of needs, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

For those wanting to create a single WordPress site, such as a blog for one business or a simple ecommerce site, there are three optimal plans.

  • The Tiny plan. $15 a month, with up to 5,000 monthly visits, 5GB disk space and 250GB bandwidth.
  • The Personal plan. $30 a month, with up to 25,000 monthly visits, 10GB disk space and 500GB bandwidth.
  • The Professional plan. $75 a month, with up to 100,000 monthly visits, 20GB of space and 1TB bandwidth.

The Professional plan is ideal for large sites, with enough bandwidth to make the site accessible and smooth for people across the world. This plan also features SSL support, CDN and Multisite support, though these can also be added to other plans for a small monthly fee.

Resellers and those seeking multiple sites can take advantage of Bulk Plans. These are structured into two sizes to give customers some flexibility.

  • $100 a month, allowing 10 WordPress installs, 150,000 monthly visits, 40GB disk space and 2TB Bandwidth.
  • $250 a month, allowing 30 WordPress installs, 600,000 monthly visits, 120GB disk space and 8TB Bandwidth.

All Flywheel plans also include FREE:

  • SFTP access to update your sites with a single login.
  • Built-in caching to keep your site smooth without any technical know-how.
  • Free demo sites so that you don’t pay until you’re happy.
  • Malware monitoring to protect your site from hackers, with live alerts.
  • Expert support in the form of Flywheel’s team of WordPress experts.
  • Managed updates to streamline the process of updating WordPress, without affecting you.
  • Unlimited collaborators are welcome to their own logins and access to your project.
  • Auto-backups allow you to revert to previous data at the click of a button.

Flywheel also offer another way to save money, with custom plans. Both bulk and individual buyers can call Flywheel on 888-928-8882 to arrange a custom package. This generous and flexible option lets the buyer tailor their bandwidth, visitor limit and more to suit their exact needs.


Why Should I Choose Getflywheel?

There are many providers of WordPress hosting out there, all offering different things, but the team at Flywheel have really pulled together to create a powerful, affordable service with plenty of extras.

  • Flywheel have competitive prices that include a raft of extras, making them a wise choice for a company with a tight budget. From various free extras like demo sites and malware monitoring to the $4,000 in discounts off partner services, Flywheel have a lot to offer for their prices.
  • Those looking to create a site without overspending will find great plans at Flywheel that offer prices in line with what the buyer receives. There’s no wasted cash with a Flywheel plan, which start at $15 a month for an individual site, including a huge roster of free extras. Remember that new joiners can also claim one month off, when paying annually.
  • Flywheel cover user security with the latest anti-malware and anti-intrusion software. They constantly monitor for hacking and can offer SSL encryption. Flywheel also offer to fix any hacking incidents for free.
  • Ease of Use. A large part of Flywheel’s ethos is to turn the robotic business of hosting into a human business, putting a friendly face on the web. They specialise in making WordPress installs simple and easy, with live support available when customers get stuck.
  • Flywheel Features. The plans at Flywheel include some strong features that are rapidly becoming essential to good hosting. With a specialisation in WordPress, since Flywheel doesn’t do anything else, they are always on top of developments in the WordPress world. Even better- so are their customers, thanks to free updating of sites behind the scenes. They can handle caching, which keeps sites efficient and performing smoothly, without users needing to go ‘under the hood’.
  • Flywheel Resources. Flywheel offer free eBooks, videos and more to customers, helping them to gain an all-round knowledge of WordPress and web design. This also takes the form of a magazine blog, discussing developments in design and all the latest Flywheel offers. With this willingness to share knowledge, Flywheel represent the approachable side of the web.


Getflywheel FAQ

Getting stuck with Flywheel’s layout, offers or services? Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you find the answer you’re looking for.

Question 1: Can I get Flywheel discount codes?

View Answer

Flywheel periodically have special offers and discount codes that can cut down the price of hosting for a smart surfer. Use search engines and look at discount voucher sites to find the latest codes, or subscribe to The Layout, Flywheel’s design newsletter. Customers paying annually may be able to claim a free month. News of the latest WordPress site coupons can also be found on Flywheel’s social media platforms.


Question 2: Does Flywheel offer special rates for bulk purchasing?

View Answer

Yes, indeed. Flywheel has two special plans for buyers who want more than one WordPress install. These are called Freelance at $100 a month and Agency at $250 a month. Customers can also contact Flywheel on 888-928-8882 to negotiate custom packages, both for bulk and individual sites, so that the price is right for the services required.


Question 3: What makes Flywheel different from other hosting providers and other managed WordPress hosts?

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Flywheel’s WordPress hosting service differs from others in the raft of free extras they supply. This includes informative videos and books, SFTP access, auto backups, managed updates, built-in caching and much more. Flywheel also make all these jargon terms disappear, by putting a friendly face on WordPress hosting and letting customers deal with running the site while they manage the technical side.


Question 4: What bonus offers can I get from Flywheel?

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Flywheel specializes in partner deals, with $4,000 worth of resources in their Creative Toolbox. Look for this on where they list over 50 partner offers, with discounts on WordPress themes, plugins, merchandise and more!


Question 5: How can I contact Flywheel when I have a question or concern?

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Flywheel have social media accounts at getflywheel on Instagram, @heyflywheel on Twitter and getflywheel on Facebook. They can also be reached at 888-928-8882 by phone and have an extensive help section on their website, including live chat support.


Question 6: Why is Flywheel better than WPEngine or other managed hosting providers?

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At first glance, Flywheel might look very similar to WPEngine, and other competitors like them. But there are a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle differences that set them apart.

The first big one is the free migrations. Not many other hosting providers offer this free of charge, and usually charge customers a lot of money for the service.

The next is the hardened security. Competitors harden the security on their servers, but what you put on those servers is up to you to secure. Not with Flywheel; they do it all for you.

Another important difference is the price. Flywheel is priced better than other fully managed hosting providers that provide the same level of service. Not only do you not have to pay for demo sites, but you can transfer billing to your clients, ensuring you never get charged a dime for something you aren’t using.


Question 7: How can you save money on Flywheel hosting?

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Saving money on Flywheel is simple, and can be done with only one click. While there is currently no such thing as a Flywheel promo code, you can save money by clicking the link below. This will activate a promotion that will allow you to build demo sites for free, without having to spend costly overhead that you could use for other areas of your site.

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