23 High Definition Windows 10 Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Want to spruce up your desktop with a stunning Windows 10 wallpaper?

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The right wallpaper can uplift your mood on a bad day, recharge you for a beautiful day, or motivate you towards your goal.

It may be anything, travel pictures, landscape pictures, art, paintings or your favorite movie star or a plain background with some cool effects. Nobody likes to open the desktop and lay their eyes upon the boring blank screen.

People tend to change their wallpapers according to their mood, and since many of you would’ve updated to Windows 10 a while back, you must be looking for good HD wallpapers. Windows 10 is different from the earlier Windows operating systems, and it handles colors quite differently. Microsoft came up with the Windows 10 hero wallpaper that is quite stunning, but I will try to include other wallpapers that are no less.

Personally, I like nature related and travel wallpapers, but I have sought to include a variety of categories for you. It is a tough task to find that suitable wallpaper from numerous sources thus, we have brought all the right options in one place.

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I have rounded up a list of beautiful, good quality, high definition Windows 10 wallpapers for your desktops.

Windows 10 default Hero wallpaper

Windows 10 Official Wallpaper

This obviously deserves a mention in the list; this isn’t a photoshop image, but a real image made up elements like fog, Lasers, and LEDs to create the effects. Microsoft claims Windows 10 to be its biggest release and to maintain the legacy it started with Windows XP it has come up with this stunning wallpaper.

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Art Painting Thames

Art Painting Thames Windows 10 Wallpaper HD

This wallpaper is a fantastic high definition art painting, if you’re an art connoisseur, this wallpaper is perfect for your Windows 10 laptop or PC. It will also look great on a smartphone or an iPad.

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Fresh Windows 10 Wallpaper Full Background

Rock face wallpaper

This is black and white wallpaper with a close up of mountains, it is a high-resolution image and will look great on all Windows 10 devices.

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Mountain Windows 10 Wallpaper

Fresh Windows 10 Wallpaper Full Background

This high definition wallpaper of windows with water droplets is refreshing; it is 2880X1800 pixels in size. This is a great background option and is suitable for all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

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01 windows 10 wallpaper

Golden Windows 8 wallpaper

This wallpaper by Ihab Koura is simple yet has a professional appearance, perfect to set your mood for work.

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Cave on a Beach

default windows 8 wallpaper

I have used this wallpaper myself, a very fresh background image. It is a bright and clean image and will look great on your desktop.

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Flow Windows 10 Wallpaper

colourful windows wallpaper

This wallpaper, named Flow, was created by Zhalovejun, the wallpaper has some beautiful graphics with a black base. This wallpaper will make an excellent background for your desktop.

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Futuristic Red and Grey Grunge

windows-10-hi-tech paint

This hi-tech wallpaper seems quite attractive with lots of graphics with bold colors and a lot of energy, perfect for your desktop.

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Fishing Boat on the Water

calm boat wallpaper

This boat wallpaper by Carlos Town is just breathtaking, it is a beautiful wallpaper, this is the wallpaper for you if you like nature, calm, serene environments.

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Minimalistic Windows 10 Wallpaper

flat design wallpaper

This minimalistic wallpaper with the default windows titled and forming a long shadow is brilliant. This is perfect for your desktop if you want a clean and simple background.

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Make it Simple Blue

Blueprint tech Wallpaper

The “Make It Simple Blue” wallpaper was created by Zhalovejun. It is unique with a lot of different elements in the design including the ninja cat.

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Blue Square


This wallpaper is striking, it features different shades of blue and minimalism, it is ideal for people in less is more.

Full Details & Download

Fear The Death Darkscape Wallpaper

Stormy beach wallpaper

Charlie Henson designs “Fear the Death Darkscape” wallpaper for Windows 10. The wallpaper is perfect for those who love mysteries and dark themes.

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Windows 10 Wallpaper HD 1080p

winter windows 10

A winter themed Windows 10 wallpaper; the wallpaper features beautiful snowflakes and is available in high definition for your desktop.

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Windows 10 Wallpaper HD 3D for Desktop Black

This Windows 10 wallpaper has a unique black texture in the image’s foreground and the orange Windows logo in the front makes it an appealing wallpaper.

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Windows 10 Wallpaper HD with Maple Leaf

Apple style Wallpaper HD

This wallpaper is a high quality wallpaper available in high definition, has a Kaleido look and gives a ravishing feel to the desktop.

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Windows 10 Wallpaper Vector

Playful Wallpaper Vector

This Windows wallpaper is created by Assir; it has a blue background and a colorful center with various things coming out of the window, very artistic wallpaper design.

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Microsoft Orange 10

Microsoft Windows 10 desktop wallpaper

This simple Windows 10 wallpaper has a bright hue and is perfect for those who love bright colors. It is minimalistic and devoid of any clutter.

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Art abstract Windows 10 Wallpaper

Art Abstract Windows 10 Wallpaper For Computer

This wallpaper is simple with striking blue color and abstract artistic effects in the background; this wallpaper is available in high definition quality for your desktops.

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Underwater Windows 10 Wallpaper

Under water diver Wallpaper

This underwater wallpaper, is specially designed for Windows 10 desktops, is a good quality wallpaper, available in high definition. The wallpaper is attractive with colors of the ocean and the movement of the diver.

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Neon Green Wallpaper

Neon green Wallpaper background

This Windows 10 wallpaper is created with excellent finishing, and the shade effect is also noteworthy.

Full Details & Download

Windows 10 Logo Wallpaper

Windows 10 Wallpaper HD

Windows 10 Wallpaper HD

This wallpaper has the Windows 10 logo and various shades of blue, it has a striking appearance and stands apart from the others on the list.

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Beach Windows 10 Wallpaper

Health and Fitness Wallpaper

This wallpaper is an image of a beach with a woman running. It is a beautiful wallpaper with a clear sky and the reflection on the water.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you like the collection and use these wallpapers for your Windows 10 devices. Share with us if you’re using a different wallpaper, and you think it deserves a mention in this list. Let us know your suggestions and feedback in the comments below.

If you like our effort, consider sharing it with your family and friends.

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    Posted at 10:02h, 20 July Reply

    Few good ones.
    I would like to see a collection with some really great 4K wallpapers.

    • Editorial Staff
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      I’ll get to looking for these, don’t worry. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • Walter Libl
    Posted at 22:11h, 17 October Reply

    Some of us would appreciate wallpapers of Old Masters, like Bosh, Breughel , or even some cave paintings.

    • Alex Olson
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      Noted! Thanks Walter.

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