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Magazine3 is one of the leading providers of premium WordPress themes. They provide professional looking, responsive themes that can easily be installed and edited by the end user. Focusing on bloggers and newsletters, according to them they focus on the features of large websites and organizations and then provide those to small scale users and companies at a highly competitive price. No credit cards are required to buy a theme from Magazine3. Magazine3 has two basic packages for your front end needs. For fifty-nine dollars, you can purchase a single theme which includes free installation, access to all the documentation in relation to the theme, unlimited usage of the theme, one on one support, and access to all of the photoshop files related to the theme.  In contrast, a yearly subscription of 249 dollars grants you access to forty-three different themes with free installations on three different domains. After the initial year of subscription, it only costs 149 dollars per year for continued access.

From their humble beginnings in 2010, Magazine3 has provided professional themes to hundreds of small businesses and websites with many highly satisfied users. It has also gone on to provide extensive support to front end and back end web developers, enabling many more businesses and individuals to have their voices heard on the web.

Best Magazine3 Coupon Code for 2016

Do you want immeadiate access to a Magazine3 theme at a more afforable price? The following coupon codes will all be active during 2016 and get you instant access to the plethora of professional themes for your web business:

WPLIFT90278298 – Get 15% off your yearly subscription to Magazine3 and get instant access to forty three different themes for your WordPress newsletter or blog. This coupon code also applies to single theme purchases.

MEDIABLOG15OFF – Get 15% off the MediaBlog WordPress theme.

BIGDISCOUNT2016 – For a limited time, get a whopping 40% discount on any Magazine3 theme!

MEMBERSHIP10OFF – Get 10% off your membership to Magazine3 and receive instant access to forty three different WordPress themes. Great for developers!

Other Magazine3 Promotions

Magazine3 offers a free trial of their TechNews theme. This allows those who aren’t too sure whether or not they would like to buy a theme or subscribe to implement a sample theme to their site and test whether or not the backend is right for them and their business. It is one of the most complex themes that Magazine3 has ever developed, and is perfect for tech-savvy news organizations. It is coded both to HTML5 and WordPress standards, and can be translated into any language. The theme is fully mobile responsive and one on one help is readily available to help new WordPress users navigate the backend to easily update their site.

Magazine3 also hosts a regularly updated blog on their site where you can easily find great deals and promotional materials, though they are often only available for an extremely limited time.


Magazine3 periodically sends out updates via email to those who subscribe via their website. Through these newsletters you will receive tips and tricks on how to make your newsletter or blogging website the best that it can be, along with periodic coupon codes to help you save money.

Seasonal Sales

Holiday Promotion: During the month of December, Magazine3 offers a 30% discount code on all of their themes and licenses, excluding the membership plan. Is your new years resolution to create the best blog or online newsletter that you can? The holiday discount code is a great way to get started at an affordable price.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales: In honour of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Magazine3 offers large discounts both on their individual themes and on their membership plans. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are considered to be the pinnacle of the holiday shopping season in the United States, and as such these deals only last for a single day. You can potentially receive 40% off any single WordPress Theme and up to 10% off of a year long membership to Magazine3.

Eid-Al-Fitr: In honour of Eid-Al-Fitr, the Islamic holiday marking the end of Ramadan, Magazine3 offers a 25% discount on all of their individual themes and their membership plan. This discount lasts for three days only.

Independence Day Sale: In honour of the American Independence Day, Magazine3 offers a 30% discount on all themes and subscription plans for American customers.


Magazine3 primarily offers hefty discounts on their products rather than giveaways. You can test their TechNews theme on your site for free prior to purchase. Occasionally a new theme may become available for a free trial in one of their periodic newsletters.

Magazine3 Developer Pack

Magazine3 supports both individual users and developers. In both single theme purchases and year long memberships, developers are supplied with everything they could possibly need to make changes to Magazine3 themes for their clients. Photoshop files (PSD), extensive access to code documentation, and demo content files (XML). Installation tutorials are also provided to help assist a developer in educating their clients on how their site works.

Best time to claim a Magazine3 discount

  1. Building a new online newsletter or blog: When you’re building a new newsletter or blogging based business, you want a website that looks both slick and professional, and comes automatically equipped with mobile responsiveness. Purchasing a theme from Magazine3 allows you to get your new online business up and running in a minimal amount of time.
  2. Transferring an existing blog or newsletter: If you’ve tired of your old design or previous blogging platform, Magazine3 allows you to transfer your content to the WordPress platform rather quickly. WordPress is the leading blogging platform on the internet, hosting 60 million websites worldwide. It is also one of the top hosters in general, used in whole or in part by 23.3% of all websites. It’s ease of use and open source platform make it the number one choice of bloggers and news organizations worldwide.
  3. Holidays: Magazine3 offers extensive discounts over the holidays. If you pay attention to their blog or newsletter, you can easily get up to 40% off of your new WordPress theme. These flash sales are a great way to get your blog started at a low price.

Popular Magazine3 Themes

Magazine3 had four extremely popular themes, that serve different needs depending on the theme. These four themes effectively take up the majority of popular blogging topics, and are a fantastic choice for beginners in the field.

  1. TheStylist: TheStylist is a WordPress blogging theme designed with feminimity in mind. It is fantastic for hairstylists, fashionistas, and makeup blogs. The colour scheme and general design on the theme were created after consultation with experienced beauty bloggers in order to create the best woman-centric experience for your users.
  2. TastyFood: TastyFood is the quintessential lifestyle, mommy, or foodie blog. It is easy to navigate, well designed, and mobile responsive. It also contains a rating and review feature, which allows for greater audience participation. Overall, it’s a great way to build a community around your content.
  3. CelebrityGossip: CelebrityGossip is the perfect start for the burgeoning entertainment website. It is designed in much of the same style as your favourite newstand tabloids, and has been handcrafted to look as professional as possible. It’s perfect for any entertainment, celebrity gossip, or Hollywood news site.
  4. NewspaperTimes: NewspaperTimes is the go-to theme for any aspiring news site. It’s designed with many of the same features larger news sites like the New York Times or Le Monde. Perfect for finance, news, or political affonicionados.

Why you should choose Magazine3

Magazine3 is one of the best choices for any aspiring blogger or news based company that wants to get online quickly and still have a professional looking site.

  1. Affordability: In comparison to purchasing a custom design from a professional developer, Magazine3 is the pinnacle of affordability. If you purchase from a developer, you will generally pay upwards of 500-1000 dollars. By buying from Magazine3, you still get a professional site at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Professional support: Magazine3 provides professional one on one support to help you get through any issues that you may have.
  3. Developer support: The subscription program and access to documentation is perfect for any aspiring developer looking to improve their speed of delivery to their customer base.

Magazine3 Theme Features

Magazine3 offers many features across their themes that set them apart from many other theme shops:

  1. Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and free updates to any theme that you purchase. You do not have to worry about an update on the part of WordPress ever breaking your site.
  2. Cross browser support and mobile responsiveness. The web is changing, and the majority of users are now accessing your site from mobile devices. It’s important that your content is scalable to accomodate this user base.
  3. Free installation of your theme. This removes any frustration that may come from WordPress installation from less tech savvy users.
  4. Documentation that helps you take control of your websites features and its content. If you do not know how to use a feature on your Magazine3 theme, the information can be found and accessed easily on their main website. This also gives you access to multiple custom widgets which can extend the functionality of your themes sidebar.
  5. Easy drag and drop menu which helps you edit the content and layout of your site simpler than ever before.
  6. The themes are adsense ready, meaning you can monetize your blog or newsletter straight away. You don’t have to edit the code yourself in order to start making ad revenue from your content. This is especially great for news based sites, as many users are adverse to paying subscription fees for this type of content.
  7. Magazine3 themes can be translated into any language to allow you to reach your target audience more easily.

Magazine3 Promotion Code FAQ

If I don’t like a Magazine3 theme, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately due to the nature of digital content, Magazine3 does not offer refunds on any of its themes. However, you can view a live preview of any Magazine3 theme directly on their website prior to purchase to give yourself an idea of how the theme would look and function on your site.

My license or promotion codes aren’t working, why is this?

Most of the time this is simply a matter of entering the key in incorrectly. If this happens, make sure to copy and paste it directly from the email, newsletter, or blog posts. Should the problem persist, you can easily email Magazine3’s support team via their contact us page or members help desk. They will do their best to resolve the issue for you in a timely manner. Alternatively, if the code was for a set amount of time, it’s entirely possible that the promotion has expired. Check the dates on all promotion codes carefully prior to using them.

How do I host a WordPress site?

WordPress itself offers hosting, or alternatively you can install the WordPress plugin on the site where you’ve already purcashed your domain name. This often comes free with a hosting package. The most popular domain hosts which offer this feature are and If you need any help installing WordPress, all three of these sites offer live support via their forums or a chat feature for no cost.

If I find an error with my theme, will Magazine3 help me?

Magazine3 offers extensive user support to their customers through the included documentation. If you find yourself unable to solve a problem on your own, the best course of action is to contact their help desk. Magazine3 will go through all the troubleshooting steps with you, and work with you extensively to solve the issue. If the problem turns out to be a bug in their code, they will patch this at no extra cost to you.

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