Data Governance for Startups

Data Governance for Startups

Are you a startup company owner who is facing problems to manage the data of your business? Here is the reason behind this problem. When you started your business, you were not aware of the importance of data governance. The main reason is that you were new in the market and no one is ready to invest their time in you.

There are various problems that you are facing while managing the data of your company. Let’s discuss the common problems that you may face.

Lack of Proper Documentation

Man looking at online documentWhen you have started your business, it will become an important requirement for your customers to share their information. In order to manage this data, you will require a proper system.

You will require the software that will help you to create the system and also to track the data. There is no doubt that you will require the data that you share with your customers in order to keep up with the competition.

But without a proper system, you cannot keep track of the data. It will be an issue that will take time and you will lose your time.

Not Keeping the Backup of Data

Data is very important for startups. Data includes the information of your customers and also your employees. If you are not keeping a backup of the data, then you will face the risk of losing the information.

If this is not avoided, then you will not be able to make any decision in your business.

Not Having a Backup of Data

There is no doubt that data is the backbone of the company. The data will help you to keep up with the competition and to take the decision in your business. If you are not keeping a backup of the data, then you will be unable to make any decision.

Incomplete Records

There are a number of documents that will be required in your company. The documents include the information of your customers and the employee records. Without a complete record of the data, it will become a big issue for you.

Most companies use software like PostgreSQL client to manipulate their data. Data is the backbone of any organization. Every single day, organizations are collecting, storing, and analyzing data. This data is then used for business purposes. However, as the digital age is growing, it has become very easy for hackers to steal sensitive information.

If you are wondering how hackers are stealing your data, there are a few data governance tips to avoid data breaches:

  • Maintain a Secure Data Network

If you are storing sensitive data on public networks, then it can be easily stolen by a hacker. In order to avoid this kind of problem, you should opt for a private data network where your sensitive data will be stored.

  • Always Use Encrypted Storage

If you are using a cloud storage service, then you should know that it is not safe to store sensitive data. You need to encrypt the data before storing it in the cloud.

  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Login screenIf you are using a cloud storage service to store your data, then you need to use multi-factor authentication to make it secure.

  • Create a Data Classification Policy

This is another important step in data governance. The objective is to classify the data according to its importance and sensitivity.

  • Manage Access to Data

If you are storing data on a public cloud, then you need to create a data classification policy. Only authorized users should be able to view the data.

  • Monitor All Activities

You should be able to monitor all the activities performed by the staff. If they are doing anything wrong, then you need to take action immediately.

  • Develop a Data Security Policy

The data security policy will help you to prevent the breach of sensitive data.

Data governance is an issue of great importance to organizations across all industries. As more of our world’s data becomes digital, it is critical to find effective ways of protecting it. Many different regulations and policies exist, and organizations need to be sure they comply with them. It is essential to understand what these laws are, how they impact your business, and what you can do to comply.

When it comes to startups, data governance is very important. If you are a startup, then it will become an issue to manage the data. If you don’t take the appropriate steps then you will lose your time and also will not be able to make any decision.

It is a matter of regret that you are facing this problem now. You need to take the help of a data governance expert such as Delphix so that you can save the data of your company.

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