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Best Free Ambigram Generators and Amazing Examples 2023

Best Ambigram Generator Free Online

Are you looking for an Ambigram generator? Which one is the best Ambigram maker online? Words are like magic. It is for this reason that you must be aware of free Ambigram generators online and what they can do for you! They can give meaning to anything with the clarity of the letters and their style. You can even use them on your coming soon or under construction pages for WordPress that will help you greet the first website visitors.

What is your purpose in searching for a free Ambigram generator? Is it looking for design inspiration, for your design work, or for your brand promotion? No matter what your purpose is, you can try to turn the produced fonts into real works of art.

Customized stickers are a perfect choice for you. These stickers can bring your ambigram design into the real world and add unique highlights to your personal style. Whether pasted on a laptop or on the exterior of a vehicle, custom stickers can integrate your ambigram into every aspect of your daily life, making it beautiful and creative. Customized stickers also have the advantages of durability and ease of installation. They are made of high-quality materials, which are durable and can maintain good adhesion in various environments. The installation of stickers is also very simple, and you can easily apply them to any smooth surface without leaving any residue or damaging the sticker. So now, why not custom stickers cheap in real life and bring them to real life?


The Ambigram is a typographical technique that utilizes words written in such a way that it can be read from multiple viewpoints, either sending a similar message or a different one. The orientation, complexity, and readability — all depend on the way the ambigram is used.

Letter-based ambigram design is often getting the vertical, horizontal flip or 180 degrees in the right alignment. The correct idea on getting the proper letter orientation may be the starting point to undertake the next ambigram design. The ambigram can be defined as an art form that retains the meaning of a letter when viewed from different angles. This means you can flip a word vertically or horizontally and it will still have the same meaning. There is no doubt that you will also like the best Free Cowboy Fonts for Western Title Design.

Essentially, there is no single solution to the design needs, but the three cool free ambigram generators that have been mentioned earlier are free and work perfectly. Therefore, to get started, it is important to know and understand that an ambigram that is specifically designed for a certain brand does not change the designs, meaning when viewed from different angles, which most in cases revolves around the letters being inverted from one side to another, especially left to right, excluding the sun microsystems. You ought to be in a position to build an ambigram with the free ambigram generators listed here to get the best letter pairing.

Best Ambigram Maker Free Online

We have only introduced the ambigram generators and maker names based on their names. Also, we have added examples that show different faces of the designs as viewed from different angles. For many designers, the idea to build an ambigram design is the most important aspect. A chained letter format usually looks to be highly efficient, but it might be challenging to visualize by others at the first glance.

But, the technique to write these beautiful ambigrams is unique and hard to do. Many typographical experts or professionals charge a good amount of money for drawing ambigrams for your project and thus comes the role of ambigram generators. Today, we will list free ambigram generators. These Ambigram generators can yield amazing ambigram for your project and enables you to implement beautiful and creative messages to your users.

Moreover, you can use CSS and rotate the ambigrams to showcase their functionality to the user. The word art is what makes ambigrams cool. Like any other art, ambigrams also hold value for their different meaning and representation under different conditions.

So, why the wait? Let’s start our journey of the best free ambigram generators of the 2021 list coupled with examples.

First, we will go through some handpicked and rare ambigram generators that are available online. During my online research for these unique ambigram name generators, most of them have gone offline and are not available anymore. We have listed the best ambigram free generators for our readers. Let’s start the countdown.

Envato Marketplace

Free Ambigram generators


Great place to get millions of free elements and resources.

#1. – Ambigram Generator Free

ambigram generator

This is another great source where you can create your own fabulous typographical art online. What I like about this site is it’s straight to the point without unnecessary steps. You simply enter your text choose the font and hit that magic generate button. Ay presto you are finished.

#2. Truly Science Ambigram Generator

Another great ambigram creator is the Truly science ambigram maker which is particularly useful for boosting app downloads. This free and simple ambigram generator does a perfect job to showcase a symbolic demo of the word and at the same time retain its meaning. Moreover, you have the opportunity to download this amazing ambigram generator, as the team offers an offline version of the generator. Don’t hesitate to download it here to ensure you’re getting real value for your money and boosting your app’s downloads.

Ambigram Generator Truly science

Another great Ambigram Generator that is free to use. Most of these generators are subtly impressive but do not offer much control. This version only enables you to enter single word or phrases.

The online ambigram name generator is great for understanding how ambigrams work.

If you want to create awesome typography whilst you are on the go then, you might want to check out these apps below.

#3. Ambimatic Ambigram Generator — Android App

If you are using an Android mobile, then you are in luck. The Ambimatic ambigram generator is available on Android. It offers the same functionality as the website version.

The Ambigram Generator works by entering two words or phrases into the two fields available on the website. The first field is required, and you can enter any length word/phrase into the field. The second field, on the other hand, offers a mirror to be drawn and is completely optional.
Both the fields words/phrases must be of the same length. Otherwise, the generator will ask you to re-enter the optional field or change the required field. The tool is one of the amazing ambigram generators out there. Do give it a try!

However, this is no longer available in google store, but you can get it from other sources.

 #3.1. OMNI — Android App

OMNI boast it is the ultimate design ambigram on Android. After downloading the app and trying it for a few hours on and off. Here is my first reaction to it. There was far too many ads; you can pay for the paid version to have this removed. I found just turning off my WiFi do the trick. The controls at first was a bit overwhelming but after a while you get used to it. OMNI is free and worth trying out for a few minutes. They also have a great community on Facebook to communicate with and to get inspiration from.

#4. Flipscript Ambigram Generator

Flipscript is one of the most widely used and popular ways to create ambigram. It comes with all the required features. However, as an online word art generator, it also comes with its fair share of drawbacks mainly because it doesn’t have much of a choice with regards to the sizes and fonts.


Besides those listed above, other tools can be used to create Ambigram. Also, you can use the android ambigram generator app that is a great tool for designing ambigrams on android. The android app is free and worthy trying out as well. With the great community they have on Facebook and other social media platforms, you can easily get in touch and learn more about what needs to be done.

A few Creative Ambigram Designs 

#1. Deep Guy

The Deep Guy Ambigram is a classic Ambigram Example where the words D and G are interchanged cleverly to be able to read as similar from both the side. As the audience is diverse, it is a good idea to write the full name below. Creating a well-informed and good-looking ambigram should be the priority of the ambigram creators.

ambigram maker

#2. Word Ambigram – 27

Words are awesome, and so are numbers. This is shown the below number ambigram. It offers a genuine look, and if you flip it around, the number 27 can be read from both ways.

#3. Enigma

A strange ambigram where the alphabets are cleverly used. These types of ambigrams are possible to make from the ambigram generator.


#4. Voltica

The Voltica Ambigram is the an awesome ambigram; I have come across. It is sleek and provides the brand value and the magic of the word art.


#5. Hope Faith

The hope Faith ambigram is another example of how you can integrate two ideas into one picture. Doing so have a great impact on the readers, and they might remember it for a long time.


#6. Skrillex Ambigram Logo

Wondering what the next generation ambigram looks like? Then, Skrillex Ambigram can be the right answer. These type of ambigrams can only be hand-made and requires extreme patience and skill to make one. So, if you are looking to get yourself one of these types of ambigram generator free, then you should look for an expert with an urge to create this amazing ambigram. The costing would be on the higher side, but each penny is worth of what you get in return. You will also like the Desktop Wallpapers with Inspiring Quotes.



#7. Peta Ambigram

Another great example of impressive ambigram design. This ambigram has been designed with the extra flavors surrounding it, creating the right mix of ambigram art and graphic designing.

Besides turning the words upside down, this Peta ambigram generator also adds the artistic and minimalist design including petals, flowers and leaves into the word to make it look more appealing.



#8. Yocki

One of my personal favorite ambigram. The ambigram is induced by 3D and provides the right mix of word art and 3D. The word reads perfectly on both sides. A clever ambigram indeed!


#9. Ambigram Tatoo Generator

Are you looking to have a tattoo that looks unique and makes you stand out from the crowd? If so, this tattoo ambigram generator will be perfect for you.


Moreover, you can use this tattoo ambigram generator for necklace designs. All that you must do in this regard is to take a closer look at the available examples and pick the most suitable one based on your requirements.

There is doubt that you will find the ambigram generator for tattoos a great addition to your design arsenal. You can also check our website for additional ambigram generator tattoo tools.

#10. Ambigram Wedding Invite

Do you want to have an incredibly stunning unique wedding invite? This amazing ambigram generator free wedding invite will do the magic. It provides an artistic and complex look at your wedding invitation card. While it might take some time for the work to get done, you can rest assured that it’s worth every second.


#11. Travel

Traveling fanatics can get their goodies or T-shorts done in this remarkable ambigram. The ambigram generator will do its work to ensure the words look the same even after the shirt is turned upside down.


#12. Online Ambigram Generator

Do you want to make a simple ambigram design that won’t take much of your time? If so, this online ambigram generator will be ideal for you. Choose the fonts and the size of fonts you want to use can be pretty simple when you choose to use this amazing online tool. On the other hand, this will be a great tool if you wanted to flipscript.

online ambigram

#13. Ambigram by Radical Edward

This will be a great ambigram if you want to use over 3 words. Besides turning the words upside down, the ambigram by radical Edward creates a specific design with words that are written and there is no doubt that the results look amazing.


#14. Saka Ambigram

This is an ambigram generator that makes the words look quite royal and offers the word a rich outlook if viewed from different angles. While the results look perfect in different colors, it will be much better if you choose to use the right background when working with this generator. We are confident that you will also like the Beautiful Winter and Christmas Wallpaper For Your Desktop.



This is one of the best free ambigram generators out there. There are many examples that you can get for this ambigram and the good news is that you can use them based on your unique requirements.

Ambigram generators are fascinating tools that create designs or words that can be read from different angles or orientations. These tools employ complex algorithms to manipulate text creatively, providing users with unique and visually appealing results. P.s. Best AI essay generator in 2024 is a testament to the advancements in artificial intelligence, showcasing how technology can assist in various creative endeavors, including writing and design.

Wrap Up

Ambigrams are awesome! They represent the word art, and the complexities words can be bent into. But the sad reality of mediocre free Ambigram Generators kills the deal for people like us.

We tried to cover the best free Ambigram Generators out there. All of them are free but lack the basic font change options. Most of them are linked to offline free Ambigram generators, which have broken link and not so pretty scenario. The list will keep you hooked for a good time.

If you are interested in generating professional-looking ambigrams, then it would be wise to look for a professional, who can make your ambigrams high-quality and according to the requirements of the project. You can also check out the Free Asphalt Textures for Designers.

The free ambigram makers can only produce workable ambigrams for small projects, but if you are looking for a great ambigram, hire a professional ambigram creator and see the magic unfold in front of the eyes. And yes, the cost might be on the higher side similar to any typographical work. Typography and ambigram creation are rare art and need to be preserved for our next generation.

Do you think, I missed an amazing ambigram generator or a stunning ambigram example? Comment below and let us know, and we will update the list accordingly.

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