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WordPress industry is huge and it can be a tough task for anyone to choose a decent theme. With the WordPress market growing slowly and steadily towards the 50% market domination, there is still room for new entrants and old one to really shine.

As a webmaster or consumer of WordPress service, the only thing that can make you paralyze is choosing a theme provider in the swarm of existing theme providers.

To make sure that you do not have to waste time, we are going to review the Themeisle WordPress theme providers. But, before we move on, let’s know more about Themeisle.

Themeisle is a leading theme provider in the WordPress market. They are the initiative of CodeInWP team, who have established themselves as popular PSD to WordPress service providers.

On top of the service, they provide engaging WordPress theme through Themeisle platform. The platform has been an obvious win for both clients and service providers.

Themeisle Review

So, why the wait? Let’s go an in-depth review of the Themeisle!

Great Themes

The first thing that anyone should worry about a theme provider is their theme quality and design. With great themes under their belt, they are surely making a great effort to fulfill the gap in the WordPress market.

All of the themes offers basic features and we will go list them out for you. These basic features will make sure that the theme design is great and other services related to them are also monitored for quality and standard checks.

  • Themeisle is a hub of high-quality themes, no half-measure and that’s separate them from other theme providers in the market.
  • Lots of subscription plans to choose from. The subscription plans enable anyone with a budget to get hands on Themeisle themes.
  • Responsive Design is their forte. They constantly pull out themes that are responsive and meet the current web standards.
  • All of the themes comes with the support for the latest WordPress version, no compromises here.
  • Support is well-layed out. To manage every query efficiently, they have different levels for services, all taking charge of customers with different queries.

Some of the best themes are Zerif Pro, Lawyeria, Arkitek, Constructzine, Woga, Music Band and others.

Subscription Packages

The subscription packages are great. Currently, they offer 3 subscription packages available.

Diamond Subscription package for $67 — offers access to one theme and 30 days money back guarantee. It comes with basic support. The theme can be used on unlimited domains and one year of updates and support comes with the theme.

Treasure Chest subscription for $99 — offers access to all themes and have priority support. It also comes with 30 days of money back guarantee. You can also use the themes on all domains and the support lasts for 2 years.

Pirate Club subscription for $199 — The ultimate subscription package a lifetime. You have access to all the themes and also plugins! If you are a web development company, then this subscription package can really do wonder for you.


Support is a big thing on Themeisle club. They always feel the need for calling their customer partners and that’s why they are always ahead of the game.

The main motive for their service is to provide unequaled service compared to the competitors. Of course, the customer support depends on the plan you have subscribed too. But, that doesn’t not devalue the service quality at all. The only thing that is affected is the priority with which the problem is solved.

Money Back Guarantee

The biggest difference between Themeisle and any other theme provider is the money back guarantee.

With 30 days money back guarantees on all their 3 packages, you are in the right hands. If you dislike the theme or have other issues with the theme that you are not happy with, you can get the refund with no questions asked.

The 30-days money back guarantee can really boost how you look at the theme provider, Themeisle.

I have not used the money back guarantee and it is tough to say how they handle the procedure, but rest assured that keeping their customers happy is their number one priority.

How To Themeisle Redeem Coupon

Redeeming Themeisle is easy. All you need to choose the theme or plan you want to buy or subscribe too. Once done, proceed to the checkout and enter the discount code, according to the following image.


Once the discount code is entered, you will see the reduction in price. Simple and sweet! 🙂

You can use Paypal or any other popular credit card service for checkout.

Enjoy the awesome themes!


WordPress is the number one in CMS and for it to stay at that positions, theme providers such as Themeisle plays an important role in its domination.

Themeisle is one of the best theme provides and offers great support and theme collection. Their 30 days money back guarantee is another great addon, which not many can resist.

I will give the theme provider 4.5/5 for the overall theme collection and service.

So, what’s your stake on the Themeisle? Comment below and let us know.

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