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Websites doesn’t run on air nor the internet pack; they require a specialized server, popularly known as web hosting. If you are looking for a web hosting lately, then you have come up to the right place as we are going to review the inMotion Hosting with bonus coupon.


Hosting the websites is never an easy task; one of the reasons can be finding a hosting that clicks for you. There is no best or perfect hosting service, just the one that fits your bill and today we will find out what inMotion hosting has instored for us.


But, before we start, let’s look at the history of inMotion Hosting. inMotion hosting started in 2001 and is currently being held privately by many owners. They provide different range of web hosting solutions including VPS hosting, business class hosting, cheap hosting and dedicated servers.


Furthermore, they provide custom web designs for their clients. They have also won many awards including the 2011 Best VPS Hosting, 2011 Dedicated Hosting Awards and much more.


inMotion Hosting Review


WordPress Setup

The first aspect that we will look into is their support for WordPress. WordPress is the leading CMS, and we decided to pull up the socks early on WordPress effort.


Currently, you can get started with WordPress with two options. The first option is to get web hosting plan and install the WordPress using the Linux-based environment. The installation in this form is pretty easy, considering the fact that WordPress is super user-friendly.


The other way is to get managed hosting and be done with all your WordPress needs. Yes, you do not have to install WordPress as it comes pre-installed with all the necessary configuration to get started. You can get started after purchasing the Managed WordPress hosting — creating posts, pages and setting up website themes and packages.


One of the best features of inMotion hosting is the no limitation on the usage. With unlimited data usage, you can indeed use the inMotion hosting. The Managed WordPress hosting also provides the emails and free domain name. Managed WordPress hosting also provides daily backups.




Security is always a concern for any website owner. In terms of security, inMotion hosting providers tons of functionalities including remote backups, Sucuri security plugin.


Paid security packages include McAfee virus protection for just $1.39 per month. You can also choose to implement SSL certificates. The SSL certificates cost a hefty at $99.99 per year with one-time $25 installation fee.


With the advent of the OpenSSL, websites can use the open source framework to implement SSL on their website for free.


Customer Service


Any hosting is as good as its customer service. We all understand how important the customer service can get. Our interaction with the customer service went smooth. We were having problems updating the JetPack plugin. So, we moved to the web chat feature that they had.


A representative joined us in a short period and after explaining the problem to him, he told me to wait for sometimes where he will work on the backend to see what the problem is.


After 10-15 mins, we received a mail telling us that they have updated the plugin manually. Overall, the experience was good and engineers sorted the problems instantly.


I went forward and asked few more questions about the problem and they answered promptly.


Working with E-Commerce website


If you are planning to open an eCommerce website, then you are in luck. The hosting provides enough tool for creating web pages to build a simple store. To get started, you need to use the PremiumWeb Builder that comes with the option of adding eShop page. The default page created with the premium web builder is limited and doesn’t include a lot of payment options.


The hosting also supports OpenCart and PrestaShop. I already covered WordPress and used e-Commerce plugin such as WooCommerce works like a charm. There are also options for tracking customers in OpenCart, and you will be able to customize it to your heart’s content.




Not everyone is looking for unlimited bandwidth and over the moon server performance and hence comes the role of plans. There are many plans that are supported by the hosting company, inMotion hosting. The basic plans start with only $5.20 per month with a 90-day money-back guarantee. The plan is not exactly cheaper than other hosting plans, but it can easily work out for many webmasters out there.


VPS Hosting starts at only $29.99 per month. Features that are included within the VPS hosting are scalable architecture, reliable and flexible to incorporate the leading industry resources for better performance.


If you are looking for a reseller hosting, then you are in luck as inMotion hosting offers reseller hosting for a price of just $13.99 per month. The Reseller hosting has inbuilt billing software known as WHMCS.


They also offer inMotion web design, a custom way to develop attractive websites. As this is a custom job, you need to contact their sales team to get a quote.


You can find more information about the plans of inMotion hosting on their official page.

With so many plans and variations, you will find yourself pretty satisfied with them. And, yes the plans are a little costly to start with.


Wrap Up


A great place to start hosting your websites. The hosting comes with all the flavor and also have 90 days money back guarantee. The catching point of the inMotion Hosting is how they have customized their website according to the WordPress platform. The reseller account is great too for creating value for money.


Overall, a great hosting provider for hosting your websites. The cPanel, security features and other forms of features make inMotion hosting a great competitor in the market. The only downside is their pricing. The plans are slightly costly.


Have you ever used an inMotion hosting before? What features you like about the inMotion hosting and what makes you throw it in the dustbin? Comment below and let us know!

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